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Found 4 results

  1. STOLEN ITEMS - Zeiss 40mm & 85mm Standard Speeds Hi everyone, I work the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta (FAVA), we are a non-profit charitable organization located in Edmonton, Alberta. We had a rental this weekend and 2 of our Zeiss Standard Speeds were stolen from the renters shoot. If anyone comes across: 40mm T2.1 S/N: 6947336 85mm T2.1 S/N: 7280603 for sale anywhere, hopefully you'll be able to contact me. You could reach me at, PH: 780-424-4368, EM: rentals@fava.ca & Katrina at production@fava.ca We have a police report and are dealing with insurance, but would love to be able to get the ones from our original set back as they were deeply beloved by our film community. If anyone has any other places I could share this that would be greatly appreciated! Attached are photos of what the lenses look like (not our exact lenses, photos grabbed from Alan Gordons website.) Note that one of them will have a lens cap that says 16mm instead of 85mm.
  2. I would like to have your Attention for a Moment..... Please if you Rent or Buy Gear on Ebay or wherever have a look here: https://cameramarket.eu/stolen_gear.php and Check if the gear is Stolen. Not a nice Feeling to be a Victim i can tell. Cheers Randy
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I am writing to ask for help everyone. Recently (4.7.15) we have been robbed of equipment "Arri Alexa" and set lens "Ultraprime 1.9". We are a small rental house in Spain (Madrid). I pray help us locate them. The man that I carry is identified under the name of "Samir Amr" of passport Netherlands. Thanks in advance
  4. I write this with a very heavy heart. Back in January I sent my beloved Canon 1014 XL-S to Steven Willard of Willard Engineering for a clean/lube/service with an agreed upon price of $200. The camera was shipped insured and delivered on January 30th. Up to that time Steve was lightning fast with all his communications via email and text. But once my camera was in his hands all communication stopped. He would not answer me to verify he had the camera. Not until I left a forceful voice-mail in mid February did he finally return my call and explain the camera was in his hands, but that he had been ill. He promised all was well and he would get to my camera in a week. Okay, I can accept that. Two weeks pass and nothing. I start emailing. I hear nothing. I text and hear nothing. I call and eventually leave a vm explaining I fear he has stolen my camera. The next day he calls and says his wife is ill. Okay, but I have NOTHING via text or email stating he has my camera. He agrees to send me an email stating he has the camera and also explains he will do the job next week. I receive the email on March 12. Since then, silence. Nothing. No response to any methods of communication. This camera is very important to me and it cost me big bucks. I cannot just eat the cost. Has anyone had an experience with Steve Willard? I have only heard good things about the man, which is why I sent the camera to him. But it appears I may have made a terrible mistake. Should I not have this situation settled by the end of the week I will probably have to look into filing charges of mail fraud. That's a felony. I'll also have to go to the BBB. I'd rather not do that to the man if it can be avoided, but fact is HE HAS MY CAMERA and will not fix or simply return it to me.
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