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  1. Dear guys, I'm going to Hong Kong for a photography project (and I also want to shot some 150 fps). I want to get the look of this picture in a GH5 with a Leica Summicron R (f2) and I'll probably use a Minolta flash. I'm looking for a 4x4 filter that can helps me to reach the following look on camera. Do you have some recommendation? Thanks, best S.
  2. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on the optical quality of Kodak's CC filters, which I believe are gelatin. What kind of image degradation do you get? How might they compare to Tiffen of Formatt glass? Thank you.
  3. Hi, I'm selling my filters; 28x Tiffen 4x4 filter. Also selling the metal flight case and a filter pouch for 6 filters. List of filters, 4x 85 4x 85 N3 4x 85 N6 4x 85 N9 2x 85B 1x 85B N3 1x 85B N6 1x 85B N9 1x 85POL 4x 81EF 1x 81EF ND3 1x 81EF ND6 1x 85EF ND9 Metal flight case secures 60 filters. The key for case is missing. Haida 100 filter pouch, holds 6 filters. More pics, Tiffen folder; https://jussipaita.imgur.com ASKING PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET 900 euro. If you´re interested write me an email: jniemela79(a)gmail.com
  4. Hi, I was browsing through different online shops for some bargain split diopters (a set of filters, 77 or 82mm), but I haven't found anything reliable yet. I don't have the budget to spend on new filters for 200+ dollars. Does anybody know where can I get used, cheap and sharp split diopters? Any help would be appreciated :)
  5. Hey everyone! First time poster and relatively new member to the boards. Was trying to rack my brain around on this and figured it'd be worth a shot asking here. I'm preparing to direct/shoot a music video next weekend, and I need some advice on choosing a diffusion/beauty filter set. Plan is to shoot on the Alexa with a K-35 25-120mm Macro Zoom (as well as a 14mm Canon Optex if we really need the width). Utilizing HMIs and some Astras for the lighting package. I wanted to give the video an older film feel to the image, which I'm aiming to do via the lenses and using harder lighting via the larger HMIs. I also wanted to use some beauty/diffusion filters for the last touch, since I'm a big fan of in camera filtration as opposed to post. I'm currently torn between two choices, either the Soft FX series or the Mitchell Diffusion series. Now there are a TON of videos online which help show the effects of Soft FX, and to be frank it seems like a great choice for flattering the talent, while still mainting some sharpness (not to mention they don't seem to go super crazy with the halation around sources in frame). But since I wanted to give an older feel to this video, I thought about maybe going with some older vintage filters. This led me to learning about the Mitchell Diffusion series (Strengths A-E). I like the idea of using older diffusion filters, but I'm worried because for the life of me I cannot find any relevant info online about them, save for a really unsatisfactory test on Vimeo. I emailed Stan at the Filter Gallery here in NYC about it, and he mentioned that Soft FX has oval shaped lenslets, while the Mitchell series have a ripple effect. Has anyone ever used the Mitchell diffusion before? I'd love to hear some first had experiences with them, or if possible see something shot with them. Even some screen grabs will do. I'm going on Wednesday to check them out in person but I wanted to see if anyone here had any relevant info to share. Thanks!
  6. Hi all. I have a couple of questions regarding super 8mm shooting. I've been shooting Super 8 for a few years now, haven't used it much, but have gone through a few rolls of film in my spare time. I've been reading about colour temperatures, and have slightly confused myself. I read somewhere that all Kodak film is tungsten balanced, and that by putting a cartridge of 50D into my super 8 camera for example, is engaging the 85A Warming filter. By putting 500T into my camera it disengages the filter, unless I chose to override it for shooting in daylight with tungsten stock. Is it the other way round? It makes more sense that the filter is only engaged automatically when placing a Tungsten stock in the camera. I'm sure its different for all camera manufacturers, but if anyone has an input for my specific Canon 318m camera that would be great. A separate question. I'm planning to shoot a short film on Kodak Tri-X B/W Reversal stock in the coming months. What coloured filters are recommended for shooting Tri-X in daylight, and interior fluorescent or tungsten environments? Mainly for maintaining contrast levels etc..
  7. Hi, I was biking home today after watching Finding Dory, going uptown on first avenue in Manhattan, and I always love the "effect" I was experiencing, and I often become away of it after going to a movie - where all the streetlights and lightsources bloom and streak - but everything not near the light sources looks not too soft - but the main thing is that the streaks and blooming are totally irregular, some lights have massive streaks, others very little, some in one direction, some in another - is there any filter or other image modifier that can approximate that? Thanks!! Max
  8. How do you store your gels? I spent some time searching and came up with nil here on the forums. The reason I am asking is because I am going from set to set, seeing various gels and filters being thrown in a tall trashbin or tub or something of the like, lacking any organization and efficiency. I am still fairly inexperienced and low-budget, and don't have means of a storage facility nor the luxury of storing them on frames. I'm beginning to grow my collection, from smaller rolled up 4x4 sheets to actual full rolls, and as they are fairly expensive, yet still expendable, I can't come up with a reasonable way to store them, thought I have many ideas. Maybe you guys can help me get a better idea or a good recommendation of what to do. One idea that I have had is to actually have a large PVC tube, and strap full rolls inside and lock them with a twisted cap, and roll smaller sheets on the outside and fix them to the tube with a mixture of a PVC sheet or bit of tarp covering them, and a bongo-tie securing system. Labeling will be a breeze, and visually finding them will be a lot easier. I imagine this could be nice and safe for the gels and filters, yet if I have too many of these, the weight will become ridiculous. Any tips and ideas are appreciated, thanks!
  9. Apologies if this question has already been ask, I couldn't seem to find a thread on this topic. I own a set of 4x4 filters, a variety of glass Tiffen FX and ND filters. I just haven't found a way of cleaning them without smearing the filter. I've tried a variety of methods, including rosco fluid/tissue, pancro, some other brand of spray on lens fluid I have in my kit; I haven't found a way that works yet. What is the best way you have found to clean filters? Circular cleaning from the centre like a lens, or just go crazy? :) Any specific fluid/tissue brand combination that seems to work best? Also a fun story for everyone. I was prepping kit for a shoot at a rental house the other week, and the filters had all been repackaged in the plastic like most rental houses do. The word 'OK' (after being cleaned by the rental house) was written onto the plastic for each filter with permanent marker, which had gone through onto every filter!
  10. Hi everyone, I am a student currently writing about diffusion filters in a short research topic for my BA course. I was wondering if anyone could think of any topics extra I could cover or speak about in more depth. So far Ive spoken about: basic introduction to difference between soft and hard light the various diffusion gels available, EG Frosts, Silks, White diffusions and Grid clothes etc. the results of these gels the effects of strong vs weak diffusion on the tone of a model The visible transmission and light absorption of diffusion gels The effects of increasing and decreasing the gel position in relation to the light and model The pros and cons of Heat resistant vs non heat resistant gels how strong diffusion can be used to combine multiple light sources and some difference in quality between brands What else can I talk about? Thanks Matt
  11. Selling of some filters. They all come in their original pouches (but with the annoying sewn in black Tiffen-cloths taken out). Located in Gothenburg, Sweden Tiffen 4x5.65 ND-kit: Used but in good condition. ND.3 ND.6 ND.9 ND1.2 ND1.5 ND1.8 ND2.1 (has a thin scratch, about 1cm long, 25% in from the edge. Would be extremely surprising if it affects the image in any way.) Price: €800 + shipping Formatt 4x5.65 Hot Mirror: Used but in good condition. Price: €70 + shipping Tiffen 4x5.65 T1 IR: Used once. In great condition. Price: €120 + shipping Schneider 5x5 Circular True-Pol: Used once. Like new. Price: €120 + shipping Tiffen 4x5.65 Enhancing Used once. Great condition. Price: €100 + shipping Tiffen 4x5.65 Chocolate 1 Like new. Price: €100 + shipping /Erik Andersson, 1st AC, Sweden
  12. Hi, I've had a Tiffen IRND 1.5 filter recently returned and the filter appears to have a darker center then the outside, almost as if where the 4x5.6 filter tray sits is one tone and the exposed filter inside of the tray is a darker shade. Has anybody seen or heard about this before? When placed in front of a camera, it's unseen, however very obvious to the human eye. Thanks.
  13. Hi everybody, I'm gonna shoot a thesis project at the end of the month and I started thinking about the look I'd like to achieve. I'm not super familiar with filtration and I wanna try to work with filters more rather than put all my trust into post production and color correction. I'm gonna shoot in the woods and the director would like to have a desaturated/soft/ dusk kind of look. I'll have to shoot day for dusk because I'll probably have access to the location during the day and not during actual dusk hours. I'll go to the filter gallery in NYC to make some tests but I'd like to hear everybody's opinion in order to make up my mind if there's a specific kind of filters I should check out. To be more clear I'm attaching a reference photo given to me. If it makes any sense I'm also planning on renting the artem exterior fogger. Thank you so much in advance for the help!
  14. Hello, I am and enthusiast cinematographer in the process of learning and experimenting. I like how the highlights glow in "The great beauty" and other films and I would like to know how to achieve something similar with digital cameras. Aspects I like are: - Detailed but soft (unsharped) images - The light sources seem to glow - The light goes a bit into the boundaries of the shadows - The highlights have a nice roll-off - The light rays can be seen. Aspects I dont like: - Dreamy effect where everything seem to glow - Clipped highlights with bad roll-off I guess some of these aspects are related with the use of film, that I like a lot. After some researching I have reach the conclusion that using diffusion you can get similar results. Filters as Soft FX and Classic Soft seems to help reducing sharpness and some of them seem to create a nice halo around lights. Filters as Black pro mist, Glimmer Glass, Pearlescent and Black Frost seem to "make the light visible" around light sources which i also like. Also there are combinations of some of them with mixed properties. I haver never owned or used a filter, they are expensive and I don't know if they are the solution I am looking for. Do you think that filters are the solution for this? If you could only buy one or two to get this kind of image and the aspects I like, which one would you choose? Thanks a lot!
  15. Hi there, I'm looking to buy used the next items: - PL mount. (Like wooden camera) - 1 or 2 Magic Arms like Noga for the LCD monitor and the second monitor. - Matte Box - Like Tangerine ViV level. - ND Filters 4x4.56 - 15mm Rods - Follow Focus + Rings - LLO OLPF You can send me models, pics, quotes. I'm located in Los Angeles. Thanks Guillermo 310-658-133 gpolofilms@gmail.com
  16. Hey everyone I was just wondering what your thoughts were as to what type of diopters or filters were used to achieve this effect that Reed Morano got in Meadowland. I'm looking for a similar look for an upcoming shoot so any advice would be great. I know she shot anamorphic but I also know that she did use a filter for this shot also. Many thanks!
  17. Hello fellow Cinematographers. I can't find a solution to a problem related to a shoot I'll DP next week. I'll have to shoot a scene in the woods that in the story is supposed to be at night/dusk but I'll have no chance to shoot it during the actual night. I went to the location for a scout and tried to do some tests with an 80A filter (I know is not the right filter to use but it was the only option I had during the scout) to see if shooting at a certain time of the day avoiding direct sunlight would have got close to what I'm looking for. I've combined the 80A with a ultracon and the effect is not that bad, the only problem is that the green of the woods comes back a lot in certain portions of the frame and I don't want the frame to be completely washed in blue, making the actors's faces look unnatural. I've made some research and I saw that Tiffen has a cool day for nightfilter. Any experience with that? do you have any rough idea of how many stops is gonna cut (I know I have to underexpose for the day for night and I don't wanna end up loosing too many details and increase the noise ) ? and do you think is gonna wash everything too much in blue? Does using some kinos or other units help me bring back some color on the skintones? I was also thinking of using some ND grad and a hazer combined with the filter, but this is my first time shooting day for night and I'm really confused. I really wanna avoid a the cheap day for night look. Thank you so much!
  18. Hi there everyone, Just wished to know what kind of circular filter would fit/cover a zeiss 11-110, a super 16 zoom lens? Will a Tiffen 86C from B&H photo video be good enough? thanks
  19. Gear is at a shop in southeast, US thats offloading some inventory. Listed here and some on Ebay. Thought I would pass along here. Contact me at mirror image pictures AT gmail DOT com or call 818 Five Eight Four 6243. I'm familiar with the equipment and can speak mostly for its condition and quality, so feel free to reach out with any questions and Make Some Offers. SUPPORT - O'Connor 2060HD Head (Mitchell) with Handle, Euro Base, Quick Plate, ATA Case - $7000.00 - O'Connor Cine HD Standard or Baby Sticks (Mitchell or Bowl) with Spreader (Ground or Mid) and Tuffpak Case - $1500.00 (3 Sets Avail) ARRI AKS - Arri FF4 with Dumb Wheel and Crank - $3000.00 (Last One) - Arri MB20II with 3 Stage Module, Top and Side Flags, 19mm Bridge Adapter, Hard Mattes - $4500.00 (2 Avail) FILTERS (4x5.65 unless noted) - Tiffen ND 6 - $250.00 - Formatt ND 3, 6, 9 - $150.00 Each - Formatt ND12 IR Combo - $250.00 Each - Formatt IR Hot Mirror - $250.00 - Schneider ND Grad HE 3, 6, 9 - $250.00 Each - Schneider Tru-Cut 750 IR - $250.00 - Schneider Circular Polarizer 138mm or 4.5" Drop-In Style for Arri Bellows - $300.00 Each - Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/4, 1/2, 1 - $250.00 Each MISC - TVLogic 7" HDSDI Monitor LVM-071W with Portabrace Case, Plexi Cover - $900.00 (2 Avail) - Mole 4K HMI Par [New Style] with Lenses (and Case), Header Cable, Ballast Cable, Scrims, Barndoors - $9000.00 (2 Avail) - Element Technica Mantis Handheld Rig - $950.00 - DF50 Hazer with Cord - $2000.00 - Motorola CP200 4 Channel Radio Set (4 Walkies with Spare Batteries) with 6 Way Charger - $850.00 - Prompter People 10" iPad Prompter System - $400.00 - Peplink Balance 30 Multi-WAN Router BPL-031 - $200.00 - Canopus ADVC-1000 SDI/DV Bi-Directional Converter - $450.00 - NetGear ProSafe (FS728TP) Switch - $200.00 - Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 Phones (Set of 3) - $125.00 - ShoreTel 230 IP Phones (Set of 4) - $150.00 PHOTOS: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?133763-Inventory-Sale-OConnor-Prompter-TVLogic-Arri-FF4-MB20-4K-HMIs-Filters-amp-More ALSO - Epic-X Package - $27.5K: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?133758-Epic-X-Package-FS-(Just-add-lenses-and-Media)-27-5K-OBO-Ready-to-Ship - Red One MX Package - $7500: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?133759-Red-One-MX-Package-FS-7500-Ready-to-Ship - Red Pro Primes - $13K: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?133762-Red-Pro-Prime-Lens-Set-25-35-50-85-100-13K-Ready-to-Ship
  20. Is there such a filter that allows you to focus only on small part of the frame, (not necessarily in the middle, using a very wide lens (and working with f/stop around 2.8)? any experience with any of these filters? the scene is the following: frontal shot of the nurse holding a big siring, I want to focus on the big distorted needle in the very foreground, blurring the rest of the image, and being able to rack focus to the character. Can I do it with a filter on set and not in post? thank you so much :)
  21. I'm considering starting a collection of 4x4 glass filters. Probably going to start with a basic ND set, and then move on to getting a set of Black Pro Mist. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience using Formatt filters? I'm not sure whether I should just look out for second hand tiffen filters? Obviously 4x4 filters are cheaper than 4x5.65, but what are your opinions on 4x4 filters?
  22. How you go about when you expose for black and white? Does an exposure for black and white differ in term of how you do your exposure and calculation with the light meter, from working in colors? Does the highlights and shadows work the same way as they work shooting in colors? Beside any color temperature consideration, how you work with your exposure when you are shooting black and white, you approach it in a very different way taking more in consideration the reflectances on the subjects? I know for instance if you apply a red filter (such as RED #23) the red object will become lighter: how does the gels and color filters work in black and white? any personal experience on making an exposure for black and white? thanks for answering to my very first post!
  23. Hello, I'm looking at buying a 4x4 0.6 graduated filter and perhaps a few more 4x4 filters. I'd like to go for glass, but obviously the cost is a consideration. To be used with Arri SR3 super16. What you guys recommend? Tiffen or Formatt seem to be the only manufacturers of 4x4 glass grads. Are there others? Also I came across these Century filters. Has anybody had any experience with them and would recommend them? Are they glass or plastic? https://www.schneideroptics.com/pdfs/century/brochures/CP_FilterKit.pdf Thanks, Greg
  24. Hi there, I'm selling my 1/4 and 1/2 Tiffen Black Diffusion FX filters. Size is 4x5.65. Both filters have been used only once, and are in mint condition. They come with their respective pouches. £200 per filter or £375 for both. I'm based in London, but can ship internationally. Rob Wilton rob.wilton@gmail.com www.robwilton.co.uk
  25. At the forthcoming BSC expo in London, Carey Duffy of Tiffen UK will screen the Tiffen 4K Diffusion tests I shot for them late last year. The tests consisted of a series of simple comparisons between every brand of Diffusion filter Tiffen currently offer and serve as an excellent reference. Designed in conjunction with Steven Poster ASC the test is a simple, but very effective, starting point for a Cinematographer to compare the effect of Tiffens range of Diffusion filters before selecting specific filters to test under their own lighting conditions. We wanted to keep as many of the parameters as simple and unbiased as possible. The light is soft but not too soft to allow us to see the effect of the filter. The half light allows us to judge contrast changes, the backlight and bare bulb allow us to see blooming. Similarly the Primo primes were chosen because I felt they were a). familiar to most Cinematographers worldwide and B). sat somewhere between Master Primes and Cooke S4's in terms of sharpnes and contrast and therefore would be a better lens to showcase the effect of the filter. Shot on a Panavisied Sony F55 in 4K the tests will be presented in 4K at events around the world over the coming months. I believe the idea is that eventually Panavision and Technicolor, who co-sponsored the tests, will have copies of the 4K DCP as reference for projection in facilites around the world, so speak to your local Panavision/Technicolor rep for details, or contact Tiffen directly. For my tastes the current generation of 4K+ cameras are just too sharp, especially when projected at 4K, so for me I cant see myself shooting without some form of filtration either infront of, or behind, the lens, especially if I think the project will be projecting in 4K. I also think a lot of the diffusion filters give the image some texture, something I find lacking in most digital images. It'll be interesting to see how many people feel the same way and perhaps we'll see a resurgence in the use of Diffusion over the coming years. Regardless, these tests should still be a very useful reference for us over the next few years so keep an eye out for them. There's a few BTS images and brief video here along with a few other notes on the tests http://stephenmurphydop.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/notes-on-tiffen-4k-diffusion-tests.html
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