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Found 4 results

  1. So I really just cant catch a break when it comes to super 8 cameras, I have a Canon 814xls that i got off of Ebay non working, and I got it working perfectly by cleaning the dc jack contacts. However it sounded like a cement grinder at high speed so I had to take it apart and get to the mechanism. I eventually got to it and lubed it and put it back together and nothing, nada, kaput. and I know I put all of the connections in the right place. So the one thing I have not done is to check if i'm getting voltage, I kinda had to step away from it for the night in fear that I would in my sleep deprived state break it more. However I did check current from the battery to see if it was taking current, not even a uA was being taken from the battery. I tried to battery check and it did not work either. So I am kinda at a loss here, if anyone has a 814 xls and is willing to take it apart and compare wiring or even better a service manual that has wiring diagrams. It would be of great help. I will get pictures on here when i get home from school, the only pictures I have right now are my wiring reference pictures on my phone. Thanks Avery
  2. It's official. I am moving out of the country. This has long been a dream of mine and now it is a reality. But I cannot shoot Super8 where I am going so I am selling my Canon 1014 XL-S plus all accessories. As some of you may know, my Canon was serviced by Willard Engineering last year. I went through hell getting it back from him (long story, no need to re-hash) and thank the maker he did his job well because I did shoot film with it, have it developed and recently projected it. Everything was 100%. My big fear was that he might screw up the light meter, but everything was spot on. I have attached a picture of what is being sold. It's the entire kit. Camera, 85 filter & polarizer, original box and manual, lens hood, microphone, ear piece, etc. AND both the Wide Angle and Telephoto lenses. MINT. And I do mean mint. I'll even throw in two rolls of Tri-X that have been in the freezer (I have a lot of film I can sell too) I also have a stunning Pelican Case with foam I custom cut for the camera and accessories. I'll sell that if you are also interested. The Camera is on eBay, but I am perfectly willing to bypass them and save us both some cash since their fees are pretty much outrageous. Please understand, this is a sad day for me. I had made the decision to keep the camera and keep shooting, but the opportunity to move overseas is too much to pass up. There will be no conceivable way of buying or processing film where I am going, so I really can't hold on any longer. Thanks to everyone here who helped me learn the ropes years ago. This forum was my teacher. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Canon-1014-XL-S-Super-8mm-Film-Camera-SERVICED-MINT-Wide-Angle-Lens-Box-amp-More-/291423303073?
  3. Hi all. So my normal go to guy has not replied to emails (strangely) and so I am going to ask around here. I have a terrific Canon 1014 XL-S that I love (not as much as my long gone Nikon R10, but oh well) and it has performed wonderfully for the nearly two years I have owned her. However, right now I am getting a strange problem when shooting. Sometimes it is as if the in camera fade in/out becomes engaged. I'll be shooting and POOF, it stops. When I check the roll, I see the results are an in camera fade out. Like on this Straight8 entry that didn't go so well... https://vimeo.com/57757062 The scratches are a product of the shitty telecine. They ruined my roll. :( Anyway, you can see the issue at 0:22, 0:35 and 2:46. Every other aspect of the camera is fine. It's really mint. But I have a feature shoot coming up and if all goes well, I'll need this camera working 100% since we have some super8 stuff to shoot for a few scenes. I will also be in the market for a backup camera, preferably a tip top Nikon R10. :)
  4. Hi Everybody, I'm shooting some of Pro8mm's Ektachrome 100D on my Canon 514 XL-S. My question is about the daylight/tungsten filter. I've heard from almost all people that I need to have the filter switched to the lightbulb tungsten setting. As counterinuitive as it seems, I've heard that it actually correectly exposes the Ektachrome that way. I just want to be positive about this, and would really appreciate any personal experience shooting on Pro8's stock on this camera. Thank you!
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