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Found 12 results

  1. Please see the below video I uploaded to YouTube. My Bolex B8 has an issue where sometimes, every 10 or so seconds a horizontal blip of bright light appears in the frame. I don't think it has to do with the video transfer, because I use the same company to video transfer movies filmed using my other camera (Bolex B8LA) and don't get that problem with the transfers for that other camera. I have had the film for my Bolex B8 developed by two different companies and the results are both the same - still these blips of bright light. Thus, I don't think it is the film developer that is the issue. I have tried other lenses in the past with my Bolex B8 and I also still get the issue with the other lenses, so don't think the issue is the lens. The blips of bright light happen at these time marks in the video: 0:01 0:12 0:15 0:24 Does anyone have any ideas what is causing this?
  2. Hello everyone! So, when watching some series, I noticed the skin looked yellowish in an unnatural way. Do you think this happened because the makeup artist chose the incorrect undertone for the actors? Or it might be the type of lighting/colour temperature of the lights? I can also tell the makeup is only applied on the face and not on the neck, but that's a discussion for a makeup related forum I guess ? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I'm a student working on my first short film for a class. I checked out all the equipment I needed to start shooting including a Bolex H16 Reflex movie camera. I put a wind in the camera, went to load the film into it, and realized that it won't run! So now, the camera has sat overnight with a wind in it that I have no way of getting out. And seemingly no one else has had this issue because I couldn't find it in any forums. Can ANYONE please help?!?!?! I'm totally freaking out!
  4. Hello, I need help with my Nizo 481, the camera works but it seems that it only goes to 58fps, does anyone know the solution?, thank you very much!
  5. I recently got an Aaton LTR 7 serviced and have been practicing loading it and running film through it for a project. It has 2 mags. One of the mags is making a scratching sound and I am not sure what it is. The only difference between the mags is the rubber stoppers on the load in side seem to keep getting ground down everytime I run a roll through the camera on this problematic mag. Is there another reason that the sound could be happening and if not do you know why these are being grounded down? improper loading? The roll maybe has to be completely flat when loading? I'm really not sure and would appreciate any help. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, I just hand-processed a roll of 16 mm in LOMO tank and the film is either all black or half-brownish, like on the picture. Visible frames are like underneath this brown strip. Is it possible that the tank leaks the light in? Wouldn't the film be clear in that case? Film is reversal FOMAPAN R, developed in FOMA kit. I am fairly new at this and probably asking something obvious? Thank you for any advice, Ivana
  7. Hello, I recently bought a Canon 814 XL-s that seems to be in mint condition externally. The only visible issue are the seals around the cartridge compartment that are ruined and falling off. But upon trying it out this problem arose: Problem: The film speed dial works erratically. Sometimes the motor will spin slow, sometimes medium, sometimes fast (about 0.5, 1.15 and 1.5 rounds per sec) independently of where the dial is pointing, but changing if I push it around by shifting it or pressing it lightly. The Slow-mo button always works, instead. I still have to try other functionalities such as fades, preset bursts and changing the shutter angle. I'm guessing it's just a problem with the selector's contacts... I've heard these are not so easy to reach, but then perhaps a little contact cleaner might be enough. I've only opened some Nizos, this seems a little more complex, and I found nothing online... Any ideas on how to reach these contacts, or about what else it could be? Thanks!
  8. so my issue is my Zeiss 8mm lens isn't focusing at all. Not clear, not sharp-- moving the focus ring does nothing at all. The focus ring moves smoothly and stops at both ends but nothing changes. Unfortunate since I was hoping to use it for a big project this week. Details: Lens: Zeiss 8mm with Arri standard mount Camera: Eclair NPR adapter: Calkovsky arri to c mount adapter The shop where I bought the lens is convinced it's the adapter, and while I still have a lot to learn about these things, it still seems like moving the focus ring should do something. Is this incorrect? At this point I'd be encouraged if adjusting the focus made it worse, just so I'd know something is happening. Calkovsky has been working with me trying to figure this out but we haven't got it figured out yet. He mentioned it's possible I might need a tiny tab to lock it in position. I have been able to at least get a clear image in the viewfinder if I hold the lens myself up to the camera maybe within a few millimeters of the mirror but that image does not change if the focus is set to infinity or to 12 inches. No changes at all. Any thoughts?
  9. Hi all. I have been using the Zoom H4n as a portable audio interface on shoots. I've been using a RodeLink wireless lav for single presenter shows and used the built in mics for shows with more then one presenter, but as it's not very good from a distance I have bought a Sennheiser MKE600. What I was wondering, for all you audio genius', was is there a way that I can have the Sennheiser MKE600 plugged into input 1, and another mic (for arguments sake say a sm58) plugged into input 2 whilst recording two separate audio files? I know you can adjust the gain of each pre production but it would be really helpful to be able to record using both mics and then be able to plug my sd card into my computer and have a file for each mic. So far the only way I have found is to set the H4n to MTR and record as a multi track, but its not as user friendly as the four track interface as it gives you less room to scope the gain levels... If anyone has any other suggestions then that would be greatly appreciated. All the best Lew
  10. Hello Recently purchased a Kodak Instamatic M22 off ebay for £10 with some new film, the listing stated it was not tested but i took a chance anyway. So it came and didn't work, turns out the batteries had corroded so i cleaned it out and popped in some new AA's, pressed the exposure and sure enough the motor buzzed away like a bee. However having opened up the catridge slot i could see that even though the motor was working the film cartridge turner thingy wasn't moving, after a browse online i found out these things have weak gears that break so i got out the screwdriver and took it apart, all the gears are in great condition so i don't know what could be causing this to not work. Any help much appreciated, thanks
  11. I'm using some rented Zeiss Super Speeds (T1.3) on a film I'm shooting on a Red Scarlet. When I tested them at the rental house everything seemed perfect, however now that I am using them outdoors I've found that when I stop down in bright sunlight (or any sunlight really) I can see the iris closing, leaving a kind of pale spot in the middle of the frame. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hi everyone, in few days I'm gonna show my short film to a commission for my graduation... now, until now I just worked on my laptop, never tried to see the result on TV, but as soon as I did it... I really freaked out! watching the film on my laptop, everything is good: high quality definition, bluish and desaturated look which is exactly what I wanted to achieve, no digital noise... when I saw it on TV, it was yellowish and very saturated, really bad definition with a LOT of digital noise... I don't really know what to do, my school career will be probably influenced by this project... can someone help with that? do you think I'm doing something wrong linking the PC to the TV, or is it normal all that noise?? I used a RGB cable to link the PC to the TV, and I'm using premiere pro cs6 to edit... is there something I can do in the export settings to have a really good HD product once it is shown on TV, or on a big screen? Please help, I will be really grateful for any kind of answer :(
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