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Found 4 results

  1. Hi fellow Aaton users, hope you're all well and have purring kittens on your shoulders! My friend David Schweitzer and I are compiling a list of all the Penelopes around the world. Who owns one? What serial number do you guys have? If you don't own one, where do you rent it? Do you know how to service it? Who are your techs? For those of you who are on Facebook, please join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1870336556426483/ We're trying to create a mutual support group and information center for all things Shoulder Cat! we'd love to have you join us in the Quest! Merci bien, David
  2. Hey Everyone, I am looking to source a Aaton Penelope. I am located in Toronto, Ontario Canada so if someone is selling on within Canada that would be best but I am willing to ship as well. Thanks for your time, Mack
  3. Hi there, Everyone in this group was probably very sad when Aaton stopped making cameras. And I for one really wished they would have stayed on, now I was never able to work when they were active (because I was too young), but learning about all their cameras now brings some tears to my eyes not knowing they exist. However I am a bit curious. I know that there were made 6 (I have read 8 even) final versions of the Penelope Delta, that was sold to rental houses in the world. I have been looking everywhere if it would be possible to rent any one them, but I can't seem to find anything. The dream would be to get my hands on one to buy (even though the prices has skyrocketed since it is a collectors thing now), but I could settle for just being able to work with it once. Anyone that has any leads on where to get my hands on one? And possibly even in the West Coast of the US? C
  4. Hi, has anybody else encountered this problem when using the Aaton Penelope in 2 perf configuration using Kodak 5222 or any other film stock for that mater? (See below) This is happening in the middle of takes, while the camera is running so it's not a gate check then re-raking issue. The camera wasn't making tell-tale "problem" noises. We shot 12 rolls. The issue is across all 3 mags used but got progressively worse as the shoot went on. The tendency is for more instances towards the tail of the rolls. The heads are OK. It didn't happen on roll #1. Roll #2 22 times. #3 3 times. #4 5 times. #5 1 time. #6 +25 times. Then things go crazy. This from the lab: Roll 7 goes out of frame 5 time every foot throughout roll (with the 3rd perf) . At about 36 ft from tail it is almost a continuous 3 perf going out of frame 16 time every foot. Roll 8 is good for about 75 ft then it starts going out of frame (with the 3rd perf). It starts out 1 every 18 ft to 10 every foot. Roll 9 is good for about 25 ft then it starts going out of frame (with the 3rd perf). It starts out 3 every foot to 8 every foot throughout. I haven't got the report for rolls 10-12. I expect the worst. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance Paul
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