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Found 50 results

  1. I was wondering if there was any way to convert a C/Y mount to PL mount without a full rehousing. I would love to have a set of MMJ Contax Zeiss lenses in PL mount but so far I haven't seen little to any information regarding this subject. I know it's possible to convert a C/Y mount to M42 so maybe it would be possible to convert it to M2 first, then screw on an M42 to PL adapter which might work on few C/Y lenses but I know for sure the diameter of the particular Contax lenses I want would be too wide to fit inside of the adapter. And I I know It wouldn't be possible to make the flange of the PL mount adapter flush with the flange of the C/Y Mount because the flange focal distance of a C/Y mount needs to be 45.50 mm from the film plane and a PL mount needs to be 52.00mm from the film plane so in theory would need to remove 6.5mm worth of material from the rear of the lens to accommodate for the difference in FFD (Which wouldn't normally be TOO hard), however of course on majority of the C/Y lenses the aperture ring is pretty much right up against the flange of the mount. I guess I could remove the aperture ring but then what? Maybe someone has any input as to how I could possibly pull this off but I believe I've hit a dead end.
  2. Up for sale is the Eclair NPR Super 16mm camera package in great condition. Package comes with these: - Camera converted to Super 16, with a PL Mount & "C" Mount; ground glass re-centered for S16. - Lens converted from its "CA" Mount to PL Mount. - Battery, cable and charger replaced and tested to be fully functional. Items also included: - Angenieux 9.5 / 95mm... 1:2.2 lens PL Mount + sun visor and directional rod. - Protective cover and soundproofing / blimp... for camera. - 2 120meters magazines. - Perfectone motor. - 1 Flight case. - Facsimile of the original instructions for use. The Price is 2550 GBP. Items location is the UK. Camera and lens conversion fully done by Les Bosher; battery, cable and charger with modern components also replaced and tested by him. Camera recently serviced (20th January, 2019), and operation checked by the same camera engineer, it's all ready to shoot. No issues. Images below shows the items that come with the package. Attached Images:
  3. Hey guys, I'm selling a brand new Wooden Camera cage for the BMMCC plus the Wooden Camera PL Mount kit for it. Asking price is 80€ for the cage, 250€ for the adapter or 300€ for everything ! ! ! ! I'm in Italy and I can ship to Europe for fair prices and even WW if needed (postal or UPS). BTW I also have a SpeedBooster for the Pocket and the Micro, Canon EF lens version for sale in another thread.
  4. Zeiss CP.2 Primes (18mm/T3.6, 25mm/T2.9, 85mm/T1.5) + Schneider Cine Xenar 50mm/T2.0 All Lenses in Pristine Condition. Use my zooms mostly, so don't really need these. I've babied this set. - No visible scratches, no dust, no fungus, no cleaning marks. - Includes Pelican 1620 Roll-around case & Cleaning Acs. $9,500 for All - Will NOT split set for now. Maybe later. PayPal OK - Buyer pays fees. PM me for more pics.
  5. used zeiss lwz2 Euro 11.500 very good condition, clean glass, PL mount, caps, case privately owned, no rental located in amsterdam mdb (at) markdeblok.com
  6. For sale are a set of Zeiss Super Speeds Super 16 consisting of: Zeiss Distagon f1.2 / 9.5mm MKII (does cover Super 16) PL mount (metric and imperial) Zeiss Distagon f1.2 / 12mm MKI PL mount (metric and imperial, has additional markings by focus puller on camera tape.) Zeiss Distagon f1.2 / 16mm MKII PL mount (metric and imperial) Zeiss Distagon f1.2 / 25mm MKIII PL mount (metric) All four Super Speeds have just been checked, lens projected and approved by the lens master at Take 2 Films London. I've shot Super 16 mm film test footage and the glass mixes wonderfully. The 25mm especially produces a lovely cinematic bokeh. This is a great set of affordable classic cine prime lenses, ideal for Super 16mm film cameras and RED owners. Or for shooting high speed with a cropped sensor. Also for Panasonic GH3, GH4, GH5, BMPCC, BMCC. The optics are in perfect condition, no scratches, no fungus. The mechanics work very well. Cosmetically the lenses are very good for their age. The 25mm's front ring has a mark, probably caused by a clamp-on matte box. Please check the photos. All lenses come with PL mount and front and back lens covers. Price: £4200 Sterling Ebay listing is here: http://r.ebay.com/U7AnD0
  7. Hello Sorry if it's a silly question but i'm new to all that ... These lenses from this RENTAL STORE are made for 35mm Film cameras ... right ?? (ARRI Master Prime , ZEISS T 1,3 , ZEISS T 2.1, Cooke S4, Cooke Zoom 20-100mm, Ultra Prime) And also are compatible with Cine PL digital cameras like ALEXA, RED, Canon EOS C300PL etc ... Right ?? But according to this chart ... If I want to use a 18mm lens in the way Kubrick it .. it's impossible with the Digital cameras .. Right ?? And the CLOSEST to that is Canon C300 with 99% !! Right ?? So the Canon C300 is better on that point than the high end ALEXA and AMIRA ?!?! And what is the solution to achieve an 100% result ??? Thank you !!
  8. For sale, 24.5mm Elite anamorphic lens. London based very good condition - message me for high res images £17,000
  9. Hey. Selling off the Bosses Schneider Xenon FF 5 Set - 25 - 35- 50 - 75 and 100mm. In pristine Condition. All work perfect with no dust nor scratches. Located in LA for about another week. Thanks and contact me anytime for serious inquires. Looking for $11k cash deal for the quick sale. Thanks 4045667440
  10. Hi, Selling a Kinoptik 9mm f1.5 lens for Super16 in PL mount. Good condition on both optics and mechanics. Looking to get 1000€ including shipping. There's one on Ebay now for 1999 US dollars. I bought it together with other stuff in a package deal and got two of it. The other one has bad mechanics but works so I'm considering keeping that to free up some money. Located in Stockholm, Sweden but will ship world wide if needed. I'll gladly answer any questions and send pictures. Thanks/Kalle
  11. for sale is a Angenieux 15 - 150 f/2.8 PL mount lens in perfect condition. I boguht this lens in November '16 and had it serviced at Cinematechnic LLC. It came with a cobbled up mount and I had it replaced with a Arri/zeiss style PL mount. I used this lens on an Arri sr2 and it gives an amazing image. Here is the ebay link. http://www.ebay.com/itm/252947116134?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 taking offers but really looking for 1400$ shipped
  12. Hey, guys, selling my Red Epic package, here is the link, let me know if you have any questions, cheers http://www.ebay.com/itm/222483796329?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  13. Up for sale is my personal set of Zeiss/Opton Super-speed lenses. Ready to shoot. There are Five (5) Zeiss/Opton Super-speed, super 35mm full frame lenses. They are MkI/MkII glass. All PL mounts. All in near outstanding shape. With 80mm fronts, and follow focus. Recently thoroughly serviced in New York, and available for a check out. They are as follows; 25mm - T1.2 - 11, 35mm - T1.2 - 11, 50mm - T1.3 - 11, 85mm - T1.4 - 11, 135mm - T2.0 - 16 Plus 18mm Lomo wide T1.5 - 22 The last one is a Lomo lens, of very high standard glass. It was bought and added to the Zeiss/Opton set, because the glass was comparable. (The only drawback to this set is that the 18mm Lomo has a 110mm front as opposed to the 80mm fronts of the Zeiss/Opton. Thus an additional matte box.) This make it a six lens set. Front & rear caps and carry case included. $29,500.00 US$ woftam@erols.com email for service report, greater details, and more photos.
  14. LOMO FOTON zoom lens 37-140 f4 PL mount EX+++ for Russian professional 35 mm movie camera Konvas, have OCT-18 mount and PL adapter (included). This lens cover 5K sensor (Msterium X), glass clean and clear. No scratches, no fungus. Excellent condition. Mechanic focus, zoom and aperture is smooth. Installed two ARRI rings 0.8 (focus and zoom). Made in LOMO, USSR S/N:770062 Price: 1000USD+ shipping
  15. Hello, I am wondering if anyone can tell me what mount this could possibly be. I purchased this Angenieux 9.5-57 thinking this was a PL mount, but it's far too small for the opening. Ultimately I would like to use it on my PL mount camera, but if it's not capable I would try to sell it, but knowing the mount type would go a long way for both plans. any help would be appreciated!
  16. For sale set of LOMO primes F = 18/2.5 ,F=22/2 , F = 35 / 2.8 , F = 50/2 , F = 75 /2 , F = 100/2./ All lenses has stainless steel PL mount , ARRI standard focus gear ring , equal 80 mm front with thread for filter 77 mm , front and rear caps ,lenses in excellent condition , recently servised , has no fungus or dirty inside , glass is clean , multicoating fine not damaged https://www.flickr.c...08/22688958796/ Price of set - $ 5100 If you has any questions please contact with me sergastr@list.ru sergastr@yahoo.com
  17. Angenieux Optimo Dp Rouge 16-42mm imperial zoom for $10,500 including Innerspace hard case, a $516 value. It's in excellent condition and has been rarely used. It was purchased a few years ago with the intent of renting it out, but I just don't have the clientele for it and it has sat largely unused. I've used it a few times on personal projects and love the characteristics of this lens, but I can't afford to hang onto it longer. Comes with custom Innerspace hard case. I live in Los Angeles and am happy to demo locally. Or I can ship worldwide at your cost. Can take credit card payment through PayPal for extra 2.9%. cell: 818-six_eight_one-eight_zero_five_two email: stevenyager@gmail.com
  18. I have a rare find Zeiss 10mm Mk2 T*2.1 PL Mount lens available. This lens offers Alexa Mini/Amira 4k Coverage Red Dragon 5k+ Coverage (doesn't starts to vignette till 6k WS) The lens is being fully serviced w/ new front element $12,500 *Pictures for reference only, actual lens currently being serviced
  19. Both lenses purchased / serviced at Visual Products. Both are in excellent condition. The Optex 4mm comes with a hard carrying case. The Angenieux is fitted with a PL mount from Visual Products. I can show footage shot on these lenses per request :) Photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h9so9a2cnrr4gaq/AACgNdHIlGbOv8v7PxkUmb-Da?dl=0 - Optex super cine 4mm (2,500$) - Angenieux 17.5-70 (1,750$) Will accept paypal / can ship anywhere in the US. Thanks, Tanner Pendleton pendleton.tanner@gmail.com 978-340-2012
  20. Looking to slim down my kit! Both items are in perfect working condition and come with original boxes. Happy to answer any questions. Ti PL Mount (captive) - 1,400$ DSMC Side Handle - 600$ Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5k736esx90tsde2/AAC2SFI29Gp42OdZjyHyQTzea?dl=0 Paypal / Can ship anywhere in the US. Tanner Pendleton 978-340-2012 pendleton.tanner@gmail.com
  21. For Sale Arriflex 35BLIII movie camera .Camera used but in excellent condition .Arriflex 35BLIII - 35mm sync sound motion picture camera . Camera and complete of magazines is serviced and now ready for shooting immediately. In set : • Camera body in anvil case • Matte box • 1 Mags 400 ft ( 120 m ) in anvil case • 2 Mags 1000 ft ( 300 m )in anvil case • Right handgrip with function start / stop • 1 x Battery 12V , 7Ah • Charger • Power cable with 4pin XLR connectors for charger • Coiled power cable with 4 pin XLR connectors for camera • Sliding base plate • Short viewfinder • Long viewfinder extender • 2 x 15 mm diameter rods , length 440 mm + Anamorphic viewfinder - conversion from Russian Konvas 2M movie camera viewfinder Price - $ 1800 + shipping For additional question or photos - please contact with me sergastr@list.ru sergastr@yahoo.com Camera located in St.Petersburg , Russia
  22. No Longer Available. Preowned Leica Summilux-C PL Mount Prime Cine Lens 16mm T1.4 Email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and details.
  23. Hey all, I have an Aaton Aminima Super 16mm camera package up for sale. It's in excellent condition and was recently serviced at Abelcine. I'm currently traveling but if anyone is interested I can put together some photos and reference videos when I get home. Here's what's included: - Aaton Aminima - 3x 200' mags - 3x daylight spools - Onboard Aaton side battery - Battery charger - Video tap - Wooden handgrip w/ lemo connector - 15mm rods - Carrying case - I also have a roll of 250D and 50D that I'll toss in as well :) Asking for $5,000 but open to offers. The camera is located in SLC, Utah. Will accept PayPal. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. pendleton.tanner@gmail.com 978-340-2012
  24. Hi, have for sale very good lens, and very rare F80 macro T2.2 Lenses has pl mount! let me know if interested dimaturaev@gmail.com conversiontopl.com
  25. For sale LOMO prime lens F= 75/2 type OKC6-75-1 ser # 900189, lens recently serviced , stainless steell PL mount , ARRI standard Focus gear rings , 80 mm front with thread for filter 77 mm , glass is fine , has not dirty or fungus inside , multicoating fine not damaged , lens has front and rear caps ,lens cover 6K Payment PayPal , Bank wire transfer P.S. - in stock has other lenses with PL mount Price - $ 800 For contacts : sergastr@list.ru sergastr@yahoo.com Below some photos
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