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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there ! I am wondering about the scan part of the production for upcoming tests on an eclair gv16. Am i suppose to ask to the lab to make the Scan or TC at regular 25fps recommendation or am i missing something ? I understand that it is good to match the frame rate to the scan/TC 'rate' for 25 fps and under, but for the rest, i don't have an idea. thanks in advance Jordan
  2. Im really going to miss 100D in S8 and 16mm! But I'm happy the format is still going and getting V3 50D in S8. I have shot V2 50D in S8 and it's some of the best looking S8 i have seen. The V3 200T is incredible too. I would love to shoot it as much as I would shoot reversal, but there's no way I can shoot more than 8 rolls a year with Telecine costs the way they are. In this day and age, i don't think a consumer grade home scanner that loads film reels into a PC would be that hard to make. They had them for still film, why not amature MP? Amature video and music production has boomed thanks to new technology that bypasses expensive studios. S8 and 16mm could have a great new life if someone could fill the missing link! I think we should start a petition to pitch. It would also come in handy for mass amounts of old movie film sitting in most closets and atticks. That service Kodak tried to start was a flop from the start. Just give us a freakin device already!
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