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Found 289 results

  1. Does anyone have experience with the dedicated B4 mount for the Alexa Mini or Amira? I have an Amira with a PL mount and use the B4 adapter, however there seem to be quite a few issues with the image that is created. With a Fujinon 22x there is quite a bit of distortion to the image. I'm curious if anyone has tried the B4 mount and had better results.
  2. Looking for not T coated 85mm or larger to complete my set. Planar, or Oberkochen OPTON 85 T2. arri mount or PL wanted any help is greatly appreciated. regards,
  3. Hi, Selling a Kinoptik 9mm f1.5 lens for Super16 in PL mount. Good condition on both optics and mechanics. Looking to get 1000€ including shipping. There's one on Ebay now for 1999 US dollars. I bought it together with other stuff in a package deal and got two of it. The other one has bad mechanics but works so I'm considering keeping that to free up some money. Located in Stockholm, Sweden but will ship world wide if needed. I'll gladly answer any questions and send pictures. Thanks/Kalle
  4. For Sale (PRE-OWNED) : JUST LISTED Leica Summicron-C Lens Set Includes: 18/25/35/50/75/100mm Excellent Condition
  5. 16.750,-- € mint condition (18, 25, 35, 50, 85, 100 mm) in original RED lens case All lenses are protected with TIFFEN Professional 105C UV Protector I will issue you an commercial invoice (price + VAT) located in Würzburg, Germany please PM me in case of interest. Best, Frank
  6. I am selling a full set of Contax / Zeiss lenses. These are all the hard-to-find MM models (no 'star' bokeh), in all original and excellent condition. Photo's here: https://goo.gl/photos/nS9zhGfS4C9TfNff9 21mm f2.8 MMJ (Japan) 28mm f2.0 MMG (West Germany) 35mm f1.4 MMG (West Germany) 50mm f1.4 MMJ (Japan) 85mm f1.4 MMG (West Germany) 100mm f2.0 MMG (West Germany) 135mm f2.0 MMG (West Germany) 180mm f2.8 MMG (West Germany) Comes with Pelican hard case Asking Price is $8,400. Paypal only, I will cover the fees. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. Local pick-up would be fine as well, I am located in Boston, MA. Please PM me with questions. Thank you, Sam
  7. Hello... Arri Master Primes lenses and Arri Alura Fujinon Zoom including all accessoires for sale! Super Price: $77,000USD Email: info@funecycle.com Here the list: Arri Alura Zoom Fujinon 18-80mm T2.6 Arri Master Primes 25mm T1.3 Arri Master Primes 35mm T1.3 Arri Master Primes 50mm T1.3 Arri Follow Focus FF5-HD for 15mm rods Short rods (12 niches) 2X Long rods (18 inches) 2X Arri Focus Lever (Speed crank) Arri 13,5" Follow Focus Whip W. Knob Arri flexible shift short (300mm) Arri LS-10 Alura 18-80 lens support MB-18 Production Matte box 3 stages filters 4 X 5,6.5 2 stages filters 4 X 5.65 4 Tiffen filtres ND .3, .9, 1.2, polarizer MB-18 shade box Set of marks 35mm Aluminium case for Arri Alura 18-80 Aluminium case for the set of 3 master primes Aluminium case for MB-18 complete kit. Here links for pictures: https://app.box.com/s/is4okbcijss0hx5xd9qa5htzixe25ued https://app.box.com/s/uc9f9nccw9r9x8e9okrupgcan6colpgl https://app.box.com/s/oeu3t9s62w28m2zejtw66t6bbsuqte8t https://app.box.com/s/9kyp03vayl7slg58t3tcugickhh4u9hm https://app.box.com/s/j52gnihc1svrle1j4plfuvzchcqhuqp7 https://app.box.com/s/k34tjil5si3q0jfwbkaex1l3gdmvr89k https://app.box.com/s/pqe2rvdr3pivlpbbrr7xjbrd9fxe1grf https://app.box.com/s/ehk5v2drogl7e3bzh6sj43pt09halxt7 https://app.box.com/s/qk13s3skb85qp8n4t00oy2ar9eekm60g
  8. Hi, I'm last year student in Cinematography school in Belgium, and I'm making a end-of-year work about extreme telephoto lenses used in Cinema. I saw a part of the movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by DP Hoyte van Hoytema where they use a 2000mm to compress the foreground and the background. The result is wonderful : https://vimeo.com/152514220 So I'm looking for other movies, other shot like this one. If any DP here already used big lenses (over 500mm with 35mm sensors), I'm interested to ask them some questions. Thanks in advance, Arnaud Serexhe
  9. LOMO Anamorphic Round Front 50 & 75 Just fully serviced by Focus Optics $23,000 for the pair or $11,500 each Lori Carson carson.lori61@gmail.com
  10. Arri WCU-4 & UMC-4: lens Mapping I don’t know what you guys think on this matter, but if you want my two cents it is crucial to be fast when you change the lens while using remote control systems, in situations such as steadicam, cranes or simply hand held when the cam operator wants to be more free than with a standard follow focus... Fabio Giolitti - Focus Puller
  11. Hello, I have added a 4008ZM4 I bought on Ebay. No lens. I tried to mount the Angenieux 8-64 from my ZM on the ZM4 but it doesn't sit properly; it is short a 1/4 rotation from the two motors sitting flush with the body. It mounts just fine on the ZM. Additionally, while the motor seems to be running fine the light meter doesn't budge. Not even when I flick the dial to TEST. The needle just stays pegged in the "low" position. There isn't a separate battery for the light meter, correct? I have an Ebay battery, that works well on the ZM. Is the battery contact that is to the right/center/toward the rear of the camera, the contact for the meter? Thank you for any thoughts you may have on these two issues. Bruce
  12. Hi all, I'm shooting a teaser for a project soon, and I'd like to end up with what appears to be one long continuous take, but would be actually 3 shots. The setup is simple the frame starts on black, the camera dollying backward to reveal the blackness is the pupil of the actor in the scene, focus would be pulled remotely, for a continually shifting DoF to allow for constant focus. The camera will continue to dolly backwards from it's initial position, using I'm assuming a macro lens, to it's final position across the room roughly 16ft back from the actor. I'm using a BMCC 2.5k and when the camera hit's it's final position, I need to be at an 11mm focal length to see the entire width of the room from that position. My thought is to use a Macro lens for the initial X feet of the camera movement, shooting as I retreat, getting slightly more coverage than I need, and having the second shot be on my wider non-macro lens, on the same dolly, moving back at the same speed, and then edit them together at the point the shots "overlap", creating a seamless transition between one shot/lens and the next. This seems possible, I'm not sure about the specifics of lens selection, but I think this is do-able. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Set of ten or twelve. Please send pricing and details to sales@broadcastsolutions.com.
  14. Hi Everyone, I am a beginner Director of Photography and I'm still learning the camera side to things as a DOP. I'm much stronger on the lighting side than the camera side and need a little advise. I'm shooting a science-fiction story in the near future and I've done some research on lens and how to sell the Sci-fi look, and the thing that keeps popping up is Anamorphic lens. I have little understanding of how Anamorphic lenses work and will be shooting this project on the Sony F3 - From what I've gathered the chip sensor can't do Anamorphic with out a converter lens, but I heard those lessen the quality and aren't the same as the real deal. I've been watching a ton of interviews of cinematographers and they say to go with a wide Anamorphic lens and shoot everything crisp - even my professors say the same. So my question is, what is a great alternative option to a Anamorphic lens for the Sony F3? P.s. The lenses that come with the Camera from the school's rental house is a set of prime lenes (35mm, 50mm, 85mm) and Zeiss CP.2 Lenes (18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm). We are allowed to go to other rental houses but the budget is limited to around $1500 (not confirmed yet, but roughly around that). P.s.s. Also - last note - any additional tips on shooting and lighting Science-Fiction would be much appreciated. All the best.
  15. Hi All, I'm currently DOP for a social realism graduation film, a bit naive and a bit nervous because my approach is to experiment and shoot with the Sony F55 and 16mm Zeiss Distagon prime lenses throughout the whole of the short film. This means I have to operate with 2x crop, which isn't much of an issue because I have all the necessary primes and zoom lens to cover the shots needed, but from the camera test footage the lenses appear a bit too soft. I was intending to get a soft look, but I didn't realise how soft they would actually be. I'm not too sure if the lenses need calibrating in anyway, but I won't jump to conclusions because my knowledge doesn't go that far, however they do seem to perform slightly better in low light. My film is being filmed out on the majority of Day Exteriors, so I'm just wondering if it's worth sticking to my guns, or whether it might be best to resort to other lenses. I also have the option of using the Zeiss CP.2 prime lenses, and I'm now thinking this could be my best choice. I'm a fan of the work by Stuart Bentley on This is England 90' and I've read up and come to understand that he operated with the Arri Amira, Arri Alura zoom lenses and the vintage Canon K35 primes. I'm just wondering if anyone has any useful advice on how I could achieve a similar look to this work. I'm looking a visual references such as: Tyrannosaur (2011) Dop: Erik Wilson This is England 90' (2015) Dop: Stuart Bentley Fish Tank (2009) Dop: Robbie Ryan (The images shown in this post currently don't have a colour grade applied, this is my next move as of tomorrow) If the images don't seem to appear, check out this shareable link to a google drive file of the test: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B67phC0DGkQYUmJEY1FtN3RHOFk Fire away at any questions if I've missed anything, or if it doesn't quite make sense. Any help would be massively appreciated! Thanks, Matt
  16. Looking To Purchase (Pre-Owned) Vision Research Flex 4K Camera Package Vision Research Flex 2K 32GB Camera Package Sony PMW-F5 w/ProRes Option Zeiss MKII 18mm Zeiss MKII or MKIII Set of Lenses Angenieux Optimo 45-120 Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 V2 Arri /Zeiss VarioーSonnar 16.5-110 T2.6 Angenieux Optimo 17-80mm T2.2 Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm T2.8 Cooke S4i 65mm Cooke S4i Cooke mini lens set of 6 Individual Ultra Primes Or Master Prime Lenses Please email sales@broadcastsolutions
  17. For Sale : JUST LISTED (PRE-OWNED) : Arri /Zeiss Master Prime Lens Set:16/25/35/50/75/100mm Excellent Condition Sony F55 Camera Body W/ Pro Res Card Still Under Warranty BRAND NEW Fujinon 20-120 T3.5 PL Mount Cabrio Lens w/Original Box $14,500 CINEMA LENSES: Leica Summilux-C Prime Lenses Set of 12 Includes: 16/18/ 21/ 25/ 29/ 35/ 40/ 50/ 65/ 75/ 100/135mm T1.4 Cooke S4i Mini Lens Set 18/25/32/40/50/75/100/135mm Feet Excellent Condition Cooke Optics Speed Panchro Prime Lens Set 18/25/32/40/50/75mm Re-Housed Zeiss 14mm Standard Prime T2.1 Lens Zeiss 35mm CP2 Super Speed Lens Zeiss 18mm CP.2 T3.6 CF 12" Prime Lens Angenieux Optimo 16-42mm Zoom Lens Angenieux Optimo 30-80mm Zoom Lens Angenieux Optimo 17-80mm Zoom Lens Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm Zoom Lens Angenieux Optimo 45-120mm Zoom Lens Arri/Fuji Alura 30-80 Zoom Lens Arri/Fuji Alura 15.5-45mm Zoom Lens Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 V1 Zoom Lens Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 V2 Zoom Lens Canon CN-E 30-300mm Lens Red 18-85mm Lens Red 18-50mm Lens Red Pro Prime Set (6) Lenses Cooke Varotal 18-100mm T3 MKII Zoom Lens Cooke Varotal 25-250mm T3.9 MKII Zoom Lens Cooke Varotal 20-100 Zoom T 3.1 SUPER 16 LENSES Zeiss S16 High Speed Set Includes: 6/8/9/5/12/14/18/25/50mm Metric Just Serviced CAMERAS: ARRI Alexa XT Plus Camera Package ARRI Alexa Plus 4:3 Camera Package ARRI Alexa Plus 16:9 Camera Packages ARRI Alexa EV 16:9 Camera Packages ARRI Alexa-M 4:3 Camera Package Red Epic Dragon Package Vision Research Miro Package Vision Research Phantom Flex 2K 32GB Package Sony PMW-F5 Camera Packages Low Hours Panasonic AJ-HPX 3700 Camera Canon C300 EF Mount Camera Package GRIP TRUCK Chevrolet 2008 5 Ton Diesel Truck 169K Miles 60" Liftgate w/Tilt & Pig Tail Control System Includes Grip & Lighting Package Email for the details. Need To Purchase Items Below: Preowned Arri Amiri Packages Arri Studio Camera Package Arri Alexa Mini Packages Arri 416 Camera Packages Arri Ultra Primes 16,24,32,50,85 & 135mm Arri Ultra Prime 32mm Lens Angenieux Optimo 24-290 Cooke S4i 65mm Lens
  18. Hi, I'm selling a gorgeous Arri Zeiss Standard Speed T2.1 PL mount. I got this lens last year from a retired cinematographer, it was part of his back-up set so it looks like "new old stock", pretty rare. Price: $4500 (4000E) Lens is located in Athens, Greece. I can ship worldwide. I accept Paypal and Bank transfer, although I'd prefer the latter for obvious reasons. If you prefer Paypal you'll have to pay the fees, shipping with next day DHL is on me. - Optically the lens looks extremely clean, no cleaning marks, no dust (I can see 1-2 very-very small particles under close inspection, my CN-Es already have more), no scratches, no fungus. 9.9/10 - Cosmetically the lens is very clean, doesn't even have usage marks on the focus gear. 9.9/10 - Mechanically the lens feels great, smooth focus and aperture. Due to it not have being used in a long time, I'd advise a focus lubrication service at some point just to be on the safe side. 9.5/10 The lens comes with original Arri front cap, and a PStechnik rear PL cap. I can also provide an extra rear black rubber cap if needed. As you can see the lens is in great condition, I can ship it to any reputable technician if you want to have it inspected. I also offer a 3-day inspection and return period, but only within Europe, returns from outside the EU would probably complicate things. I also have a 40mm in similar condition which I will list later, let me know if interested.
  19. Hi community, I have two questions related to poor-man's macro solutions. I am about to purchase a Krasnogorsk K3 and look for ways to shoot in macro with it. One idea was to just put a diopter - these close-up rings - in front of the lens. I know it's a super cheap solution, but that's how I roll. Does anybody have any experiences in that regard? At a later stage I'd buy a macro lens for it. I know it has a Pentax mount, so am I assuming correctly that I can just use any fitting macro lens with that mount then? Thanks for helping me out! Manuel
  20. Set of 12 Includes 16/18/21/25/29/35/40/50/65/75/100/135mm Email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and details.
  21. Cooke S4i lenses For Sale (Pre-Owned) Set Includes : 14/16/18/21/25/32/40/50/65/75/100/135/180/300mm 300mm comes with it's own case with lens support and 2x extender and 1.4x extender All mint & serviced. (300mm has never been used) Cases Included Email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and details.
  22. Cooke Anamorphic Lens Set 25-32-40-50-75-100&135mm Mint Condition Just Serviced Email sales@broadcastsolutions for pricing and details. SALE PENDING
  23. I have a set brand-new Xeen primes, still sealed in unopened boxes. Buy 1 or 2: $2,200/ea Buy set of 3 or more: $2,000/ea Paypal credit card fees (if applicable) will be added to total. Free Shipping to lower 48 states. This is an incredible deal for brand-new cinema primes. The Xeens have been getting great reviews in their own right, but are particularly compelling at this price point. Shane Hurlbut has posted a lot of lens test videos showing how well these perform compared to Canon CNEs and Zeiss CP2s. Available are: 14mm T3.1 35mm T1.5 50mm T1.5 85mm T1.5 135mm T2.2
  24. Both lenses purchased / serviced at Visual Products. Both are in excellent condition. The Optex 4mm comes with a hard carrying case. The Angenieux is fitted with a PL mount from Visual Products. I can show footage shot on these lenses per request :) Photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h9so9a2cnrr4gaq/AACgNdHIlGbOv8v7PxkUmb-Da?dl=0 - Optex super cine 4mm (2,500$) - Angenieux 17.5-70 (1,750$) Will accept paypal / can ship anywhere in the US. Thanks, Tanner Pendleton pendleton.tanner@gmail.com 978-340-2012
  25. i have heard about the "sweet spot" of camera lens when using the iris. who can tell me what is the "sweet spot"? is it right about "the sweet spot is the biggest iris reduce three ”?thanks!
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