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Found 10 results

  1. Also known as the lomo 35bas26-1, this is one of the widest vintage 35mm anamorphic lenses and its very rare, so I'm here to see if anyone has either the cylindrical elements or whole lens and if so, if they're willing to sell it, if this applies to you, contact me.
  2. Hello, does anyone know if the lomo foton-a front anamorphic zoom covers the 8k 6:5 mode on the red monstro or v-raptor?
  3. Lomo spherical standart primes 35 and 50mm T-2.1-2.2 lens with okc-19 mount asking 1400$ for both lens. (worldwide shipping) juventus714@hotmail.com
  4. Recently acquired a very interesting lens will probably never seen. From the mind - is the standard OKC LOMO camera lens from Russian Konvas camera with OCT-18 mount. Focal length- 28 mm, aperture of- 1: 2. For 35 mm cinema fame or APC-C sensor cover. But the most interesting - on one of the glass in the center of the hole is made through a lens. Done very carefully, so it's a factory product. And most importantly, this lens gives a very interesting Image- very soft, especially in the area of the backlight, but also has the sharpness. In this case, bokeh is in the form of rings, just amazing! When injected into the frame bright source light- interesting halos formed in the shape of a circle, which gives a fabulous effect. In any case, this lens is very interesting, amazing, like a monocle, and at the same time has a good image. Very soft focus for portraits and connoisseurs of retro style. For tests i use Panasonic GH2 camera and OCT-18 adapter.
  5. LOMO zoom lens 35OPF-5 (25-150 mm f3.5) OCT-19 mount, good condition, no fungus, lens clean and clear, smooch mechanic, does not have a "failure" of focus when zooming. Support and bag included. Price: $500+ shipping. email: schubert@ngs.ru
  6. LOMO (CKBK) FAST prime lens OKS 75 mm f1.4 (OKC14-75-1M) Kinor style, OCT-19 mount, exellent condition, price $2500+ shipping. F= 75 mm T 1.6 Lens made in USSR in 1987 Price: 3K+ shipping
  7. Zoom cine lens Lomo Foton 37-140 mm, F: 4, OСT-19 mount. Lens made in 1986, good condition, smooth mechanics, lens clean and clear. No problem with the focus when zooming. Easily altered by PL mount interchangeable lens mount. Included two lens cap and zoom/focus handle. Price: $ 500 + shipping. Email:schubert@ngs.ru
  8. Two zoom lens LOMO FOTON (37-140 mm F4) for sale. 1 OCT-18 mount and 1 OCT-19 mount. Good condition, mechanics is touch, lens clean and clear. Include lens hood, caps and zoom handle. (kit is same for any lens). Price: OCT-18 lens -$450 OCT-19 lens -$500 + shipping in you country i have many other Russian LOMO lens. OCT18 Foton: OCT19 Foton:
  9. LOMO 35OPF7 (25-250 mm, F3.5) russian zoom lens. OCT-19 mount. Exellent condition, mechanic very touch, lens clean and clear. Not have "fall" focusing when zooming. Included zomm lens, two handles for focusing and zooming, two lens caps and support with 3/4" screw. Price: 2K+ shipping in you country
  10. I am looking for lomo superspeed lens for super 35mm format email me at vichuey@gmail.com
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