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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, selling a lightly used Emotimo Motion Control 4 Axis slider package. Includes the Dana Dolly integration system (dolly not included) and the iShark slider. It was only used indoors for interviews and motion control commercial work. Probably used about 15-20 times. Everything is in near perfect condition. This is perfect for motion control video production or timelapse still photography. This package includes the following: 1) Spectrum ST4 4-axis motion control head w/ V-Lock Battery Plate + Wireless PS4 controller 2) Spectrum medium hard case 3) Universal L-bracket (camera / Fz motor mounting) 4) eMotimo Fz (Focus/Zoom) Motor 5) iFootage Shark Slider with 30 inch base and 2 foot extension (configurable to 2 and 4 foot lengths ) 6) iFootage Integration Kit with 2 motors - direct drive is fast, quiet and great for level shots. 14:1 geared motor is strong and meant for angled and vertical shots. 7) USB Card/Instructions ? Arca compatible plate for pan axis 9) 12V AC power supply 10) CL-N3, CL-DC0, CL-S2 DSLR camera trigger cables Additional Items Include: 1) Dana Dolly Emotimo Integration Kit 2) ) AC Power Adapter - 24 volt DC high current adapter This retails for over $4700 new. I'm asking $3250. Price is firm.
  2. Hi All, Ebay auction for my trusty Dana Dolly is up now! Shipping within the lower 48 US or local pickup in Los Angeles. Bid with confidence: https://ebay.us/KelYrD
  3. Hi Everyone, This is my first post on Cinematography.com but here goes... I am DPing a music video where I will need to create the effect of dollying out from the inside of a doll's house in a continuous shot. The camera will start inside one of the rooms and dolly out of the window, all the way out of the house to reveal the doll's house in full, within the frame. The main catch is that the doll's house will be set on fire from the inside out, so I need a lens that can "reach" far enough inside the house and then dolly out on a slider. I was thinking of achieving this effect with the Laowa 24mm f14 probe lens as it is the only optic that I can find which will keep the slider at a fair distance from the camera and be able to fit inside the doll's house. My main concern is that I will be shooting these scenes at dusk, I am worried the lenses aperture will be too restrictive. Yet I know this lens comes with LED lights on the end, so this might help. I can shoot on either the C300 Mkii or the Canon 5D MkIV with the current options available to me. (I am aware of the crop factor on the C300 as well). Would you guys think that this lens would be the correct choice for something like this? Also, what would be your recommendation for a good motorised slider with enough length to dolly out like this? I will get the chance to test next week but wanted to ask the forum first. I was hoping that a 24mm will not need to dolly back too far to see the doll's house in full. Thanks.
  4. Hello. I've been doing some macro stuff with a lightweight camera (a7s ii with cage and a variety of lenses). I've been using the Rhino EVO 24" with the arc. It works decently. My biggest gripe is that for macro shots, you can really see the camera shake and you can't touch the camera at all during its move. I've found that the slider with the arc, then a ballhead, then the camera is too much height between the camera body and the base of the slider. So i'm in the market for something new and looking for something that can take a bit more weight. Anyone have anything they like? Thinking outside of a mirrorless/dslr bubble. It seems like there's a ton out there these days and it's hard to wade through it. thx, Dan
  5. MYT 3-in-1 Complete 5' Slider Kit w/ tons of extras I bought this kit 2 years ago from MYT and added lots of extras including nice feet for putting the slider on the ground. It mounts both Mitchell and 100mm heads including O'Connor 2575D Heads with fully built out Alexa camera packages down to O'Connor 1030D's for Alexa Mini and C300s. Also the base of the slider can mount on a fisher dolly, baby legs, standard legs both Mitchell and 100mm. I bought it in 5' which makes for great precision moves that are the right length. This is the package includes: 1 MYT Large 3-in-1, 5ft. rail length, Mitchell Mount and100mm Ball Mount (Cost $3,575.00) 1 MYT Large Glide Aluminum End Truss (2pk) w. Rosette Leg Adapters, 7" Legs (4pk) $695.00 1 MYT M/L Hi-Hat Tray, 100mm Bowl Converter $385.00 1 MYT Hi-Hat Tray Mitchell 4 MYT Short Posts for Hi-Hat Tray 1 MYT Mitchell Plate for Base w/ Tie Down $350.00 1 MYT 100mm Ball Head for Base / Tie Down $225.00 1 MYT Hard Carrying / Shipping Case $300.00 1 MYT Large Wood Handle $65.00 5 MYT 3/4" Length SRP Locking Bolts $70.00 2 MYT Mini Hardware Locking Screw for Slider Mobility (to lock on the track) 4 MYT Mini Hardware for Mitchell Base to Slider Body 4 MYT Mini Feet for Slider 2 5/8" Clamp Collar Ring $105.00 I paid over $5,000.00 for the whole package. Selling it for $3,600.00 PM or email for details @hunter.r.baker@gmail.com Best, - Hunter Baker
  6. Nice to be able to use equipment like the One-Man-Crew from Red Rock Micro & my Ultra16 Scoopic MS on a music video shoot this weekend. There are so many great tools out there with the DSLR "revolution" but it's fun to use them with film cameras too. This One-Man-Crew is the original version but I've used it with an SR2 before. I plan to do the upgrade to handle heavier cameras.
  7. I'm selling this Konova slider. It's the 100cm version. You can find the Benro head I used with it in a separate listing. It's a really cool and light-weight slider. I found it worked well mounted to two light stands with thread adapters. $190
  8. I’m in New York from Sept 16 - 21 demonstrating a new AC / DIT cart which I've designed. I would like advice on where to show the cart to DITs and ACs in person! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Bill Kerrigan Montreal, Quebec, Canada 514 486 8456 - Office 514 238 9775 - Mobile bill@kerrigan.ca http://www.kerrigan.ca
  9. Matthews will be demonstrating their slider cart at new Cine Gear Expo June 5-6th in LA. www.kerrikart.com
  10. If anyone is visiting Cine Gear Expo June 5-6th in LA, please drop by the Matthews Studio Equipment booth and say hello. I'll give you a demonstration of my slider the KerriKart. http://www.cinegearexpo.com/83/ Bill Kerrigan - DP Montreal Quebec Canada http://www.kerrigan.ca
  11. Hi everyone, Again with some fundamentals about storytelling, with no doubt camera movements have a lot of effects on storytelling (dolly, Truck, panning, tilting, sliding, steadycam,..) or Handheld, how does camera movements effect the storytelling, what are the meaning of all those movements ? whats the difference for example between moving the camera toward the subject face in a fast way or in a slow way? when we use the camera steady on a tripod and when we slide it slowly ? what the difference between for example shooting an OTS handheld or steady on tripod or Sliding it ? there is a lot of camera movements does any one can advice on a book or an article discuss all those movements with their meanings please. Attached is screen shot from United 93, a very realistic movie from Paul Greengrass when he shot most of it handheld.
  12. Hi guys, I'm looking for a heavy-duty 5' slider, it's gotta be solid, smooth and quick to set up. I'd also want to be able to mount my Cinevate Axis Jib (100mm bowl) to it for sliding crane moves. I've narrowed things down to the 60" Cinevate Atlas 200 (supports up to 200lbs) and the 5' MYT Works Large Slider (supports up to 250lbs). Both are obviously very solid units, the Cinevate is a little simpler (mounts straight onto combo stands), the MYT offers a little more flexibility (removable high-hat). Priced up with cases, the Cinevate comes to around $3000 and the MYT to around $3500. I'm wondering people's thoughts on the two units, and what they'd recommend and why? Also if anyone knows of other sliders in a similar price/performance bracket, I'd love to hear about them. Cheers, Mark
  13. Eching, Germany (March 19, 2014) - Sachtler, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec group company, has redeveloped its Ace L fluid head to make it compatible with all types of sliders. The Ace L 75mm tripod head can now be conveniently converted to a flat base, through the removal of a bottom screw, and mounted on a range of sliders. The Ace L is extremely versatile with a payload range of up to 6 kilograms and can be used with three different carbon fibre tripods - the floor spreader, mid-level spreader or telescopic tripod system. The slider functionality was incorporated into the Ace L fluid head based on customer feedback. "The Ace L is a popular product and is particularly well suited to use with DSLR cameras. By adding the slider capability, our customers are now receiving a more efficient product with added versatility and functionality," says Barbara Jaumann, product manager, Sachtler. By now being compatible with sliders, the Ace L allows camera operators to pan easily and accurately during filming without having to switch between fluid heads for different settings. The premium quality Ace L features the seven-step counter balance, patented SAdrag, and illuminated level indicator, and ensures precise and smooth camera operation. All Ace L headers from 2014 onwards will feature this slider compatibility. The Ace L's new capability will be showcased at this year's NAB show in Las Vegas in April at booth #C6025. About Sachtler Sachtler, founded in 1958 by cameraman Wendelin Sachtler, is a worldwide market leader for professional camera support systems for cinematography and television production, its name a symbol of top quality and reliability for decades. With an extensive range of premium camera support systems, Sachtler is the highly qualified partner for broadcast, documentary, film and pro-video applications. Since 2000 Sachtler has been offering the artemis modular camera stabilizer system. With its numerous workshops and training sessions, the Wendelin Sachtler Academy has become a top address worldwide for invaluable know-how and the exchange of information, creating the ideal international platform for creative talents. Along with other leading brands in the broadcast and professional videographer industry, Sachtler is part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company. For more information on Sachtler, visit www.sachtler.com. About Vitec Videocom Vitec Videocom brings together some of the most respected, most innovative and most sought-after brands in the industry: Anton/Bauer, Autoscript, Litepanels, OConnor, Petrol, Sachtler, Vinten and Vinten Radamec. It acts as an endorsing brand for these market-leading broadcast, film and pro video products, encouraging multi-brand system sales and simplifying the way that customers worldwide do business. Vitec Videocom is an operating division within the Vitec Group, an international business serving customers in the broadcast, photographic and military aerospace and government markets. Vitec is based on strong, well known, premium brands on which its customers rely on worldwide. Vitec Videocom - innovative products around the camera. Media Contacts: ignite strategic communications 818.980.3473 Lisa Muldowney, lisa@ignite.bz Jared Gay, jared@ignite.bz
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