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Found 4 results

  1. Dear Cinematographers, It can be seen in the films of Takeshi Kitano and Kiyoshi Kurosawa, among many others. Hausu, Ran, violent Cop, Hana-Bi, Cure - even Charisma, Ju-On, Ringu, and Pulse (Kairo) - and many others all have the same, distinctly Japanese '80s, '90s aesthetic - and not simply on account of the costumes and set decoration. It is a late night TV special kind of look, with faded tones. Other than that meager description, I cannot further elaborate - the aesthetic is too subtle. Therefore I must ask you who are greatly more experienced than I - was it by means of the cameras, lenses, and filters, or was it primarily the film? I would sincerely like to know for a feature on which I am presently working. Sincerely Grateful, Kurt Cassidy-Gabhart
  2. Hi There, Some of you may remember that almost a year ago I was moving to South America and sold of a bunch of my film equipment on here. I had an Arriflex SR16 with sound blimp for sale but the buyer backed out at the last minute and I had to put the camera in Storage before I left. Now I'm back in the states for 3 months and have it for sale again but now I'm thinking maybe I should keep it but here is the problem I'm having... This one is a bayonet mount camera and I have been unable to buy lenses for it. One reason being that they aren't that easy to find. Now that I live a more carefree life, I want to start doing more short documentaries and films and I'm thinking maybe I can still use this camera if I convert it to super16 and maybe convert the lens mount to one where I can buy more readily available lenses. I like that this one works perfectly, has some accessories and I have the special sound blimp to go with it that reduces the camera noise to zero. Or should I trade it for a super16 camera with a lens mount with more readily available lenses?
  3. looking for anamorphic KOWA 35BS Lens --- full set including 40mm or 50mm, 75mm and 100mm singles. preferably EUrope, but those rares are worth to travel around globe :) klimpar@vonkuttenberg.com or PM, +420777174155 (imessage as well)
  4. Hello, I am capturing high-speed videos of water droplets using a PhotonFocus TrackCam (C-mount), capable of 1000+ fps. The lens I was using was a Computar 18-108mm/f2.5-16, that was lying around. I was able to have decent focus for one droplet (diameter of ~1 mm), but was having trouble getting a DOF for multiple droplets close together, shot from a little over a foot away. What lens would you recommend to use in order to have ~5mm DOF with a magnification of 1-2X? The lenses I have found so far online are either capable of doing one or the other (DOF/magnification), but not both. {I am already lighting the scene for 1000+ fps} Any help would be appreciated, Josh
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