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Found 55 results

  1. The owner of Commons Productions, Spencer Commons, is retiring. He’s been in the lighting business for 30+ years. I’ve learned a bunch from him about being a gaffer. He’s now selling his grip and lighting equipment - c-stands, kino flo, tungsten, LED, hmi, flags, electric ... you name it, he’s probably got it. Prices are good. http://www.commonsproductions.com
  2. Hey all! I'm doing a showreel shoot this August, and it will probably be really sunny and have a out door location coming up. Due to the limited budget and power available, the biggest light i can get is a off brand 2.5k HMI and a home made 6by diffusion from shower curtain. I was wonder if these are enough to make a impact? My indie rental house didn't tell me which model of HMI we are getting, but it's safe to assume it won't be as effective as the Arris (maybe matching output of M18 idf we're lucky) . I'm not diffusion the light, maybe a 1/4 or 1/8 cto max for some scenes. Any input will be appreciated as always. Jing
  3. In one of the book I am reading, it says "Most of them (HMI Lighting) run on 240 volts and can be used only with crystal cameras." I didn't get any clear information on crystal cameras in google search. What does crystal camera mean? Thanks.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm wondering if I were to use a 1.2k HMI with a magnetic ballast in the UK on wall power (50hz) - if keeping my shutter angle at 180, will I get flicker at 50fps or 100fps or is it only likely to happen when I move off these frame rates? I know magnetic ballasts can be a little more finicky for flicker.
  5. I read online that you can ONLY use HMI lights with inverter generators. Question 1: What would happen if I tried to power an M18 with a generator that was not inverter? It's just a regular gas genny. Would that damage the light or ballast? Would it just not work? Questions 2: I have a Ryobi 1800w running watt, 2300 starting watt generator seen here: I'm told that hmi's require a higher wattage when striking. Would I be able to strike an m18 with this Ryobi generator? Is 2300 enough to strike it? What's the wattage required to strike? Question 3: If I tried to strike the m18 on that ryobi genny and it was not enough power, what would happen? Would the light just not turn on? Is there any risk of damaging the light when you try to strike it and there is not sufficient power?
  6. Hi again everyone. Not really a question this time but would wanted to show my lighting plan for an upcoming project to get some feedback. I have attached my lighting plan... The talent will be talking to camera and cooking. The background will be dressed with Christmas decorations and what not to celebrate the coming season. I want the lighting to be very soft and cold, to have that winter feel. I'm shooting it all in daytime. I'm using an M18 through the left window (only window our too the left) through a bed sheet which will highlight the background and rim our talent. The other M18 is inside in front of the talent which will be my key for her. I plan to bounce it and have the light come through another bedsheet to get it softer. For the fill, I will bounce it in from my M18 sources. I guess actually I do have a proper question. Would you recommend an Arri Skypanel S30C through multiple diffusion instead of the M18 inside? The kitchen is very small so I did think at one point maybe I should go for that instead. The shoot will start early and end before sunset. Anyways any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
  7. Ebay Listing - https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/302662389272?rt=nc
  8. Both working, both are in reasonable condition. One has barn doors, other hasn't They're big and heavy, so I'll ship to Europe only. https://www.ebay.ie/itm/202085601853?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 https://www.ebay.ie/itm/202085600277?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I also have one 4k Sirio HMI with magnetic ballast, I'll also will let it go if someone interested
  9. Hi everybody I am preparing a shooting as a gaffer, on a non-stage interior and I am looking for the best way to light a 6x6m. (20x20') green screen and white screen. Here is the camera configuration: Red epic dragon (maybe an Hellium sensor, depending on the production department) 25 fps 1/250 ISO 800 Zeiss CP2 The topic of the video is a free-fall simulator demonstration. We are shooting at night for day, in an area from a shopping center measuring 14m. large x 7m. long x 14m. tall (46' large x 23' long x 46' tall). There are not structures to hang on the fixtures. On the back there is a window as big as the wall (46x46'), against a steel structure where we are going to hang a 20x20' green screen. We have, of course, a tight budget so we cannot afford a trilite structure (stage columns...), which is far more expensive as we thought (5K€). On the other side, we can afford 2 articulated boom lifts, high and long enough to top light the green screen. I am thinking to hang the fixtures at 8m. (26') We are using HMI fixtures to key and backlighting (3 Arrisun 2,5K), as well as 2 Skypanels S60C. So... I am thinking about using 2 "K5600's Alpha 4k" with the "space beam/space light" configuration, the first at 2 meters (6,5') from the edge of the screen, and the second at 4 meters (13'). So I am wondering if: 1. Is it enough to evenly light the 20x20' green screen, 2. Will it have enough output to properly light it. We are only doing a few shots on green screen. After that, we are going against white screen (same area). Do you think the same configuration will be enough to have a nice white background? I hope my explanation is good enough. I can upload a plan if you need. Thanks for your feedback! PS: I apologize for my english mistakes.
  10. I have a MUST SELL great deal! A 12k Sunray HMI Fresnel with Magnetic Ballast, all cables in perfect condition, scrim set in box, front cover, and a roller dolly. The kicker is it has a BRAND NEW never lit globe (a $1,000 Value!) I'm in North Hollywood and selling it all for only $3,000! I love this light, and the paint is good, no dents, the internals are good (reflector and wires are in great condition) and the glass is clean with no damage! It was barely used, just stored forever. Everything is included (But NO STAND). Below are more detailed photos. Please call me at 818-339-6933 or email me at timacs@me.com Thanks, Tim Alexander
  11. Hi, i'm currently in my second year of Uni and for my dissertation my question is "Will LEDs Lights be able to replace every type of light used in film production? " If anybody who has knowledge of different types of lights could help? By doing this questionnaire I'd really appreciate it thank you. :) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd75cWHDKLyzAQ4gygI19yFEOWUUhkpW1tTUJZZWWP9uVXvmA
  12. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dedolight-5Ft-Panaura-Daylight-Tungsten-Kit-Eggcrate-/302468506880?hash=item466c872500:g:PVsAAOSwkWNZobb3
  13. I'm looking to mimic this fight scene from the matrix with bright flashing lights outside these windows - supposedly lightning from the storm outside. (see attached 1-3) My assumption at first was that they maybe had some HMI's hooked up to flicker boxes. But then I thought that HMI's have issues with hot strikes so maybe that's not what was used? Can an hmi work on a flicker box to simulate lighting? If so, what reccomendations of a flicker box do you reccomend I use? If I can't use an HMI to simulate lightning with flicker, how else can I achieve this effect? I'm hoping to only use 2 light sources that are bright enough to shine through windows like this and get reflections on the floor and walls? Some how I need that flicker effect done even if it's not from a flicker box. You can see more of the fight scene in motion at: https://youtu.be/0EpC2T00PAE?t=3m32s Also attached is the building I will be shooting in and the windows I'll be shining through. All advice welcome!
  14. Hello Everyone, My name is Vicken Joulfayan, and I am a new member here! I am a graduate student at the New York Film Academy in the Masters in Filmmaking program but my focus is primarily on cinematography. I am the DP for seven master thesis film projects, two of which are scheduled to be shot in the next several weeks, and am in need of advice for lighting. Although I have researched a lot and have a general idea of how to light each project, I need your advice in deciding which exact equipment to rent. The projects have budgets but they are minimal. I've embedded links to the first two projects I am working on in June, and they include the location image and overheads. Project 1 : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByO5kv_UG9-NQkxDekNQdHZRdkE/view?usp=sharing For the bedroom night scene, we are recreating rain outside the window ( the space is visible in the picture, which is almost 3 feet, and then there is 6 feet downhill grass. The light will be put there at the bottom of the slope). Project 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByO5kv_UG9-NSnd3eDdLbUNnRjg/view?usp=sharing I am trying to keep it as simple as possible when it comes to lighting this one if it is a possibility. For both projects during day and night scenes, all the locations have big windows. I was thinking of 1.2hmi? par? or maybe Led even? Example aputure lightstorm ls1s) and additional fill IF needed inside, and practicals. Would I need a bigger frame than a 4x4 if i have exterior shots ( backyard shots)? I want to be able to see inside( characters) well exposed yet also have the outside location exposed ( outside logically more but still clear) without having the need to light so much additional light inside (tosco scrim black). Would a small LED be effective to create eye-light? Also we get 10 tiffen filters of our choice, Iwas planning to get these after research: - IR ND 1.2 / 1.5 / 1.8 - ND.6 ND.9 soft grad - Black pro mist 1/8 1/4 1/2 - Soft fx 1/2 - 1 + there is this grant where i can chose 6 full rolls or equivalent from LeeFilters that i am applying for. What do you guys recommend as primary to have!? cto, and ctb i think would be sad to have full rolls of! My choices are: 1- OPAL 2-GRID CLOTH 1/4 .. 3- HIGHLIGHT 4- ND 5- + - green. ? Equipment: Red Scarlet Mysterium X, EF mount. Lens given from school : Rokinon I also have the option of renting (POSSIBLY ) either zeiss CP.2 ,Canon Cine primes or Leica R cine mod. Which do you advise?! I really appreciate any feedback! Thank you in advance! Best, Vicken Joulfayan (818)224-9124 Vicken@joulfayan.com
  15. Is there way for someone like me to start using a generator so that I might power an M40 or an Arrisun 60? I love the M18 because I allows me to work with a decent amount of light on a very small budget. I've been shooting commercial projects on a thin budget by running with one M18, a few fluorescent fixtures a great deal of light modifiers. In the states, I believe an M18 is about the most powerful light you can run off a house or office circuit. (If there are more powerful options, I'd love to use them) Is the answer as simple as renting or buying a 6500 watt portable generator or is there more to it?
  16. I'm curious on what kind of output would be necessary to key from a light outside a window into a small (10ft x 12ft) room for a daylight interior setup. This is assuming no direct sunlight or night. Do I need a 12/18K or can I use something like an M90, M40, or even something of lower output?
  17. Hello Guys, I know this has been posted before but I never found a conclusion to it. I've always learnt that you can't restrike/hot-strike HMI bulbs meaning to turn them off and straight back on without blowing the bulb full-stop. Every shoot I've ever been on this has never been the case nor even close to a concern from the DP. They restrike the bulb just 30 seconds after it being shut off even when the bulb has been on for 10-15mins or so, it makes a nasty sound from the bulb trying to re-light but other than that it's fine everytime. So if someone can clarify some questions for me? The term Hot-Strike literally means from striking the bulb when it's HOT HOT, like full temperature hot, then it will blow or not restrike? Does the ballast & bulb actually have a major impact on how safe it is to restrike in reality, not theory. If the top question is true, how long is it best to wait? The higher the wattage = the more heat so the longer the wait? Cheers Guys, will appreciate this.
  18. Good evening, I'm researching lighting purchase options. in addition to HMI. A photographer and videographer contact suggests I go with LED; they are in the running along with LEP. I have my eye on a Joker 200 or 800. Does anyone have an idea on what the typical service and repair costs are (rough estimate or actual)? Thanks, Jesse
  19. Hey guys, I have this job with part day, part night scenes, all exterior, sunny look, but with bad weather on my way. It's a pool party for a fashion film. My budget is not that big, and I have to pick between HMIs or TUNG lights to make all the job. NIght and daylight exterior. Can you send some ideias with your experience? The câmera is a RED EPIC DRAGON. The look of the film is pretty colorfull with a lot of gels and some uv light. Thanks
  20. I currently work with a bunch of tungstens that have been getting the job done. I would like to buy an HMI but they are just so expensive. I would like to spend 1000-1500 for one so I have to choose between buying used or buying one of the cheap ones from China new. My main motivation behind buying an hmi is to be able to light people during the daytime while the sun is out. My two options are: A. to buy this new chinese 1200w hmi for $1240 here There's a video review of a guy who tested it out (embedded in the site) and says that it's worth the money and risk of buying off-brand compared to the more expensive arri brand. B. buy this used Luxarc 1200w mini hmi from craigslist for $1200. (picture attached) The guy claims this light/brand is the workhorse for alot of production houses. I'm not sure if he's telling the truth or not so I wanted to check with you guys So my questions are: 1. Is Luxarc really a trusted more reliable brand? Would you buy a used Luxarc and the risks that come along with used over a new chinese brand and its risks? 2. Do you think the Luxarc would have more light output or would they both be the same? 3. My main purpose is to be able to light people during the day. Do you think 1200w hmi is enough to achieve that or would I need to get higher wattage for that? Thanks
  21. Please check out our NEW LED TRANSLYTES and POWER LEDS at any of our websites, give us a call if your interested in a DEMO of any of our gear! Sales, Rental, Parts, Service and Repairs. Trade-in specials on HMI and Faceted Pars! Open Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm 11078 Fleetwood Street Sun Valley, Ca 91352 818-768-8886 http://sunray-lighting.com http://www.dadcopowerandlights.com http://www.filmgear.net
  22. 2x 4K Arrisun HMI Par HEAD ONLY comes with Doors, Scrim Set ,Lens Case with 4 lenses. The equipment has just been serviced and is in good working condition. - 2 x Head - 2 x Doors - 2 x Case with 4 Lenses, Stipple/ Wide/ Medium /Narrow - 2 x Piece Scrim Set - NO GLOBE - NO BALLAST - NO HEAD FEEDER CABLES - $6800
  23. I was shooting with the phantom 4k at 1000fps all day with HMIs (18k and 6k) on flickerfree ballasts. All was fine until towards the end of the day when they started pulsing. I figured it might be a power surge or something? Anyone experienced this before?
  24. its been a while since i've worked on a show with bigger lights and I have a show tomorrow andn i've been hired as the bb electric. as i've been told so far, we have 1x12k and 2x6k. all the gear belongs to someone else and i didn't get to test anything so i'm just showing up cold. so my question is balancing the loads on 3 phase power. my plan was to put both 6ks on the red/blue legs and the 12k on the blue/black leg. i'm thinking that's correct but if so that technically leaves the blue leg shared between th 3 lights. so isn that not right? also i was told 2 separate runs of cable are being brought so that throws me off. i'm assuming the 12k needs its own run and if it does, is the configuration the same? or does that mean i can balance the 2x6ks on say, red/blue, blue/black and then put the 12k on whatever legs i want to share since its on its own run? this doesn't seem right to me tho since all power is coming from the same plant. anyone care to clarify for me in a basic non technical manner?
  25. I have an upcoming shoot where I want to cast some light through a window to crate a shaft to look like it's coming from a street lamp outside. The windows are quite small (about 5ft tall, 6ft wide) and are frosted with a texture to them. I'm worried about how well the light will travel through them as I don't want it to just distort and glow, I'm after more of a shaft to give us some background and bring the night light into the room. I'm planning on using a 1.2 HMI and rigging it high outside with some atmos in the room, does anyone have experience with this and know if the frost might create problems? Thanks in advance!
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