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Found 9 results

  1. Price : $33,000.00 Qty.-1 SNS-48TB16BAYDR6 SNS EVO Base System: 3U, 64bitMulti-core CPU, 16 SATA Bay, 48 TB RAW (8 x 6TB SATA6Gb/s), 4 x Gbe Ports (iSCSI/NAS)*Qty.-2 SNS-ETH-2x10G-CSNS-ETH-2x10G-C SNS EVO Ethernet Expansion: 2 x 10GbCopper Ethernet (iSCSI/NAS) Ports, Upgrade License, 1 yrhardware maintenance*Qty.-1 SNS-100HDD: SATA6TB-6GB/SSNS-100HDD: SATA 6TB-6Gb/s SNS SNS Rated 6TB7200RPM Enterprise SATA Hard Drive 6Gb/s for EVOQty.-1 TRIP-SMART1500RM2U TRIP-SMART1500RM2U Tripp Lite Smart Pro UPS 1500VARM 2RU 120v*Qty.-3 ATTO-TLNT-2102-D01ATTO-TLNT-2102-D01 ATTO TLNT-2102-D01 2-Port 20GbThunderbolt 2 to 2-Port 10Gb Ethernet, RJ45 Interface, Low Qty.-1 AP-MD861ZM/A AP-MD861ZM/A Apple - Thunderbolt cable - 2 m - for iMac; Mac mini; MacBook Air; MacBook Pro Qty.-2 AP-MD861ZM/A AP-MD861ZM/A Apple - Thunderbolt cable - 2 m - for iMac; Mac mini; MacBook Air; MacBook Pro Qty.-2 SNS-DQ-4X6TB-14A SNS-DQ-4x6TB-14A SNS EVO Drive Quad Expansion Kit 6TB*
  2. Dear cinematography community, I have build my self a good pc system for various tasks such as: editing, color grading etc. My main fast hard drive for projects was a 1Tb M.2 SSD. It has been working really good (maybe a bit overkill). Now I ran in to a problem that most of the projects I work on are bigger than 1Tb and now I need a new solution for a fast storage system / drive to do editing and color grading with big RAW files. I have been looking into the Samsung 4Tb SSD (2.5") which would work but if a project is just a little over 4Tb than that would not work. So does anybody have a good solution to this problem? It needs to be fast and not too expensive. Maybe something like a Hard Drive Raid System where I can stick 4 hard drives with a total of 8Tb and connect that to my pc via thunderbolt or usb-c? My pc does not have thunderbolt connection but I think there are some expansion cards out there? After a projects is done, it gets archived on a other drive. Would love to hear from you guys! Best Thomas.
  3. Hi guys! As my career progresses I've found myself without an adequate solution for storing my footage and old projects. I try to cut a new reel every year or so, and right now to get to work I need to have as many as 8 separate HDDs plugged in. These are mostly personal drives or backup drives from the projects themselves. I'd love to build myself one giant tower of hard drives that I could have everything on and which would be RAID-0 for safety, but I've never built such a thing before. I've got around 10TB of footage to store right now, but would like to be future proofed, so some kind of enclosure in which I can slide drives in/out depending on my needs would be great. Do any of you have good recommendations for external enclosures, brands to prefer/avoid, that sort of thing? Thanks for any feedback you can provide!
  4. Hello everyone, In March of this year i bought from kodak 3 rolls of 16mm film stock 500T (400 ft. each). They were intended to use for a shortfilm, but we ended up using only one. The two remaining have been keept refrigerated ever since, both are unopened. I'm planning to use this rolls for a stopmotion animation, but i wont be able to start shooting until May 2018. In the meantime i have to transport this rolls to another place to keep them storaged. So my question is: Could the rolls be damaged if i keep them out of the refrigeration for a few hours and then refrigerated again? From the information i've gathered on the internet apparently the film is in good conditions to be used, since the rolls are relatively recent and have been refrigerated. But correct me if i'm wrong, i'm a newbie using film stock :) Thank you for your help!
  5. I recently purchased some Kodak Vision3 re-cans and short-ends film stock. I’ve read differing opinions in regards to refrigerating versus freezing the film. Some have recommended to not freeze the film as it may be damaged from the process. Is there any general consensus as to the best practice for storing film? Kodak literature states that freezing film is an appropriate step for longer term storage (more than six months). I don’t know when I may use it and if the time period will exceed six months. Can I promptly freeze the film to slow the degradation process? With my film stock being re-cans and short-ends, I feel I should be more mindful of degradation, but with it not being in factory-sealed cans anymore should I avoid freezing? What are the best techniques to safely store new and opened film stock? Fridge or freezer? Should I place the cans in zipped plastic bags? Should I insert selica gel packets to reduce moisture? Any tips or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
  6. How do you store your gels? I spent some time searching and came up with nil here on the forums. The reason I am asking is because I am going from set to set, seeing various gels and filters being thrown in a tall trashbin or tub or something of the like, lacking any organization and efficiency. I am still fairly inexperienced and low-budget, and don't have means of a storage facility nor the luxury of storing them on frames. I'm beginning to grow my collection, from smaller rolled up 4x4 sheets to actual full rolls, and as they are fairly expensive, yet still expendable, I can't come up with a reasonable way to store them, thought I have many ideas. Maybe you guys can help me get a better idea or a good recommendation of what to do. One idea that I have had is to actually have a large PVC tube, and strap full rolls inside and lock them with a twisted cap, and roll smaller sheets on the outside and fix them to the tube with a mixture of a PVC sheet or bit of tarp covering them, and a bongo-tie securing system. Labeling will be a breeze, and visually finding them will be a lot easier. I imagine this could be nice and safe for the gels and filters, yet if I have too many of these, the weight will become ridiculous. Any tips and ideas are appreciated, thanks!
  7. Hi, i'm in the market for some new memory cards for my Canon C100, I'm looking at the San Disk Extreme pro 32gb @ 95mb/s and the San Disk extreme 32gb @ 45mb/s. does anyone have any advice on these two products, plus maybe some advice on storage size? Cheers Gabe
  8. Greetings, I was wondering how people store their lenses? Be it 35mm SLR lenses, 16mm lenses, 35mm motion picture lenses, etc. How and in what do people store their lenses in? I see this nifty item on eBay:http://www.ebay.com/itm/48L-Digital-Control-dehumidify-dry-cabinet-box-for-Lens-Camera-equipment-storage-/220987679937?pt=US_Camera_Cases_Bags&hash=item3373e464c1 Would this be a wise investment for lens storage? I am also probably going to use it to store some super8 cameras ( since their lenses are non-removable ) and some lenses that I plan to acquire. I am just leery about the item because it might seem to good to be true, does anyone have experience using this or a similar product? I am don’t want to start buying lenses and then when the seasons change have to start worrying about lens fungus, and mold invading. I live in NYC and experience the glory and the fury of all four seasons. Sincerely, Rudy
  9. I was wondering what the protocol or standard practice is on storing processed Super-8 film. Bagged and in the refridgerator seems to be the concensus for undeveloped Super-8 film, but I've been having trouble finding any specific mention of what to do with processed Super-8 film. What do you guys typically do with your processed film?
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