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Found 5 results

  1. Famously used by Orson Welles to shoot many shots from "Touch of Evil", dating from 1956. Over 60s years old, but in remarkably good condition. Some minor cleaning marks visible on front and rear optics. Minor dust. These do not effect the image. Casing shows signs of wear, paint loss, marks, minor scratches. None of these effect operation. Aperture works fine, but could do with a service. Focus is smooth and precise. Lens can be adapted to be used on mirrorless cameras, MFT, E-mount, L and X mount. It cannot be adapted to Canon EF or Arri PL. Lens is much in demand for rehousing to Arri PL by Zero Optik. I own three of these lenses and they are without doubt the best vintage wide angle I've ever used. Often used as a wide angle to compliment Bausch and Lomb Baltars. More photos available on request. Will post worldwide at cost. Price: £1450 ono
  2. Arri UP 12mm in Good Condition Price: $9,000 omar@raw-entertainment.com
  3. Hello all, Just received my Zenitar 16mm lens for my K-3. Not a huge wide angle, but exactly what I was looking for. Good enough for smaller spaces and run and gun. Much less barrel distortion than what I had expected. There is a spring loaded metal pin which must be pushed-in so the aperture/iris will work. Mounted on the K-3 it remains protruding and the aperture does not work. I am thinking about taping it over, using a small plastic sheet part that doesn't interfere with the rotating mirror. I am afraid that the gaffer tape will come off inside the camera though - causing irreparable damage. Any suggestions how to keep the pin pushed in securely will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Christian
  4. Hi group, Did my research and I found out that it seems to be very hard to find a good wide angle lens for the K-3 (M 42 1 screw mount). Added obstacle: mine is Super 16mm (re-centered lens). I'd love to have a nice prime lens with a focal length of anything between (say) 8 to 16mm without fish eye distortion - and one that won't break the bank, so I can get some nice handheld shots without being too shaky, having focus issues (almost all uploaded K-3 footage has focus issues when the subject is close) and being too "removed" from the viewer. Any advice, tips where to look, highly appreciated. Christian
  5. Hi everyone. I'm trying to get some shots with a 9mm Cooke lens I have for my Arri S/B, I'd like to put some filtration in front of it. The problem is that, due to the wide field of view, I'm still getting the interior of the matte box on the edges of the picture frame. I'm trying to figure out how to rig something but I thought I'd put my query up here since I know others have run into and dealt with this before. Thanks in advance for any help.
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