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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I see for some vintage lenses you can easily see online what movies were made in the era the lenses were made, like the Bausch and Lomb super baltars have the Godfather parts 1 and 2, the Cooke speed panchro have Casablanca and The Sound of Music, the Canon k35s have Aliens and Barry Lyndon, so on and so forth. But one I don't really see having older movies shot with them are the kowa prominar anamorphic lenses, like whenever someone asks about what movies were shot on them, you always here modern movies like Moonlight, A Star is Born, First Man, No Sudden Move, etc.... But never movies that were shot in the time period the lenses were made, so if anyone could give me examples of that, that would be great.
  2. Original Housing. Refurbished By Duclos. Full Service Overhaul By Focus Optics. 40mm T2.3 80mm front diameter 77mm threaded front 50mm T2.3 80mm front diameter 77mm threaded front 75mm T2.8 80mm front diameter 77mm threaded front 100mm T3.4 80mm front diameter 77mm threaded front
  3. For Sale: CINEMA LENSES: P&S Technik Skater Scope Periscope Lens SystemKowa Anamorphic Set Rehoused P&S Technik Includes: 40/50/75/100mm $80K Kowa Anamorphic Set Rehoused Mirrorscope Includes: 40/50/75/100mm $78KCooke Anamorphic Set Includes: 32/50/65macro/75/100mm SF Metric $140KCooke Anamorphic Set Includes: 32/50/75/100mm SF $112KCooke S5/i Set Includes: 18/25/32/40/50/65/75/100mm $125K Cooke S4/i Set Includes: 18/25/32/40/50/75/100mm $75K Cooke S4/S4i Set Includes: S4 16,25,40,50mm S4/i 32mm Cooke S4/i Mini Set Includes: 18/25/32/50/85/100mm Metric & Imperial Scales $33K Cooke S4/i Mini Set Includes: 25/32/50/75/100mm Cooke Panchro/i Classic Set Includes: 18/25/32/50/75/100mm $50KCooke Speed Panchro Set Includes: 18/25/32/40/50/75/100mm TLS $65KCooke Speed Panchro Set Includes: 18/25/32/40/50/75/100mm P&S Will Consider Offers Cooke/i Anamorphic 65mm Macro Lens $25KCooke 25-250 Varotal MKIII T3.5 Zoom Lens $10KCooke 18-100mm Varotal T3 Zoom Lens $8KArri Master Prime Lens Set Includes: 18/21/25/32/35/40/50/65/75/100/150mm $270KArri Master Prime Lens Set Includes: 18/21/27/32/40/50/75/Macro 100mm $114KAtlas Orion Anamorphic Lens Set Includes: 40/65/100mm $32KLeica Thalia Set: 30/35/45/70/100/180mm Leica Summilux-C Set Includes: 16/18/21/25/29/35/40/50/65/75/100/135mmLeica Summilux-C Set Includes: 18/21/25/29/35/40/50/65/75/100mm T1.4 Leica Summicron-C Set Includes: 18/21/25/29/35/50/75/100/135mm $68KLOMOTECH Illuminas Set Includes: 18/25/35/50/85/135mm $26K Angenieux Optimo Style 25-250mm PL Mount $28KAngenieux Optimo Zoom 28-340mm Lens $52KAngenieux Optimo Zoom 24-290mm T2.8 PL Mount $36K Angenieux Optimo Anamorphic 56-152mm Zoom Lens $40KAngenieux Optimo 19.5-94mm Zoom Lens $42KAngenieux EZ1 30-90 Zoom Lens FF Back,Canon EF MountAngenieux EZ2 15-40 Zoom Lens EZ1 FF Back,Canon EF MountCanon CN-E Prime Lens Set Includes: 14/24/35/50/85/135mm Duclos PL Mt. Canon Cine Prime Lens Set Includes: 14/24/35/50/85/135mm EF Mount Canon 17-120 T2.95 Cine Servo Lens PL Mount $17,500Canon CN-E 30-105mm Zoom Lens $15KCanon CN-E 15.5-47mm Zoom LensCanon CN-E 14.5-60mm Zoom Lens $13KZeiss MKIII SS Set Includes: 18/25/35/50/85mm (35 is MKII) $68KZeiss MKI SS Lens Set Includes: 18/25/35/50/85mm T1.3 25mm Is Expanded Scale$42KZeiss CP2 Lens Set Includes:15,21,28,35,50,85,135mm PL & EF Mounts,Shims & Cases $16,500Zeiss Compact Zoom 70-200mm Zeiss Standard 135 & 180mmZeiss LightWeight Zoom LWZ.3 21-100mm/ T2.9 PL/EF Mount $7K Zeiss Variable Primes 3 Lens Set Includes VP1,VP2,VP3 PL Mount Fujinon HK18-85mm T2.0 Premier $47K Fujinon Cabrio 25-300mm Includes: Duclos Handle,Rods,Case $34,500 Fujinon Cabrio 14-35mm Like New Condition $19K Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm V2 Zoom LensFujinon Cabrio 19-90mm V1 Zoom Lens $15KCAMERAS: Arri Alexa LF Package Hours-325Arri Alexa Mini Includes: 4:3 License Hours- 2499 $41K Arri Alexa Mini Includes: 4:3 & RAW License Hours- 1300 $47KArri Alexa Mini Includes:4:3 & RAW License Hours-4239 $41,500Arri Alexa Mini Includes:4:3 & RAW License Hours-4000 $41KArri Amira Premium 4K Camera Package Hours- 1400 $25KArri Amira Premium 4K Camera Package Hours- 1950 $25KArri Amira Premium 4K Camera Package Hours-3500 $22KArri Alexa SXT Plus Camera PackageArri Alexa XT Studio Camera Package $22KArri Alexa XT Camera PackagesArri Alexa Plus Extreme Bundle Camera Package $20KArri Alexa Plus 4:3 With XR Upgrade Camera Package Hours Approx.2000 $18KRed Monstro VV 8K Brain Camera Package $38KRed Weapon Helium 8K Camera Package Hours-462 Accepting OffersRed Weapon Dragon 6K DSMC2 Package $20KPhantom Flex 2K 32GB Package $25KPhantom Miro 320S Camera Package $17KPanasonic Varicam 35 LT Package $12,500Panasonic Varicam 35 Packages Qty.-3 Available Canon EOS C700 FF Camera Package $17K Canon EOS C300MKII 2 Packages AvailableBlackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K Pro Packages Under Warranty $6,400 Each16mm/35mm FILM CAMERAS: Arriflex 416 Plus Kit Arriflex SR-III High Speed Advance 16mm Kit $12k Arriflex SR-II P&S TECHNIK Evolution 200FPS Variable Shutter Email For Price & Details Arriflex 235 4 Perf Kit Arriflex 235 3 Perf Kits Email For Complete List Of Items Included $22K Arriflex 435 Xtreme KitArriflex 435ES 4 Perf Kit $5,500Arriflex 535B 4 Perf Kit $5KMoviecam Compact MK2 3 & 4 Perf Kit $21KMoviecam SL 4 Perf Super 35 Camera Package $10,500Kinor 35H Has Upgraded Electronics Package & Video Tap $5KS16/16mm FILM LENSES:Zeiss S16 SS MKIII Lens Set Includes: 9.5/12/16/25/50mm $15KZeiss S16 SS MKII Lens Set Includes: 9.5/12/16/25/50mm $10KZeiss Ultra 16 Lenses 8mm/9.5mm/12mm $6,500 EachZeiss S16 High Speed 9.5 T1.3 MKII $9KZeiss S16 Vario 11-110mm T2.2 Zoom Lens $4,500Zeiss 10-100 T2 MKII 16mm B Mount $3,800Cooke SK4 S16 Lens 6mm $7K Cooke SK4 S16 Lens 12mm $7K Canon 8-64mm S16 T2.4 Zoom Lens $4,500 Canon 7-63mm S16 T2.6 Zoom Lens $5,500 Optex 5.5mm S16 Lens $3,500 MONITOR Sony BVM-HX310 31-Inch 4K TRIMASTER HX Professional Master Monitor SERVER Haivision Server Media Platform Workgroup -5 Model # S-HMP-WG5-1 SCANNERFilmlight- Northlight 2 Fully Optioned Email For Complete Details MISCELLANEOUS / AKS Kessler CineDrive Bundle Motion Control Kit Pan & Tilt Head NEW Matthews 35" Slider With CaseSachtler Video 20 Tripod Systems O'Connor 2065 Tripod System Includes: HD Ronford Baker Legs,Spreader & Case O'Connor Ultimate 2575C Mitchell Base,Ronford Baker Std Legs,Baby Legs O'Connor 55L CF 2 Stage HD Tripod Legs,Mitchell Base,Floor SpreaderStudio Network Solutions 8 Bay EVO W/ 48TB Raw Storage Email For DetailsService Vision Scorpio 12 Ft. Motorized Arm w/2 & 6 ft. Sections Support Kit- Tangerine 4x5 Matt Box,Tilta Follow Focus,Filter Kit & CaseRed Mini-Mag 4 Pack Of 480GB Arri FIZ WCU-4 Wireless Compact Unit/Kit Email For Complete DetailsLooking For : (Preowned) To Purchase Arricam 416 Film Kits Phantom VEO 1310 Package Phantom Flex 4K 128GB & 64GB Packages 2x O'Connor Heads 2560 or 2x 2575D w/Ronford Medium Duty 150mm Bowl, Legs Tall & ShortAngenieux Optimo 28-340mm Zoom Lens
  4. Last year I shot a short-film called Twin, directed by a really good friend of mine, Ciarán Dooley and funded by Screen Ireland. Twin Screen Ireland has a scheme called Short Stories, where 5 filmmakers get 20K and have to deliver a 5 minutes short-film and other 5 filmmakers get 50K and have to deliver a 10 minutes short-film. Ciarán submitted Twin's script to the 5 minutes scheme since it was meant to be a short story anyways... and he got the funding! So we got to shoot a great fun project! My main reference for Twin was a short-film called Corazon, directed by John Hillcoat and shot by Bradford Young. We shot over 2 days in Dublin and Wicklow and we had a couple of pick-up days for certain scenes. Lighting package was really minimal for the two days: 3 x M18, 1 x 1.2K, 3 x blondes, 2 x Sodium Vapor lamps and 1 x Skypanel S60. We used an Alexa Mini + Kowa Anamorphic lenses from Vast Valley and I shot at 3200ASA; I also underexposed everything by 2 stops. Hope you like it! Have a lovely day!
  5. I have a 3 piece Kowa Anamorphic Set for sale. PL mount. Fully overhauled last year by Duclos. Here are some photos. www.chrissaul.com/kowas Asking $45K
  6. Looking for a set of Kowa Anamorphics. Any leads would be great!
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