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Found 5 results

  1. Hi There! I'm selling two batches of expired, unopened 16mm film stocks. Most are vintage stocks. Shipping is free and they would be shipped using the US postal service only to the lower 48 states. Batch 1: 12 Rolls of Expired Vintage 16mm Film Stocks - 100' rolls $119.00 5 X Vision 3 500T/7219 2 X Vision 3 200T/7213 2 X Kodak ESTAR Base HQ Microfilm 1 X Kodak EXR 50D/7245 1 X Kodak Ektachrome/7242 1 X Kodak Kodachrome II One of the Vison 3 500T boxes has the paper worn and torn off but appears completely unopened. Buy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/650732138/12-rolls-of-expired-vintage-16mm-film Buy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/650732138/12-rolls-of-expired-vintage-16mm-film Batch 2: 11 Rolls of Vintage Expired 16mm Film Stocks - 100' rolls $139.00 3 X Kodak Ektachrome/7242 (perforated both edges) (100 ft) 3 X Kodachrome 25 (100 ft) 2 X Eastman Ektachrome Commercial / 7252 (100 ft) 2 X Eastman Color Negative / 7254 (perforated both edges) (100 ft) 1 X Kodachrome II (100 ft) Buy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/653128152/11-rolls-of-vintage-expired-16mm-film Buy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/653128152/11-rolls-of-vintage-expired-16mm-film
  2. Question? I recently had a "Snip Test" done on expired film and the test came back unusable. The readings were: Kodak-5248-Red-39, Green-100, Blue-148 Kodak-5284-Red-62, Green-117, Blue-160 Could this stock still be exposed for Camera test? Nate
  3. Hi!! Here is my small black and white stock ready to be shoot. 5600 ft!! As you can see it's a mixed stock, all expired. I've already shot RAR2496, Regiscope and Tri-X with good results. Don't know what could happen with Perutz, Orwo, Svema, Dupont, Tasma or with the oldest one Agfa Wolfen Ultra rapid. You think its crazy to ask the lab 1 stop push with this old stocks? Have you ever use any of this stocks? Any suggestion? Bests!! Andrés
  4. Hi guys!! Any info on the film below? I understand its panchromatic. Dont know why must be opened in green light. My main interes is knowing the ASA rate to shoot it, any clue? pic: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75924922/2013-12-18%2019.08.23.jpg Bests!! Andrés México City
  5. Hey everyone. I was recently given 10,000 ft of 30 year old 35mm film dated back to 1982. The stocks are Kodak 5247 100T and Kodak 5293 200T. The person who gave them to me was given them by the AD from The Godfather, claiming these were short ends recanned from 1,000 ft rolls. Who knows if this is true- either way, they had been refrigerated and when we loaded them in the mags, they felt almost like new. My friend Geoff Taylor and I shot a roll of each to test. Kodak 5293 - https://vimeo.com/53663199 Kodak 5247 - https://vimeo.com/53709812 I just dropped off 6,000 ft of the 100T to Fotokem from a music video Geoff and I shot last weekend on it. I'll post again when we get it back! KEEPIN FILM ALIVE, Kate Arizmendi
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