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  1. If you've ever wanted to build your own Kino type lights, you know that one of the most difficult challenges is finding the right hardware for mounting the fixture to stands or other industry standard hardware. I'm including a link for some components that I have available that can solve that problem. This hardware can be used to build a fluorescent, LED or other lighting fixture that needs a detachable swivel mount, and the mating plate that is permanently attached to the fixture. Please follow this link and see if this is what you've been looking for to build your own lights.
  2. Update "Color Menu" Kino Flo Select LED DMX Kino Flo Lighting Systems incorpora una actualización al controlador balastro electrónico de las pantallas Kino Flo Select LED DMX. Con esta nueva actualización se incorpora un nuevo menú en el controlador, denominado “Menú de color”. Este incluye 3 canales más (Control de Geles, Ángulo HUE o Ángulo de tono y canal de Saturación). Este complemento nos permite poseer un control casi total sobre el color: - El canal “Geles” dispone de más de 100 gelatinas predeterminadas (cada uno de un color y una saturación específica)
  3. For sale, Mactech tubes V1 32k and 55k high output led tubes 110v dimmable 4' tubes $100 each 20- 32k 20- 55k 2' tubes $60 each 12- 32k 10-55k 1' tubes 40 each 4- 32k 4-55k 5500 for whole pkg
  4. Hi All I am a Uni student studying film and working as a spark and gaffer on low budget productions in London and was wondering if you might be able to help me out with my dissertation. I am doing it on LED vs tungsten and the effects on the industry, changes to the working environment compared to tungsten and the more technical sides of LEDs. Many thanks in advance Peter
  5. Hi, I am in the middle of my own DIY project making a high-powered LED light. I am using the Luminus XNOVA-Studio Series 150w LED COB. I chose this one because it could handle high heat, is meant for use in video and photography lighting, outputs a little less than a 650w tungsten bulb and the company rates it at 5600K 95CRI. But now that I have built it I am very disappointed with the actual CRI. It's way too green and feels very lacking in the color rendition. I was hoping since Luminus is an American company in San Francisco and this line of LEDs are meant for Fresnel and studio lights
  6. HI, I have been doing a lot research into LED market and I am puzzled by how everyone and even the major lighting companies claim their light output compared to tungsten is so far off. For instance a common one I see is 100w(100w-135w) is a 1000w tungsten equivalent. From Arri all the way to the cheaper Aputure Lightstorms give a similar claim, but when you look at their photometrics and compare them they're more like a 300w tungsten equivalent. I use Arri Photometric calculator to compare their classic 650w tungsten Fresnel to their own LED Fresnel series and everyone else's LEDs and it
  7. PRL Lighting Launches with Introduction of LUSTRA 50 High-Performance LED Portable, High-Output LED Makes Continuous Lighting a Reality LOS ANGELES (Jan. 30, 2017) – PRL Lighting, provider of premium LED lighting for professional and avid amateur photographers and videographers, has unveiled its new product line. Founded by industry leaders Rudy Pohlert and Pat Ralston, PRL’s first offering is the LUSTRA 50™ high performance LED panel fixture. The LUSTRA 50 provides high-intensity output for continuous, full-spectrum lighting in a variety of situations. The LUSTRA 50 combines LED s
  8. Lately I've heard more and more people talk about the qualities of new LED lights, that are supposedly as color correct as a kino-flo. I guess the SPD we are going for is to be a close as possible to daylight or tungstens; A somewhat even distribution of all colors; But how close to this do the newer LEDs come -- and are there any particular brands of LEDs that are better than others? It's hard to find much information online about the SPD, only the CRI is available, and not even for all. I came across this in the ASC magazine. CRI 95+, but the SPD looks like something I wouldn't want
  9. Hey, everyone! I'm wondering how to light an area. Or, more specifically, how to color-balance it. I'm going to be shooting digital, but I'd also like the answers for (tungsten) film just to know in the future. I'm going to be filming in a particular bar (if all goes well—pray for me, please) which I've built the whole thing around. It has lamp lights and ceiling lights which appear to my eye to be incandescent, or else LEDs which look incandescent (I didn't check in the lamps). There are LED (?) panels which I'm told change color (I plan to work that in). And then there's the light from
  10. Ladies/gents, I just built an editing computer for 4K editing. These monitors were used on the rig I am replacing. Excellent condition. No damage. No screen burn-in. No stuck pixels. Paperwork, OEM power adapters included for the monitors. Local pickup in the Los Angeles Area. Ping me for any questions. $100.00 USD per monitor. I will sell all three for a discount if interested. Link below should go to a folder with more images. https://goo.gl/photos/AdrAQkMZBTjYqux38
  11. Hello- I am opening this question up to the pros because I am shooting a film with the Sony A7s and I planned to use the these TV simulation LED flickering lights. But the lights cause banding and video flicker. Is there a way to get a "clear scan" on the A7S camera? or a work around with the Shutter to get a clear or clearer image? Thanks! The light: http://www.amazon.com/FakeTV-FTV-11-US-Bright-Burglar-Deterrent/dp/B00BTKGHDE/ref=lp_6705498011_1_1?srs=6705498011&ie=UTF8&qid=1461771088&sr=8-1
  12. Peter Daffarn


    Hi Everyone, If anyone is planning to attend NAB in Las Vegas next week and is looking for new lighting instruments then please do visit Photon Beard in Central Hall C7650. We will be launching our new LED soft light for use in studios. I have attached a picture of the large light which is a 360W (8 tube fluorescent equivalent). The range starts at 90W and goes to 180W, 270W and 360W. All units come with 5 year warranty on light output and quality. We will also have our LED Redhead, mains or battery powered and the very powerful Platinum Blonde 1200W HMI. I don't want
  13. Hello, I'm curious if anyone has used LED fresnels (Arri L7, Mole Studio LEDs, etc.) for a lightning effect. I'd like to be able to cue a lightning strike thru the unit's DMX control. I want to avoid tungsten because of the time it takes the filament to dim completely down between flashes. However, I'm not sure if there is a delay in the LEDs that would prevent an effective strobing or flashing effect. I imagine I'll test it soon enough, but wondered if anyone had any experience or thoughts on the issue. Thanks, Tristan Noelle
  14. Hello everyone. I have question for the helpful people of this forum. Lets say i have a cool white LED light(≥6000K). As many of you agree this temperature is a bit disturbing for the eye.( At least to mine.) So, my question is which filter(s) should i use for to balance it to 5200K? Thanks for your attention.
  15. Hey I just wanted to start a conversation about the new Arri SkyPanels and see what everyone thinks about them. Feel free to point out things to improve on, things it does well, etc. I just bought one of the S60-C fixtures and have been finding lots of ways to use it. A lot of DPs I work with have been digging it too. For me the selling factor is control. Very quick and easy color and intensity tuning, and an extremely wide range of adjustments at that. I try to have DMX control of everything too so this unit fits in perfectly to my Luminair workflow. There are a few small things I don
  16. LONDON (Nov. 13, 2015) – Panalux, the leading provider of lighting rental equipment for film, television, and media production, will display their latest LED lighting at the 23rd edition of Camerimage, the international festival of the art of cinematography, being held November 14-21, in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Together with Panavision and Lee Filters, Panalux will showcase their popular, proprietary products, including the HiLo, Tektile2, NessLED kit, and a soon-to-be-released spring ball light. Also on display will be the new Panalux LED Flex Light, an extremely versatile light that offers a
  17. A colleague of mine with a small production company is struggling with work, I'm doing him some favors lighting with my tungsten kit to help make his projects look better in hopes of grabbing in some clients with deeper pockets. Sometimes we need a bright pool of daylight because the cameras used aren't very sensitive (around 250 ASA) and/or shooting into windows. I was thinking of putting together an array of those giant 6500k 105w CFLs with 90+ CRI, though keeping their built in ballasts cool might be a concern if they're packed in closely. Renting isn't an option; HMIs, kinos, etc. are o
  18. Eon S Mora


    Hi there, Just did a scout at the house we'll be shooting at, and it's full of new-fangled LEDs in every room, all set up to be controlled via wi-fi. It's mostly overhead can lights with LED floods, and ornamental fixtures with the new Phillips edison type bulbs. However I came across some LEDs I've never seen before in the kitchen's hanging fixtures. They are 360 degree bulbs that use the old g4 style fixture. She said the bulbs were Chinese knock-off's that were cheaper. Attached is a picture of one of the replacements with packaging, and another of them in action hanging over the i
  19. IBC 2015, Stand E55, Hall 11 CHATSWORTH, Calif. (Sept. 1, 2015) - Litepanels, a Vitec Group brand and premier provider of LED lighting for the broadcast and production industries, is excited to announce the launch of their new Brick and Brick One Light Kit. Now more robust, the Brick Bi-Color provides the perfect on-camera solution for on-the-go ENG cameramen, especially for those in wet conditions. Building on the legacy of the revolutionary MiniPlus, the new Brick Bi-Color's high CRI and TLCI surface mount LEDs with custom-designed optics provide superior color reproduction that deli
  20. Hey guys, I'm a new member here but I've been reading thread for a while. I just launched/created a product to help mount LEDs, Microphones, anything with a hot shoe mount. I call it the "JClamp". You can check it out here: http://jclamps.com Let me know what you think. Thanks.
  21. Hi guys, My team and I are shooting the 48HFP tomorrow and we've found out that the location we'll be using will not have any usable outlets. It's a small side house on my friend's property. I originally was part of a groupbuy for high CRI leds that would be battery powered but those have not arrived. We're bringing only a handful of things, namely 2x 2 bank kinos, and one or two LED/CFL bulbs (unknown wattage yet but under 100w) for a china ball setup. I do have an LED wand (icelight) and was thinking of sticking that inside the lantern and then flagging some of the spill but haven
  22. Hello All, I finally posted my pics and favorites I saw at the NAB on my lighting website under lighting news that you all might find of interest. http://www.lightingforcinematography.com/lighting-news/ There were some really great new lights announced and some true game changers. Only time will tell what lasts. But they are all great new tools for those of us that paint with light.
  23. Hi Everyone, We recently went into production with our LED Redhead which has been reviewed by, amongst others, Phil Rhodes. Here is a video that was prepared for us, without our knowledge until it was complete, https://youtu.be/umyunJd7JM8 More details can be found here - http://www.photonbeard.com/led-lighting.html I am pleased to offer members of this forum 10% discount when you order from our web shop - http://www.photonbeard.com/shop.htmljust use the discount code "Cine Market" when you get to the checkout stage. The above code gives 10% discount on all items, not just the new
  24. Hello everybody. It's my first post on lighting here on Cinematography.com I'm looking for a lighting kit to use with my Black magic Pocket Cam and 16mm lenses, that could be affordable, compact, and produce good results. Artificial Lighting is not my strong on Cinematography, I normally improvise with natural light, and have used an Arri Red kit before. Loved the results. I know there's a difference between fluorescent, incandescent and LED... though what would be a good choice in the case of using for small productions? When it comes to buy, its worth ask around for those who understand b
  25. Next Generation ASTRA 1x1 Series Also Expands with New Models CHATSWORTH, Calif., (April 9, 2015 )--Litepanels® , a Vitec Group brand and premier provider of LED lighting for the broadcast and production industries, has announced the launch of several new additions to their highly acclaimed ASTRA line of LED panels. The expanded lineup now includes the ASTRA 1x1 EP series, the ASTRA 1x1 E series, and two additional models in the ASTRA 1x1 series, which debuted last year. Building on the legacy of the company's original, trailblazing 1x1 fixture, the ASTRAs set a new standard for the form
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