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Found 8 results

  1. Please email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and details. For Sale : Phantom Flex 4K 64 GB Package Approx. 300 hours on the camera. Camera Body (64gb PL Mount) Riser Block w 15mm LW (has hole pattern to suit ARRI Bridge plate) Mini BOB (Breakout) 2 x 1TB Cinemag 1 x Cinestation 2 x Battery Cable 2 x Ethernet Control Cable 1 x Mains Power Supply 1 x Sanlink Thunderbolt 10gb Ethernet Adapter Seance Flex 4K license
  2. For Sale : Phantom Flex 4K 128gb 2-2TB Cine Mags IV Cine Station IV OLED VF Extended Warranty Camera passes all function tests and meets all Vision Research Specs . Email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and complete details.
  3. FOR SALE (Pre-Owned): Vision Research Flex 4K Camera Package Email For Details SMALLHD 2403 HDR 24" Production Monitor NEW IN UNOPENED BOX $3200.00 Vinten Osprey Plus Peds Qty. 4 Available Email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and details.
  4. So this week I am going to make my first DIY flexi LED panel. Going to get the YUJI BC series LED's. Will mix 2700K with 6500K, with a cross dimmer. I am shooting a short film on Saturday, in a relatively tight location, and the director wants relatively free camera and actor movement at times. I am thinking this will be good to quickly tape the panel overhead / on a wall, with lots of diff, for some side/overhead tungsten, but not have any stands in the way (we don't have a gaffer either, so I will feel more comfortable with this. How do people use flexi LED panels, or just the LED strips in tight locations? Any screengrabs of work you've done with them? Thanks L
  5. Looking To Purchase (Pre-Owned) Vision Research Flex 4K Camera Package Vision Research Flex 2K 32GB Camera Package Sony PMW-F5 w/ProRes Option Zeiss MKII 18mm Zeiss MKII or MKIII Set of Lenses Angenieux Optimo 45-120 Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 V2 Arri /Zeiss VarioーSonnar 16.5-110 T2.6 Angenieux Optimo 17-80mm T2.2 Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm T2.8 Cooke S4i 65mm Cooke S4i Cooke mini lens set of 6 Individual Ultra Primes Or Master Prime Lenses Please email sales@broadcastsolutions
  6. PHANTOM Flex 4K Package For Sale (Pre-Owned) 1x AstroDesign Electronic Colour Viewfinder 2x 1TB Vision Research CineMags 1x CineStation Mag Reader 240v Power Supply 1x Travel Case email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and details.
  7. IDT Y5 HDiablo high speed camera for sale. Well taken care of, only used by me. A 2k res camera for the budget conscious. Please see the showreel link below IDT Y5 Diablo is cinematic high speed to the next level. Starting with the scientific-industrial standards, the cameras are enhanced with a cleaner image, less noise and improved algorithms for superior video output. Independent HDMI and Pixel Pipeline provide constant monitoring and real time image adjustment while YiFi enables wireless control via mobile computing devices such as iPad and iPhone. HDiablo enclosures are specially built to better fit in the rigs needed for film sets. Y5HD surpasses shooting high definition providing a 2560x1920 image at 640 frames per second at max resolution and even faster at reduced resolutions. Extra Accessories included/thrown in: Y series Battery (attached to right of camera in the pictures) Nikon and PL lens mounts Power unit 2x lemo power cables Handle Trigger cable Carrying case Software dongle Extra ethernet cables Hawk Woods v mount battery plate with lemo connector for extended field use. Here's a showreel shot totally the IDT y5 Hdiablo https://vimeo.com/66530094 Looking at US$23K for the whole package, excluding shipping and willing to ship to anywhere in the world.
  8. We have a Phantom Flex 4K package with a year warranty left on the package $115,900 Phanton Flex 4K Ultra Bundle One year warranty left on package 64GB Flex4K 2x2TB CM + CS - 1 Phantom Flex, 64GB Color Camera W/ PL Mount 2-2TB CineMag IV 1-CineStation IV Power supply and cable - PL lens mount Ethernet connection cable - 5 Meters 1 year warranty on parts and labor Vision Research Camera Control Software Glue Tools Software License Pelican Camera Case - Printed Manual Viewfinders VRI-VF-WBUNDLE* Phantom Viewfinder, OLED, with Bundle Purchase (Includes Bracket) Camera Support 1-AB-PFL-C400 2 Cine-Style Riser for Phantom Flex Basic Accessories 1 VRI-TRIG-PIC* Trigger Pickle Switch 1 AB-PWR-SUPPLY -221W-24V Power Supply 2-CO-BBD1505F-25B Premium Belden 1505F Digital Video BNC Cable w. Canare Conn. - 25' sdi 1-VRI-CBL-ETH-FIS -10M* 10 Meter CAT 5 Ethernet Cable for Phantom HD, 65, Miro 1-IC-3097-Flex 4K Hard Case w/wheels and handle Necessary Accessory 1-VRI-PWR-CORDOPT-US VRI Power Plug (US) ADDITIONALS 1-AR-339860 Arri BP-8 435 Bridgeplate w. 19mm Rods (18” long) & 12” Dovetail 1-VRI-CBL-YPRPBP65-0R8* Phantom YPRPB Component Cable (as spare) -.8 Meters 2-AB-P4K-XLR3-24V Phantom Flex 4K 24V Pigtail 2-275.00 AB-P4K-XLR3-12V 2-AB-XLR3-10 XLR3 to XLR3 Power Cable - 10' 2-AB-XLR4-10 XLR3 to XLR4 Power Cable - 10' 2-Arri ALEXA 12V Accessory Cable KC 154-SP-S 2-CC-TVL-ALEXA CineCoil 12' Coiled TVLogic to 2 pin Lemo 70.00 ea. 1-AN-QR-HOTSWAPAR* Anton Bauer QR HOTSWAP-AR Camera Mounted Gold Mount Accessory Hot Swap for Alexa 1-VRI-BATT-MNT-AB* Battery Mount, Standard Anton Bauer Gold Mount for Flex4K bvw@vidgear.com
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