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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, Any tips on how to maintain the continuity of smoke/haze across a scene? Interior and exterior. Thanks :)
  2. I'm preparing to film portions of a miniature ship 1/35 scale. It's on fire, and about time of dusk. I am making full scale plates for the fire and smoke effects, but it would be nice to have some actual smoke as well. Is there a kind of smoke effect that would look sufficiently large and billowy to work on a miniature ? If necessary it could be slow motion but only to say 64 fps.
  3. I need to create this very heavy smoke effect for a music video (in a 150 square meter studio), and from my experience with lighter smoke/ haze scenes I don't think the machines I usually use will be enough. Need any advice on which type machines or smoke to use, or other tricks on how to get this thick smoke effect looking good on cam. reference: https://youtu.be/UW0vOum0mBM?t=58
  4. Hey. I am looking into some advice on hazing, both indoors and outdoors. So, I have a restaurant shoot tomorrow, and I really know the opening scene would look much better with haze, but the restaurant opens 2 hours after we are done shooting. Does anyone have experiences with this? I am rigging a 5k Dino through diffusion, and a smaller LED panel. Now, not really related. How does one go about creating a hazed environment outside, where there might be wind?
  5. Hi I'm having a shoot in a museum and are planning to use a K1 hazer with K1 haze fluid. I have shoot with this bad boy several times before in different historical locations with no visible negative effect to the location. However this time the museum needs documentation that it is a safe liquid to use in this environment. Does anybody know where I can find proper documentation for this or if there is a better hazer to use out there for this purpose? http://www.martin.com/en-us/support/product-details/k1-haze-fluid I've tried searching the Martin website for documentation but came up short. Best regards /Pelle
  6. Hello, I am very sorry for the banal question that I have but this problem is driving me crazy... I am trying to use some smoke and I have read in many places and books that you simply have to fill the room with smoke (some even refers to room where you can barely see with your naked eye), wait for the smoke to stop flying around and then to start shooting... When I try to do this "effect"I always end up with a room that turns out to be completely white when lit but I use very little smoke and I try to even it out as much as I can (I am working in a small environment). It seems like that the smoke is always either too strong or not strong enough and it doesn't last long enought in the "good phase" when you can shoot. Moreover I always have some swirls of smoke (visible in the camera) as if it doesn't mix well with air... I am using a normal smoke machine and on the bottle of liquid there is a "B" printed as is it is a type of liquid (I don't know if that might help). Thank you very much for your help and sorry for the, I guess, very banal question. My best, Ale
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