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Found 13 results

  1. Hollywood Christmas Parade 1951 D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Just finished up cutting 40+ clips from some old newsreels. (If you want some editing practice, cut up someone else's old films. I don't need practice, it is just something I have to do.) Enjoyed seeing this clip of the parade. Hollywood was unrecognizable compared to today. Last Christmas parade I went to in Hollywood was in the late 1980's. or early 90's. Gypsy Boots brought up the rear on a bicycle from what I remember. Gypsy Boots was one of the original nature boys, that Nat King Cole sang about in a song of the same title and Kerouac alluded to in On the Road. Gypsy Boots top, left. 1948 Topanga Canyon w/ the nature boys aka the original hippies Internet: Fair Use
  2. Hello, Nice meeting all of you. I been shooting a bunch of super8mm this past year, and really enjoying the process. Im just starting out to play with 16mm and will appreciate any answer or help. (no need in-depth or long replies) - I just got a "new" Krasnogorsk K-3 - I was wondering where can I send it to check up/service in Los Angeles Area. Any tricks and tips about that camera? - Where can I get a proper loop for it? - Where is the best telecine lab you guys know in the US? - Super8mm - where can I service my cameras? I got Canon 1014AZ that needing a service as the motor start to get weak. Thank you in advance, Benjo https://vimeo.com/benjoarwas
  3. Check it out - new video on my Vimeo channel! This is a short story about our Trip to Oahu island! It was our first visit to Hawaii. A lot of people think Oahu is pretty boring and they know the only one interesting place there - Waikiki area. But the most beautiful things you can find only out of Waikiki.) We called out trip - «All in 5 days» and I think we've visited most of best places on the island. It was really awesome! Oahu! We love you! And we will back!) Made with Canon 5d mark II, Gopro 4 black. https://vimeo.com/150403578
  4. Cinematographer - Oleg Zayanov (Los Angeles, California) Born in Russia, Moscow WEB - vimeo.com/olegzayanov Canon 5Dmarkii + 24-105L
  5. I'm going to be taking the ASC Master Class in March of next year. This will be my first time in L.A. and I'm going to attach a few extra days (3 or 4) to the end of my trip so that I can check out some indigenous film sites (whatever they may be.) So I just wanted to ask everyone - especially those of you who reside in L.A. - what some places geared towards film-making and film history might be cool places to visit while I'm there. Thanks!
  6. Lighting Workshop in LA: Are you working on a new project and want to hone your lighting or camera skills with a DSLR camera? Come to our next LA workshop with ASC Award Winning cinematographer Andrew Russo to sharpen your skills: https://creatorup.com/cinematography-workshop
  7. Located in Los Angeles Vintage - 16 MM Arriflex film camera with footage counter Build in West Germany - BL 54085 Hand mount Mounted with Angenieux lens f. 9.5 - 95 mm zoom 1:22 no. 1368423 Built in France. 1 - 400 ft film magazine 1 - follow focus 1 - Matte box 1 - Crystalok Camera speed controller, model CRBL - 5 from Cinema Products, LA Foam fitted Anvil Case 27" by 22" by 10" Camera is used and operational the last time used. Personal camera of Emmy award winning cinematographer, Robert Collins Sold as is and without any expressed warranties. $1500.00 Available for viewing nancybevins@gmail.com Several Photos at Craiglist listing: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/pho/4323599700.html
  8. Hey there I'm the DP on a tenacious short film project set in Zimbabwe without the budget (or balls) to go and shoot there. Team is looking for a colonial style farm house within LA area (90min radius max) that could double for Zimbabwe farm lands. Planning for extensive VFX BG augmentation/replacement, obviously, but a good start would be nice. Any ideas or experience with this?
  9. hi all, i'm planning on shooting some driving shots of Pico Blvd--b-roll for a documentary in which LA (and Pico blvd, in particular) is a 'character'. i'd like to do something interesting, outside of the basic driving b-roll shot. can anybody think of any examples for other movies where a driving b-roll shot was done in an interesting way? thanks for any suggestions. goro
  10. TL;DR: how do I Los Angeles? I know there's a few threads on this topic already, but it looks as though they're a year old or so, and I'd like to take the temperature of LA locals re: the current and future prospects for younger people in the film industry. There's an awful lot of cynicism out there. I have about five years of experience freelancing in the industry, but it's hard to imagine getting much further in my career without moving. It just so happens that my current SO is interviewing for a job in LA (which may be her own "big break"), and I'm contemplating moving with her... I'm not going to sacrifice my career to stay with her, but moving to LA hardly seems like the worst idea for someone who wants to be a director of photography and filmmaker--especially considering that I'd have a SO with a job in an unrelated industry to mooch on while I get established. I have a few friends out there as well who seem to be doing alright, and could at least make first introductions. I also know people who have moved back or to satellite cities after a few years in LA because they couldn't get out of low rent indies with abusive labor practices. I've read that while the jobs are still there, the day rates are plummeting (I was shocked at how little my friends said they made on some shows--less than I get for a day on a light corporate gig). I hope we can refrain from a flame war about tax incentives and runaway productions--just the facts!
  11. Hi, I'm looking for southern California based DP's for ongoing commercial work. If you can send a link to your portfolio of work and typical day rate, that would be great. No phone calls please. Kind regards, Reid
  12. http://about.me/adamlcohen *click on the vimeo or youtube links at the bottom of the page to view my reel. Thank you for your time! Adam Cohen
  13. Hey everyone, I am currently active duty military. I will be getting out in June 2013 and moving to Los Angeles to go to film school. I want to be a director, but I want to learn every aspect of filmmaking. I understand people believe you don't need film school, but the GI Bill will pay for mine, so I'm going. Originally I was set on going to "Los Angeles Film School" because my friend went there a few years ago and is still working in LA. Now that I have done research on the place, it doesn't sound so good. I am researching many schools in that area now, but I have very limited college credits and no SAT scores. So basically I will need to attend a school that will accept me no matter what, or has low acceptance standards. Any advice or comments are welcome!
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