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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, Just a quick note to spread the word about our new student program. Hudson Spider is dedicated to helping student film makers enjoy and thrive with their new craft. We have set aside several kits that include three Redback heads, a Stealth unit, DMX control and a quick lesson on how to use them. This program allows students access to the exact same state of the art lighting equipment being used on the largest film productions worldwide. The Redback is a revolutionary new LED light from Hudson Spider the emits an embracing specular soft wrap from a parabola of 3456 LEDs. It is quickly and easily deployed into either a 3ft parabolic, 6ft soft box or 3ft lantern modes and folds down to 7.5 x 13 inches and weighs only 7lbs. (www.hudsonspider.com) The quality of light is similar to HMI, Tungsten or flash umbrella bounce light fixtures and is typically used as the key light. The kits are are available for 1 week blocks and are free of charge. Apply as soon as you can because the dates are booking up fast!! https://www.hudsonspider.com/edu
  2. I was wondering in this ASC Masterclas day 2 photo of the set what the purpose of the diffusion frame above and in front of the ziplight is? In the consecutive photographs in the Day 2 album on FB, you can see the configuration for both behind the shoulders is the same - zip's as backlight + frontal fill, and diffusion frame above and in front of each one. Extension of the hair light and slightly wrapping (from above) in front of face? Some illumination for the table? Here is the FB link: https://www.facebook.com/AmericanCinematographer/photos/ms.c.eJxlzMENgEAQQtGODLiwO~;TfmPFkgteXDwQtIKEOlrIufrIzLdNN8pPdq~;TKnGnpldnP1t2N2Y3VzcErD3pvLwA~-.bps.a.10154006849658493.1073741828.16007063492/10154009914968493/?type=3&theater
  3. Hello I just realised that I posted this topic in an inappropriate forum earlier. Apologies for re-posting. I am about to shoot my year end final dialogue exercise in a month's time from now, the film has to be shot in studio space on 35mm film and sound synced. The film explores the internal conflicts of a family living in an lower middle class weared out house. It's raining or overcast in most part of the film and hence it is softly lit throughout but at the same time, I am trying to go for a higher contrast(not exactly very high) with lighting. Now, I am looking to create contrast within the space with respect to exterior and interior by the means of lighting (avoiding a lot of fill), a soft key coming from window bounced off a white board might work. As far as film stock is concerned I am thinking of testing two stocks, Kodak 5219 Vision 3 500T and Fuji Eterna 8583 400T, both to be pulled by a stop in combination with a low strength ultracontrast filter. This makes the colour desaturated and also makes the overall contrast low and blacks softer, but at the same time the contrast with respect to lighting would be higher (conventionally Key - Fill ratio will be higher). For lighting I plan to booklight large single sources by bouncing them off a 12 x 12 Ultrabounce and then further filtering it through a muslin. But now the issue is I need to use a very high intensity single source because I am pulling the stock as well as I am making a booklight. What kind of source would be suggested for the same? Sugesstions would be appreciated. Shashank Walia Cinematography,2011 FTII.
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