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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Recently, I started building a run-and-gun ENG-style documentary shoulder cam build. I got my first "EVF" from Zacuto, and I loved it until I used it outside on my first production. While filming, we had to follow a moving subject on foot quickly. I take the camera off the tripod, throw the tripod over my shoulder, and hold the camera in my right hand from the top handle running. The eye cup cover was closed, and by the time we got to the next spot, the eye cup had fallen off; since we were in the direct harsh sunlight, the diopter was also exposed as the cap was only able, slightly damaging my EVF's screen (a small clump of pixels affected nothing horrible.) I wanted to avoid this, so I returned to the location, found the eye cup on the ground, and put it back. Recently, it happened again. Luckily, it was over, so there was no new damage, but it is a risk I would like to avoid from happening in the future. Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas?
  2. I have my two Sony complete 2nd camera systems that I'm selling - multiple Arri shoots means it's time to change out some barely used gear, so the two 2nd camera systems are on the block. Both are in great condition, both are very complete as shooting kits, and both have very low hours. One is a Sony F5 4k model, with the AXS-R5 RAW back option, media and all the rest - very low studio only hours at 588 (and only 38 hours on the back). I'm selling it for $10,800 just for the F5, with PL, FZR, Leica R and Canon EF lens mounts and more. The whole package with the AXS-R5 back, 3# 512 Gb SSDs, QXD Adapters and media, V-Moun to Anton Bauer plate, Arri LWS shoulder rig and shell case is $17,800 plus shipping. The other is my Sony FS7 Mk1 camera system with just 153 hours on it, which again is fully rigged with the XDCA-FS7 Adapter for RAW and more codecs, the fabulous Zacuto Gratical HD EVF, a full Zacuto Recoil shoulder mount system, XQD media and batteries. The basic FS7 camera is $5,750, including an ergocine shoulder rig and camera cage. The complete camera package, including the XDCA-FS7 back and power unit, the Gratical HD and Recoil systems, media and batteries is just $10,500 plus shipping. There is too much to list here, so I've put everything up at https://www.clai.tv/chris-layhe-clai-tools-2/ with photos at https://flic.kr/s/aHsmkm12cn. Call Chris at 650.762.5241 or Chris@CLAi.tv in the San Francisco Bay area.
  3. I'm trying to find a new home for my awesome Canon setup. It is perfect for shooting Docs, Run'n'Gun/ENG situations, and can go from shoulder mount to your tripod in a matter of seconds with the VCT tripod plate. An all-around solid HD camera that can be shipped to you, ready to shoot! I'm selling because I've not been using my C100M2 for the jobs I've been doing lately and want to find a someone who can get some good use of a solid Canon camera. This has everything you need to get going. No shopping around, or trying to find accessories. I paid over $10,000 for everything in this bundle and now you can get it for almost nearly a 50% discount! :) Bundle includes: C100 MKII(58 hours) 3x Batteries Assorted cables/charger Lenses 1x Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens 1x Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens Atomos Ninja Blade 5" HDMI On-Camera Monitor & Recorder (Licenses enabled for ProRes and DNxHD) 4x Batteries 3x SanDisk Ultra SSD (2x 480gb, 1x 120gb) 1x HDMI cable 1x HDMI flex elbow Assorted cables/charger Zacuto Rig VCT Tripod Plate Quad Rail Axis Mini Tornado Z-Drive C100 Mark II EVF Recoil Photos here: https://imgur.com/a/a0u9W I'll cover the Escrow.com/Paypal fees and you cover the shipping. A ready to shoot kit for $5,385 OBO. Willing to do an international sale if you are outside of the US. I've done multiple sales on DVXuser and REDuser and can provide references upon request. I'm also willing to do a video conference to show the product and operation. Questions about any of the items, feel free to ask below. Please send me a PM with offers or private questions. Thanks for your time and interest!
  4. Hey guys, If you’re reading this ad, you might be familiar with the F35’s recent resurgence thanks to the wonders of modern external recorders. The sensor is just gorgeous, a 5k CCD with a global shutter (so you never need to worry about rolling shutter skew again), beautiful colour science, and highlight handling that’s still only topped by the Arri Alexa. I generally rate the camera at 400 ISO, but am happy with it up to 800 ISO (which is basically equivalent to the Red Dragon with the Skintone/Highlight OLPF). I recently returned from shooting a Bollywood feature with it over in India, starring Eric Roberts. And I’ve shot a documentary, four short films and a couple of commercials with it as well, and it’s been absolutely rock solid for me. I’d shot with the F35 in its original incarnation, and felt there were a couple of key areas I wanted to address when I assembled my own kit - and that was largely to do with the monitoring. The original Sony C30 EVF that came with the camera was only standard definition, and it made being certain of critical focus with the camera pretty difficult, it also only gave you zebras for exposure monitoring, which again, was pretty limiting. So my solution was to pair the camera with the new Zacuto Gratical Eye, and the Odyssey7Q+. This gave me HD monitoring with both the EVF and the monitor/recorder, with full, customisable LUT support across both (something most of the current top cameras out there still won’t do), and waveforms, (accurate) peaking, and false colour (to name just a few of the features). I’ve installed matching LUTs on both the Gratical and the Odyssey, and calibrated both to match (so you’ll see a matching image regardless of which you’re looking at). The reason I consider this the ‘Ultimate’ F35 kit, is because I’ve designed every part of the kit with the Operator (namely myself) in mind, and as a result it’s really easy to work with. The build is extremely streamlined, with a 15mm rod system allowing for rigid and precise placement of both the EVF and the monitor. The Zacuto Axis Mini slots straight into the Wooden Camera Top Handle, and allows for perfect placement of the EVF for handheld work as well as being on the dolly or sticks. And because the Top Handle is mounted to Nato Rail, both the handle and EVF can be slid off the camera in mere seconds for packing down into a compact carry case, or squeezing into tight spaces. Every component just works really well together. To simplify things further I also had Panavision build a custom v-mount plate for the camera, to provide two addition DTAP ports to run the Gratical Eye and the Odyssey - which means there’s no stuffing around with DTAP splitters or additional battery/power-distro gack. Using the Odyssey7Q+ allows you to get the most out of the sensor possible, using dual-link recording from the camera’s Interface Box, you get an uncompressed 12-bit 4:4:4 1080p feed (downsampled from the 5k sensor), that you can record in uncompressed 12-bit .DPX files (for insane image quality), or 12-bit ProRes4444 or ProRes4444XQ (for simple, very high quality drag-and-drop files). Or for shoots that don’t require crazy image quality you can also record in simple ProRes422 or 422HQ. You can also record at up to 50fps for beautiful 2x slow-motion. And with two 512GB Samsung 850 Pro SSDs, you’ve got enough recording space to comfortably shoot for a full day. The camera only has 1230 hours on it, so it’s about as pristine an example as you’re going to find. Additional kit includes a Portabrace Rain Cover/Sunshade for the Odyssey7Q (which is great for viewing the monitor outdoors), and an Element Technica Hybrid Studio Baseplate and Dovetail, along with 19mm stainless steel rods - so you can put the camera straight on your tripod, add a battery, add a lens and start shooting immediately. There’s nothing left to add with this kit, as I’ve already put in the hard yards to design and piece it together. and the nice part about the kit, is that because all of the accessories are non-proprietary, they'll translate over seamlessly to your next camera too. The full kit list is as follows: - Sony F35 - Sony F35 Interface Box - Sony F35 L-Handle - Sony F35 Assistant Panel - Odyssey7Q+ - 2x 512GB Samsung 850 Pro SSDs - Portabrace Rain Cover/Sunshade for Odyssey7Q - Zacuto Gratical Eye - Zacuto Axis Mini EVF Mount - Wooden Camera NATO Handle (Plus) - Berkey System 15mm Rods and Spuds for Odyssey7Q - Element Technica Hybrid Studio Bridgeplate (19mm Rods) - Element Technica Standard Arri Dovetail - Stainless Steel 19mm Rods - Custom V-mount Battery plate with 2x DTAP - Convergent Design DTAP to Odyssey7Q cable - Zacuto Braided LEMO/SDI cable for Zacuto Gratical Eye - 2x Canare 3G-SDI Cables for dual-link recording - Custom Flight Case The camera is located in Melbourne, Australia, but I’m happy to ship worldwide. Price is $9,500 USD + shipping (I’ll need to add 10% GST if it’s purchased in Australia)
  5. Selling ZACUTO Camera Accessories. All in excellent condition and fully functional. Can sell as a package discount price or individually. 1x Universal Baseplate V3 - $250 (incl. two 8" 15mm rods, two 4.5" 15mm rods & two Male Zouplers) 1x Z-Riser - $140 1x Zgrips Handheld Grips (pair) - $385 1x Z-mount - $75 1x Zicro mount - $35 1x Zamerican Monitor Noga-type Arm (large) - $120 Full Package discount price: $950 obo Items located in Los Angeles, CA but can ship anywhere at buyer's expense.
  6. Hello everyone, 
 I've a Zacuto Universal plate V3 with 12 inch rods for sale in very good condition, works great with Sony F5, F3, F35, FS700/100, Red Epic, C300, C100 and more. 

 price is only: £100/170$. 
as a bonus I'll also add 2 Lensse Carbon Fiber 40Cm/15inch rods in almost new condition. 

 The plate is in Central London, local pickup are more than welcome! This is a chance to save £100 form the list price. I was planning to use it with a camera I didn't buy eventually. International buyers would need to pay Shipping and payment could be made by Paypal but I do prefer UK buyers. 

 Feel free to pm or email me at dop@oroncohen.com

  7. Selling this puppy over on ebay... Got some very small scratches to the paint, but otherwise perfect. http://www.ebay.com/itm/171053926586?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  8. Hey Guys, I'm trying to sell my: Stealth Standard 40.5" Kessler Slider (just sent it to kessler to check out and make sure it's in perfect shape) Custom C300 Gear and a case. Here are my posts on Craigslist: http://newyork.craig...3568283838.html http://newyork.craig...3566544738.html http://newyork.craig...3566435846.html Thanks! I also have some more film gear I'm selling soon on Ebay, so inquire if you have anything else your looking for. I'm shedding weight for my new apartment in NYC that is not as big as the old one. Best, Andrew Wonder
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