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Found 6 results

  1. Here is a little movie I made on the 'Girls of Instagram.' Really, it should be called the 'Thick Girls of Instagram.' (That is what the kids call the chubb dubs...THICK.) At night I will watch a little TV to relax and fire up my tablet to see what the fat girls of IG are doing. Good relaxation for the ADD mind. I wrote to a few of the girls to make some respectful suggestions to improve their photography and thanked them for their photos. The few ranting replies I got from them were terrible. Jesus, what nasty dispositions the girls have nowadays...just despicable. You would think they are man-hating lesbian separatists. So I gave up giving any advice. (BTW, if you want to improve your candid photography shoot your TV screen while watching TV. Great practice for timing and for learning to 'be at one' with your cam.) Last night I gave the IG thicks a look while watching TV and thought, some of these girls should be archived. So I took out a little Sony P&S and made a video of my tablet. A trend with some of the girls nowadays is to get injections in their butt to give it a 'shelf' look. Kinda adult content...but you can't get too adult with IG ...funny, with all this #METOO stuff, the girls require lots of attention. Some of the IG girls look to have lives that revolve around taking selfies and seeing how many likes they can get for their big butts.
  2. Finally finished film. This is the 'FAH' version. (FAH = **(obscenity removed)** a Hater) Original film was about 6-3/4 hours long. I sped it up 10X and got it down to 43min5s. I'm sick of social documentary (people) work for a while. Spent 2018-2019 on IG documentaries making 67 films by looking through 200,000+ IG posts on thousands of accounts. But I got nowhere to go...I'm not a sunset shooter. Short backstory is at end of film. I'd like to put a hi-res version on Blu-ray. Still trying to figure it out. All my software does in standard DVD. I will have to make a non 'FAH' version for those that don't like the FAH. But I think if they don't like the FAH because of language, they wont like the film because of the content either. So maybe I will just leave it FAH. Gotta be true to your art when you are underground. There is no $$...no notoriety...so if you can't be true to your art when underground...what do you have??
  3. This is clip from 'Genderqueer ' - a 60 min social documentary experimental film I made from Instagram on the gender busting revolution. The film has 6 sections: 'Drag Queens' 'Transvestites, Crossdressers & Femboys' 'Transition' (MTF) 'Transmen' (FTM) 'Lesbians' 'Disciples of Androgyne' Back in the day I didn’t know any better, so I lumped drag queens, transvestites and transgender devotees all into one pile. I think every gender bender, whatever their end goal is, started out as a cross dresser to get a taste of being a woman. As I did some homework on the subject I could see that a 'T gal' is very different from your garden variety transvestite / drag queen / cross dresser. A true T gal has put in a lot of time, money and energy transitioning in various degrees from male to female. She grows plump breasts and womanly nipples from taking HRT and sometimes supplements them with breast implants. She loses muscles, develops hips and soft, hairless skin. Her voice may change and some have painful surgery for cosmetic reasons and to remove the penis and replace it with a vagina. Gender bending all starts with a little pill nowadays. Or for 'female to male' it is injections. Here is a list of areas the transwoman works on: Self-esteem / Self-acceptance Coming out Social adaption Hair removal Voice training Socialization as female Hormone therapy Hair removal Wardrobe replacement Future employment prospects Sex Reassignment Surgery Legal / Name change / Gender marker change Whereas, the only work the transvestite / drag queen / cross dresser does is to put on some women’s clothes, false breasts, hip pads and makeup. For female to male it is the opposite of what the transwoman does in some cases. Now, I'm no expert on all this, but this is my take on the gender benders of 2019.
  4. 'Split Tongue' (Short Version) is a social documentary video study of my tablet's screen of posts made to Instagram on the subject of body modification of cutting the tongue into 2 parts aka bifurcation. My Vimeo account wont accommodate big uploads, hence the edited short version. This video is part of a 6 hour social documentary video study I made of Instagram in 2019 called 'Offshoots' The full video is too long to upload, so I broke it down into smaller subjects. Here is the individual series from 'Offshoots' which will be available on the Internet Archive by July / August 2019. Girls of Instagram Look at #metoo (aka 'Look at hashtag metoo' on the Internet Archive) Look at #metoo (Short Version) Stretch Marks Stretch Marks (Short Version) Acne Acne (Short Version) Jew Majesty Pregnant Girls of Instagram Fat Ass #Queer (aka 'hashtag Queer' on the Internet Archive) Chubblebath Mandy Blanco Dream Girl Transition (Male to female transition) Transmen (Female to male transition) Color Hair Fingernails Long Tongue Fetish Split Tongue Split Tongue (Short Version) Scarification Drag Queens Twerking Justin Day Hairy Girls Afra Offshoots was made under the auspices of 'one thing leads to another' or as old time photographer Garry Winogrand once said..."the more I do...the more I do." I started with one topic, Girls of Instagram and that one topic more or less begat all the rest of the subjects as offshoots. To give you an example of how this worked. One of the girls on IG had a tag for stretch marks. A search in that topic led to pregnancy. A pregnant girl had a tag for fetish. As I looked into fetishes, it led me to tongue fetishes such as long tongues and that led to split tongues. When studying split tongues, that led to scarification. This phenomena is not new to me. It has happened hundreds of times with my own still photography the same way. You just have to be open to them. But for me, the idea clicks in almost an instant. Maybe it is my training as a street photographer that helps me work fast...you gotta decide 'yes or no' in a couple blinks of an eye...no time to f around.
  5. 'Look at #metoo'... is a social documentary study of my tablet's screen of various girls on Instagram in the #metoo era. This is the short version of the video. The full length 37 minute video will be on the Internet Archive as it is too long for my Vimeo account. Note: lesbian separatists and third-wave feminists object to the use of the term 'girl' for any female after she has reached the age of menstruation. NSFW...ish In production are similar videos on stretch marks and acne.
  6. Guys, I have a proposal to follow each other's instagram to look what are we doing, to share with each other our impression and our passion in images. Just write in this Topic link to your instagram. Let's be in touch. My instagram: instagram.com/d.mulenko
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