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Found 7 results

  1. All Photos: Internet - Fair Use ...no upgrade for the Retroscan Universal 2K model, 4K just fits the newer models. Other upgrades are also offered. moviestuff_home_page If they ever put an optical sound reader on the 4K Retroscan, maybe they will have something! As the newer 4K models become widespread, there may be an opportunity for the low budget archivist to pick up the less desirable, lower res 2K Universal Retroscan scanner on the cheap.
  2. Halloween Hallucinations 1931 D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Here is an interesting 16mm home movie from a Halloween costume party made on the evening of October 31, 1931, called Halloween Hallucinations. It was made 91 years ago today. In 1931 the Great Depression was underway, the Roaring Twenties was over and flappers will soon become a thing of the past. Selection from Flappers artist book by D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. The guy who shot this film, Reg Bergen, was pretty creative. Too bad he didn't spend a little more creativity time on basics like focus, as it is off for a good part of the film. Well, he may have had a fixed focus camera or shot wide open because of low light or maybe he wanted the film to look more dreamlike and soft...dunno. Everyone you see in the film is just a shadow in time and dead now...so, no one to ask. The film was shrunken and warped. Apparently, the mothball treatment and humidor film can couldn't keep the VS away. Humidor Film Can - D.D.Teoli Jr. Small Gauge Reel and Can Archive Or maybe the humidor did work some and it would have been much worse without the fumigation? We just don't know how things would have turned out one way or another. I left all the glue splices in, as was suggested to me in a thread here discussing doctoring archival material. Homemade Humidor Film Can - D.D.Teoli Jr. Small Gauge Reel and Can Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Small Gauge Film Archive Although humidor cans were meant for adding humidity from water; I was told people would add camphor oil and other things to the humidor to try and preserve the film - hence the stink! Bergen was pretty good with exposure, at least a lot better than he was with focus. Most of the film could be scanned as a 'best light' scan with only a couple of sections needing a 'timed scan' rerun. At the end is a cute End card animation made with a string. I'm thinking he may have pirated it from a commercial film. This film is an example of a museum quality home movie that would possibly be in an Institution's permanent film collection. This film was kinda pricey as films go, selling at auction for about $230. I normally don't buy such $$ films due to being on a low budget. I'm more into $5 - $15 films and try to keep a film's acquisition cost at under $35. But I had got good news about an upcoming 8.7% cost of living raise in Social Security payouts due to the big rise in inflation. And in anticipation for the small windfall, I spent the raise before I even got it for this special film! Can you imagine the excitement that a picker must have experienced finding this film at a yard sale for .50 or $1. I mean, forget the profit they made...I'm talking about the excitement of finding such a gem of a time capsule and seeing it for the first time in 80 or 90 years. The film archivist can get the same excitement as they dive into an unknown historical time capsule like this. There are lots of exceptional 16mm films that come up for sale. But you have to have the $$ to buy them. If a special film does come up for sale and I can't afford it, I write to the seller and ask if they have a scan of the film to sell. But I have yet to acquire any films like that. Either they don't have a scan or they want hundreds of $$ for a scan. One seller, who turned out to be a stock footage company, wanted to sell me scans that were priced by the second! Stock footage companies are always bidding up films on eBay to sell them by the second. Who knows, maybe a stock footage company bid this film up. I've posted here before how some films can sell for as little as .01 on eBay...as long as no one bids on them. Now, I have purchased lots of scans of photos in the past...but no films. The closest thing to films was one seller sold me a standard def DVD of some films someone had scanned. But it only cost about $1 a film. Cine' scans would be an ideal way for me to acquire films...as long as they were decent quality and cheap. I'm not a film collector, I don't actually need the physical film. I'm just interested in the cine' scanner's digital output. Halloween Hallucinations was scanned on a Retroscan Universal 2K scanner by D.D.Teoli Jr..
  3. Retroscan Registration Example Scan 1939 NY World's Fair D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive I was wrong about Retroscan's ability to scan clear edge film - at least somewhat wrong. The Retroscan does do better with black edge film, but it can still do a doable job scanning clear edge films. You just have to fine tune the settings and have decent film stock. What contributed to my misjudging the clear edge scanning abilities is; much of my film Archive has sprocket damage and is warped. And this is what was messing up the scans with the Retroscan, as it registers from the sprockets. I also have an 8mm overscan at the Internet Archive you can look at for an example for clear edge registration with the Retroscan. I don't want to put the link here due to content. If interested, search for: El Perro Masajista The 16mm sample scan is not necessary indicative of the sharpness you get with the Retroscan. I used a different lens that I was testing for the overscan sample and not the standard Ricoh lens that comes with the scanner. <><><><> Amsterdam 2014 Selection from 180: The circular fisheye at large! artists’ book by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.
  4. Here is the same film scanned on these 2 scanners. The Wolverine scanner seems to speed up the scans. Film synopsis: When a model needing money for her sick mom decides she does not want to pose nude, the beatnik photographer wrestles her to the ground to try and convince her to take her clothes off. NSFW Raw scan: Wolverine Reels 2Digital Movie Maker scan The First Time I Did It : Don Juan Amour / Daniel D. Teoli Jr. as archivist : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Some post work: Retroscan Mark-I scan The First Time I Did It 8MM 2K D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  5. I can't get enough of them and never know what I will find. Everyday is like Christmas. Recently I acquired some 16mm childbirth films from the 1940's. They were labeled 'baby being born.' They turned out to be a bonanaza. The views of 75 year old surgical rooms and dress is fascinitning in itslef, but there is so much more. The anesthesiologist continually drips ether out of a bottle on a dust mask for knocking the gal out. Another clip has the assistant pushing the baby back in the vagina as it tries to come out. Intertitle says something like: Retarded birth to allow for episiotomy. Maybe they wanted more $$ for the episiotomy? Although in 1940's I don't think healthcare was run as a big biz as it is nowadays. Most likely the baby's head was too big for the mommy's birth canal and it was not greed. I have a bunch more in the childbirth series, all sort of things, different types of Caesareans, twins birth, breech birth, etc. They were part of the 50+ films I scanned over the last couple weeks. Still need to PP'em, but I put 2 from the childbirth series up at the I.A. for your perusal. nsfw https://archive.org/search.php?query=childbirth teoli If the Retroscan blows up or gets stolen, I got my money out of it anyway. 50 films = about $8,000 for scanning fees. Now I just need to get the other 1050 films scanned! But I'm not in a rush. Still holding out hope for a benefactor to buy me a cheap Lasergraphics scanner. So, I'm in no hurry to scan all the films twice. And due to no room to work, I had to stow the Retroscan to make room for the copy stand work that I am doing now. And that Retroscan is tiny, so you know I'm cramped. A Japanese / American guy I met, that took a trip to Tokyo, told me they don't go by square feet in Tokyo... they go by square inches! That sounds like me. I'm always looking to find some more square inches! My dream house would be a house with 40 or 50 chrome wire shelving units lining the walls. Getting back to that retarded birth... I may make a 'Retarded birth to allow for episiotomy' production company with the clip of the baby being pushed back in the vag . That would be crazy huh! I love adding some craziness to the films, certain films that is. The more business like films and films that require more respect get more conservative production companies. But it is fun 'having fun' with the films. And when you are underground you can do as you please. I came up with crazy production company names after seeing so many stupid production company names on films where they were trying their best to not be stupid. I thought to myself, "Jeeesus, couldn't they find a better name than that?" So I figured, let me have some fun with it.
  6. Purchased years ago. Provenance was Bob Monkhouse collection. https://archive.org/search.php?query=Mary+Pickford+Excerpts+Bob+Monkhouse Developed a liking for Pickford after seeing her in M'liss. Plus scanning and working with this film developed more interest in Pickford. She was something. Get a copy of Mary Pickford: Muse of the Movies from your library. Great early days Hollywood coverage. Pickford wanted to burn all her movies when she died. What a nut. She was worried people would make fun of them. OK, maybe not a nut, but just an egomaniac. David Mullen was connected with the film as well.
  7. Here is the old 1942 16mm Kodachrome home movie I just scanned... https://archive.org/search.php?query=Sooner+or+Later+Y'all+End+Up+on+eBay The title came from a discussion they were having on a film collectors forum. One guy didn't like eBay, he wanted to buy film from yard sales. He was complaining he could find projectors, but he could not find any old films. I told him he has to suck it up and go to eBay. The pickers descend on estate sales at the crack of dawn, they gobble up old photos and any films and boom...Sooner or Later Y'all End Up on eBay! The scan is also an example of what the Retroscan can do. It is pretty much a raw scan. No image stabilization. Just slight color grading as Movavi software is not the best for color grading.
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