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Found 7 results

  1. Anybody know of any video tap available for Bolex?
  2. Hey everyone, I recently purchased an Eclair NPR off of eBay and I've got some questions about it. I'm trying to find a battery solution for it. I've read through other posts and I see that there are a lot of different routes I could go. So far I've been looking at this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1048193-REG/bescor_fp_12vatm_12v_lithium_ion_battery.html as well as this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/126161-REG/Cool_Lux_BC3054_BC_3054_Battery_Belt_LCE.html. I would love to hear everyones thoughts on these! My second question is about a piece of gear that came w
  3. I'm selling my IVS (gecko cam handle). Last service date feb 2020. IVS video Handle IVS relay optics with iris Antiflicker/Inserter Module complete with fastening screws and dove-tail Fischer3/Fischer3 cable CCD cable ZV4 cable The system works perfectly, fps readings, flicker-free at all speeds and frameline generator ok. Optics are clear Please note I don't have a beam splitter available for sale at this time. DM me with offers.
  4. Hi all! Just a quick one in regards to my Arriflex SR3 Advanced. The current video tap I have hooked up is the CEI Color 5 Video Assist. Ive been looking into how to make adjustments to the projected image as it is slightly rotated and shifted through the video feed. I know with the Arri IVS system you can make the adjustments by removing the 4 screws by the top handle, but I believe this one is slightly different. Any Suggestions before just digging in? I have already taken it off and made slight adjustments when attaching it back onto the body, but cant get it where it should be.
  5. Hello, I'm slightly confused about the door on my Arri 3. It has a spot for a video tap but I don't know what CCD cameras will fit it. It sort of looks like a bayonet style. I've found some online but I have no way of knowing if they'll mount. Anyone know where I could get one?
  6. Hey guys, So I've recently purchased an old SR2 modded to shoot super 16. It's a solid package but the only thing missing is a video tap. I've contacted a guy that used to build Jurgens taps and he has the parts but it can get pretty costly. My other idea is to purchase another camera I have found (An SR1 with a tap) and install it in my SR2. The price would be far better taking this route. The bodies are almost identical as far as i know on the viewfinder/eyepiece side of things. My only concern is that the tap on the SR1 won't cover super 16. I know the old Jurgens ta
  7. I'd like to share my new idea.All you need is an iPhone with a case you can attach to your rod system to have a workable video tap for a Super 8mm film camera. Enjoy it, MOY https://vimeo.com/65196781
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