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Found 26 results

  1. Up for sale is the Eclair NPR Super 16mm camera package in great condition. Package comes with these: - Camera converted to Super 16, with a PL Mount & "C" Mount; ground glass re-centered for S16. - Lens converted from its "CA" Mount to PL Mount. - Battery, cable and charger replaced and tested to be fully functional. Items also included: - Angenieux 9.5 / 95mm... 1:2.2 lens PL Mount + sun visor and directional rod. - Protective cover and soundproofing / blimp... for camera. - 2 120meters magazines. - Perfectone motor. - 1 Flight case. - Facsimile of the original instructions for use. The Price is 2550 GBP. Items location is the UK. Camera and lens conversion fully done by Les Bosher; battery, cable and charger with modern components also replaced and tested by him. Camera recently serviced (20th January, 2019), and operation checked by the same camera engineer, it's all ready to shoot. No issues. Images below shows the items that come with the package. Attached Images:
  2. Bright Tangerine VIV Kit 2 (3-Stage) Carbon Mattebox with Accessories Located in Gothenburg, Sweden In excellent condition. See pictures: https://bit.ly/2EZw2HI DETAILS: Bright Tangerine VIV Kit 2 (3-Stage) Carbon Mattebox: 1x VIV Core 1 2x Rotating 4x5.65" Filter Stages 1x Fixed 4x5.65" Filter Stage 3x 4x5.65” Filter Trays Accessories: 2x VIV / VIV 5"- Carbon Fibre Bottom/Top Flag with Dual Variable Side Wings 2x Carbon Side Flags, Inc Flag Mounts with Variable Side Wing 1x VIV and VIV 5 Swing Away Kit : inc Production Swing Away Core 15mm Lightweight arm and VIV dovetail bracket. 1x 15mm LWS Bracket 1x 19mm Studio Bracket 1x Anti Reflective Filter Tilt Control - A.R.F 30 Degrees of Freedom 1x Viv / Viv 5" Filter Guard Safety Lock 1x 150 -143 mm Donut Adaptor Ring 1x 143 mm Rubber Donut - 114 mm with Metal Threaded Ring. Fitted with Retaining Ring for 138mm Round Filters 1x 143 mm Black Hole Donut - Diameter 58mm - 143mm. Conical shaped for lenses that travel - upto 2".Ring for 138mm Round Filter. 1x 114 mm - 110 mm Threaded Adaptor Ring 1x 114 mm - 95 mm Threaded Adaptor Ring 1x 150- 110 mm Clamp on Ring 1x French Flag Bracket with Five 3/8" Threaded Mounting Points for Monitors and Cine Tape 5x Hard Mattes (18-20, 24-28, 32-40, 50-75, 85-180) PRICE 2300EUR (3460EUR new) PAYMENT PayPal or cash in hand Buyer pays shipping, PayPal and custom fees, if any. PICTURES https://bit.ly/2EZw2HI
  3. Can anyone recommend a good matte box for my C100 camera? I’ve seen tons of videos about them, but I’m still lost as to which box to pick.
  4. Arri MB-16 4x4 Matte box for 19mm rods s/n 1026 H-C Selling Price $2000. Has two 4x4/4x5.65 trays including one rotating, geared tray. Also one 4.5” Round filter can be used in the rear rotating reflex ring/bellows. The matte box has a Swing Away arm to allow for faster and easier lens changes. Most Super 35 format primes as wide as 18mm will clear the box. Many S-35mm format zooms will clear. Includes: 2- 4x4 trays 1- 4x5.65 geared tray 1- Geared tray grad filter adjustment whip 1- 80mm to 4.5” reflex ring w/retaining ring 1- 87mm to 4.5” reflex ring w/retaining ring 1- 95mm to 4.5” reflex ring w/retaining ring 1- Barn door set, top and two side wings. They can be locked into precise position. 1- French flag holder 5- Hard Masks 1- Mask box case 1- ATA style case for matte box and accessories 10”x14”x21”, 26lbs total weight of package.
  5. $2,500 O.B.O. Great 4x5.65 lightweight studio (swing-away) matte box for sale. In good condition. I know a few top-level ACs who prefer the MB-19 over the MB-18 or MB-20. This can mount on 15mm LWS rods, or with the included adapter, on 19mm studio rods. If you want to use with 15mm studio rods, you'd just need to pick up that adapter: K2.66040.0. Includes two 4x5.65 filter trays and it can hold a 138mm filter in the rear. Front horizontal tray holds either a 4x4 or 4x5.65 filter and rear vertical 4x5.65 filter tray is rotatable, great for positioning a grad filter just right on the horizon. Eyebrow and side brows included. Rubber bellows for 110mm included. Also included is plastic adapter to reduce 114mm to 80mm, but you'd need to buy Arri K2.52204.0 in order to use that. But then you'd also have a 114mm option. Case is a bit worn but foam is generally fine. Included hard shipping case has a small impact point near a corner (pictured in linked flickr album). Here are ten high-res pictures: https://flic.kr/s/aHskvKPSRB An excellent pdf technical resource for this matte box can be downloaded here: http://www.arri.com/camera/pro_camera_accessories/products/matte_boxes/studio_matte_boxes/studio_matte_box_mb_19/downloads/ Just click on: 29 May 2017 8.6.0 Matte Box MB-19 4x5.65 Download (pdf, 352 KB) I'm located in Brooklyn, NY. Thanks for looking.
  6. Vocas MB-430 matte box with LW15 swing away mount, fabric donut, and French flag kit. Originally close to $3k. The matte box has been treated very gently and is in excellent shape - very few signs of use. It fits up to three 4" x 5.65" (Panasvision) sized filters. $1500. PM me to purchase it.
  7. Hello, Selling Bright Tangerine Viv Kit 2: 4 x 5.65" 3 Stage Matte Box with Top Flag & Flag Mount & Three Horizontal Trays Also Includes: Bright Tangerine Viv and Viv 5 Swing Away Kit with 15mm Lightweight Arm Bright Tangerine 150-87 Clamp-On Ring Total Retail Value: $2,500. We are offering all the items for $1,700. Like New Condition. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  8. Hello... Arri Master Primes lenses and Arri Alura Fujinon Zoom including all accessoires for sale! Super Price: $77,000USD Email: info@funecycle.com Here the list: Arri Alura Zoom Fujinon 18-80mm T2.6 Arri Master Primes 25mm T1.3 Arri Master Primes 35mm T1.3 Arri Master Primes 50mm T1.3 Arri Follow Focus FF5-HD for 15mm rods Short rods (12 niches) 2X Long rods (18 inches) 2X Arri Focus Lever (Speed crank) Arri 13,5" Follow Focus Whip W. Knob Arri flexible shift short (300mm) Arri LS-10 Alura 18-80 lens support MB-18 Production Matte box 3 stages filters 4 X 5,6.5 2 stages filters 4 X 5.65 4 Tiffen filtres ND .3, .9, 1.2, polarizer MB-18 shade box Set of marks 35mm Aluminium case for Arri Alura 18-80 Aluminium case for the set of 3 master primes Aluminium case for MB-18 complete kit. Here links for pictures: https://app.box.com/s/is4okbcijss0hx5xd9qa5htzixe25ued https://app.box.com/s/uc9f9nccw9r9x8e9okrupgcan6colpgl https://app.box.com/s/oeu3t9s62w28m2zejtw66t6bbsuqte8t https://app.box.com/s/9kyp03vayl7slg58t3tcugickhh4u9hm https://app.box.com/s/j52gnihc1svrle1j4plfuvzchcqhuqp7 https://app.box.com/s/k34tjil5si3q0jfwbkaex1l3gdmvr89k https://app.box.com/s/pqe2rvdr3pivlpbbrr7xjbrd9fxe1grf https://app.box.com/s/ehk5v2drogl7e3bzh6sj43pt09halxt7 https://app.box.com/s/qk13s3skb85qp8n4t00oy2ar9eekm60g
  9. Selling my Arri MMB-1 Matte Box for 15mm rods. Willing to sell with or without the 4.5" rotatable belows and 114-80mm reduction ring. This is the side load version of the Arri MMB-1. In addition to the matte box, this package includes: • Arri 4.5" rotatable bellows filter ring (accepts 4.5" round filters, ideal for polarizers) • Arri 114mm-80mm screw in reduction ring which screws directly into the bellows (the 80mm size fits perfectly on lenses with an 80mm lens diameter. Many Duclos cine-mod lenses come with the 80mm ring attached to standardize all of their lenses) • Top flag - This is not the Arri brand top flag, but it has been machined to fit perfectly with the matte box About the Arri MMB-1 • 2x side load 4x5.650 filter trays • Rotatable rear filter tray • Accepts top and side flags • Works with 15mm LW rods or can be clamped onto lenses Matte Box with Bellow and Reduction Ring: $1000.00 Matte Box only: $800 Available for local pu in Brooklyn NY
  10. Hi everyone. I recently purchased an Arriflex Super16 SR-II and I am now looking for the following accessories: -ARRI 4x4 Swing-Away Matte Box -ARRI Lightweight Support (preferably with the 15mm rods) -ARRI Hand-grip If you have any or all of these items for sale, please PM me. Thanks a lot.
  11. For sale is a VERY comprehensive Bright Tangerine VIV package. The package includes: VIV 3 stage core 15mm LW swing away module 15mm LW rod mount 19mm studio adapter 138mm filer holder w/ 114mm bellows 80mm screw in reduction ring top flag side flags clamp on rings in 114mm, 110mm, 95mm, 87mm and 80mm set of hard mattes cine tape rail mount PHOTOS HERE Also included (not pictured) is a set of Bright Tangerine aluminum rods with the Forx extensions. The Forx are cut away rods that allow the rods to clear the rotating stages while using the 15mm LW rod mount. Everything is in perfect working order and is very well taken care of. This is my personal kit and has never been rented. New this kit would cost over $4200. I am asking $3300. If you live in Los Angeles and want to see it in person, let me know. NORTH AMERICAN SALES ONLY PLEASE. Email me if interested. Thanks!
  12. Hi there, I'm looking to buy used the next items: - PL mount. (Like wooden camera) - 1 or 2 Magic Arms like Noga for the LCD monitor and the second monitor. - Matte Box - Like Tangerine ViV level. - ND Filters 4x4.56 - 15mm Rods - Follow Focus + Rings - LLO OLPF You can send me models, pics, quotes. I'm located in Los Angeles. Thanks Guillermo 310-658-133 gpolofilms@gmail.com
  13. This is a brand new Tiffen T1 IR filter meant to be used with cameras that face far red IR contamination when used with ND filters (Sony, Arri, Blackmagic Design). This filter is new and in factory condition with absolutely no defects, however the mylar bag has been cut open - the filter was never actually used or mounted in a matte box. Delivery includes the original factory packaging, including the protective cover. Local pickup is available in SoCal. $150+shipping - This is half price! PM me or reply to this thread to inquire about purchasing the filter. http://provideocoalition.com/aadams/aadams/story/tiffens_goes_into_production_on_t1_far_red_filter/ http://provideocoalition.com/aadams/story/arri_alexa_and_far_red_a_problem_thats_already_been_solved/
  14. Hey everyone! This is a continuation of the thread where I was asking for some ideas on how to filter my 9mm lens since the matte box was showing in the field of view. Please see the original thread (http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=65936&hl=) as the suggestions and information contributed were quite helpful! (Thanks to Gregg, Miguel & Dennis.) DISCLAIMER: I haven't shot anything using this set-up yet, but it looks like it will get the job done. I am always hesitant to post any kind of tutorial, but I think this is pretty neat! So here's the solution I came up with :) ... Items required: -Alligator clips -Household pull-string with tassel at end -Gaffer's tape My first concern is always keeping all of my equipment in excellent condition. It was obvious that I would need to place the filter directly in front of my 9mm Cooke lens, but I really didn't want to put any kind of tape on the filter itself. So... 1- Fold 2 very small pieces of gaffer's tape onto each side of the filter with the non-adhesive sides touching the filter. These pieces act as a cushion so that the alligator clips never touch the surface of the filter. 2- Attach the alligator clip to the upper right-hand corner of the filter. 3- Put the pull-string through the circular notch on the front of the camera until it reaches the tassel. Tape the beaded end of the of the pull-string to the circular end of the alligator clip. This is your first fastener. 4- Pull the string back so that the filter is close to the lens and the tassel falls to the bottom of the camera on the left-hand side. Repeat steps 1 & 2, then tape the tassel end of the pull-string to the second alligator clip on the lower left-hand corner of the filter. This is your second fastener. 5- At this point, you may need to start attaching some gaffer's tape - first to the pull-string & then to the camera - for some tension. 6- Repeat steps 1 & 2, and attach the third (and final) alligator clip to the lower right-hand corner of the filter. This is your third fastener and it is a "floating clip" in that it does not get attached to the pull-string. Put gaffer's tape on the circular end of the alligator clip and attach it to the right-hand side of the camera. 7- Adjust for tension as needed. You should still have the ability to adjust the f-ring. Here are some pictures of the final product! Sorry I didn't take any step-by-step pictures, but I hope this helps for anyone with the same issue! It may not look sexy, but it seems like a pretty good rig for $5.00. Thanks for reading and comments/critiques are always welcome! Happy New Year!
  15. Hi everyone. I'm trying to get some shots with a 9mm Cooke lens I have for my Arri S/B, I'd like to put some filtration in front of it. The problem is that, due to the wide field of view, I'm still getting the interior of the matte box on the edges of the picture frame. I'm trying to figure out how to rig something but I thought I'd put my query up here since I know others have run into and dealt with this before. Thanks in advance for any help.
  16. Attached are several photos of my ARRI SR3 16MM Camera Package. These items are for sale as a package OR my be sold separately. See pricing included, OBO. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks, Roland
  17. Hello all, I've just bought myself an Arri SR3 advanced. I'm now looking to buy: Matte box, that can take 100x100mm or 100x125mm or 100x150mm filters. Something like this Truelens Kestrel would suit: http://www.truelens.co.uk/index.php?webpage=product_detail.php&product_id=72697&cID=20213 Up to £150 Soft grad 0.6 filter - 100x100mm or 100x125mm or 100x150mm. Up to £80 Suitable tripod with video head. Up to £500 Please get in touch if you have any of these items within my price range. Many thanks, Greg
  18. Eching, Germany - Sachtler, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec group company, has announced the release of a new range of premium camera support gear - the Ace Accessories - to complement the established Ace product range. Ace Accessories include the Ace Base Plate, Ace Follow Focus and Ace Matte Box, and can be bought individually or as a package. The height adjustable base plate provides the platform for the other two accessories to be attached to a tripod using industry-standard 15mm rods. The Ace Follow Focus enables camera operators to manipulate the focus point of photo or cine lenses without having to touch the lens barrel directly, bringing added accuracy and efficiency to shooting. The follow focus operates backlash free, and is characterized by its versatility, making it ideal for professional video applications. Operators can change the direction of the drive gear mechanism, as well as easily set the hard stops - merely by pressing one or two buttons. This makes it user-friendly and particularly useful for on-the-fly shooting environments. The Ace Matte Box can be used to minimize unwanted lens flare and provides housing for up to two standard-sized filters for the 4x4 and 4x4.56 variants. The matte box has been designed to support a range of DSLR and professional video cameras, such as the Canon 5D. It features an adjustable top and side flags, two filter stages (one rotating), four filter frames, two different sized donuts, one gear wheel and a friction drive wheel, as well as a rear clamping interface. "The new rig features the same robustness and reliability that customers expect from Sachtler products and has been designed drawing on the experience held within Vitec Videocom. The range specifically addresses the gap that exists in the market for support gear that is both high quality and economical. I am confident in saying it will be the best value for money package in the industry at the moment," says Tobias Keuthen, global brand manager, Sachtler. The Ace Accessories are compatible with other brands - including Anton/Bauer batteries that can be mounted in the base plate rods, and Litepanels products, such as the Croma compact LED fixture that can be mounted to the matte box. The range will be officially launched at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas where it will be demonstrated at stand C6025. # About Sachtler Sachtler, founded in 1958 by cameraman Wendelin Sachtler, is a worldwide market leader for professional camera support systems for cinematography and television production, its name a symbol of top quality and reliability for decades. With an extensive range of premium camera support systems, Sachtler is the highly qualified partner for broadcast, documentary, film and pro-video applications. Since 2000 Sachtler has been offering the artemis modular camera stabilizer system. With its numerous workshops and training sessions, the Wendelin Sachtler Academy has become a top address worldwide for invaluable know-how and the exchange of information, creating the ideal international platform for creative talents. Along with other leading brands in the broadcast and professional videographer industry, Sachtler is part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company. For more information on Sachtler, visit www.sachtler.com. About Vitec Videocom Vitec Videocom brings together some of the most respected, most innovative and most sought-after brands in the industry: Anton/Bauer, Autoscript, Litepanels, OConnor, Petrol, Sachtler, Vinten and Vinten Radamec. It acts as an endorsing brand for these market-leading broadcast, film and pro video products, encouraging multi-brand system sales and simplifying the way that customers worldwide do business. Vitec Videocom is an operating division within the Vitec Group, an international business serving customers in the broadcast, photographic and military aerospace and government markets. Vitec is based on strong, well known, premium brands on which its customers rely on worldwide. Vitec Videocom - innovative products around the camera. Media Contact: ignite strategic communications 818.980.3473 Stacey Humphrey stacey@ignite.bz
  19. Excellent condition Matte Box for sale. Contact Rebecca 206.251.9526 MATTE BOX (see page 43-49) ARRI PRODUCTION MATTE BOX 4 X 4 MB-16 PACKAGE 1 - ARRI MB-16 4 X 4 Matte Box (19mm) 1 - ARRI MB-16 Arm (19mm) 1 - ARRI MB-16 Step Down Bellows 1 - ARRI MB-16 138mm Retaining Ring 1 - ARRI MB-16 80mm Step Down Ring 1 - ARRI MB-16 87mm Step Down Ring 1 - ARRI MB-16 2-Stage Filter Holder 2 - ARRI MB-16 4 X 4 Filter Tray 1 - ARRI MB-16 4 X 4 Eyebrow ARRI MB-16 HARD MATTE SET(5) 12-180MM PACKAGE 1 - ARRI MB-16 Matte 16mm/12mm 1 - ARRI MB-16 Matte 16mm/16-20mm 1 - ARRI MB-16 Matte 16mm/24-28mm 1 - ARRI MB-16 Matte 16mm/32-40mm 1 - ARRI MB-16 Matte 16mm/50-180mm ARRI 19MM SUPPORT PACKAGE 1 - ARRI Sliding Base Plate BP16 (19mm) 1 - ARRI Dove Tail (19mm) 1 - ARRI Support Rod 9.5” (19mm) 1 - ARRI Support Rod 17" (19mm) ARRI ROAD CASE ARRI Accessory Case 22" X 5" X 10" 4 X 4 PRODUCTION MATTE BOX MB-16 The standard equipment of the 4" x 4" production matte box MB-16 includes a 2x filter stage for two rotatable 4" x 4" push-through filters. One of the filter frames is toothed for operation by turning knob or flexible shaft. At the rear of the filter stage there is a receptacle for 4 1/2" filter rings and for an anti-reflection ring. The 2x filter stage can be interchanged against other filter stages. For easy lens changing the matte box swings open 90°.
  20. Arri SR3 16mm Film Camera Package Available - located in Seattle, Washington. Arri SR3 Camera Package Please contact me with any questions 206.605.0510. Roland Morgan
  21. Hey all, One more item I'm looking to part with sadly. If anyone is in the market for this package, or perhaps one of the individual items, let me know and I can arrange a deal. $14,440.00 USD ARRI PRODUCTION MATTE BOX 4 X 4 MB-16 PACKAGE 1 - ARRI MB-16 4 X 4 Matte Box (19mm) 1 - ARRI MB-16 Arm (19mm) 1 - ARRI MB-16 Step Down Bellows 1 - ARRI MB-16 138mm Retaining Ring 1 - ARRI MB-16 80mm Step Down Ring 1 - ARRI MB-16 87mm Step Down Ring 1 - ARRI MB-16 2-Stage Filter Holder 2 - ARRI MB-16 4 X 4 Filter Tray 1 - ARRI MB-16 4 X 4 Eyebrow ARRI MB-16 HARD MATTE SET(5) 12-180MM PACKAGE 1 - ARRI MB-16 Matte 16mm/12mm 1 - ARRI MB-16 Matte 16mm/16-20mm 1 - ARRI MB-16 Matte 16mm/24-28mm 1 - ARRI MB-16 Matte 16mm/32-40mm 1 - ARRI MB-16 Matte 16mm/50-180mm ARRI 19MM SUPPORT PACKAGE 1 - ARRI Sliding Base Plate BP16 (19mm) 1 - ARRI Dove Tail (19mm) 1 - ARRI Support Rod 9.5” (19mm) 1 - ARRI Support Rod 17" (19mm) ARRI ROAD CASE ARRI Accessory Case 22" X 5" X 10" 4 X 4 PRODUCTION MATTE BOX MB-16 The standard equipment of the 4" x 4" production matte box MB-16 includes a 2x filter stage for two rotatable 4" x 4" push-through filters. One of the filter frames is toothed for operation by turning knob or flexible shaft. At the rear of the filter stage there is a receptacle for 4 1/2" filter rings and for an anti-reflection ring. The 2x filter stage can be interchanged against other filter stages. For easy lens changing the matte box swings open 90°.
  22. Selling Vocas MB-450 Matte Box Kit with added side flag kit, top flag and externally operated eyebrows It comes with two fully rotatable 5,65”x5,65” filter trays as well as one fixed 4”x5.65” tray. It also features a rigid compartment in the front end of the matte box that can house either a matte, a fourth filter frame or the new patented tilt filter unit. A 16:9 matte and three filter frames are included with the base MB-450 set. INCLUDED · MB-450 Mattebox · 510mm wide foldable carbon fibre top flag #0430-0002 · 1pc. Filter holder 121 mm wide 4"x5,65" #0410-0001 · 1pc. Filter holder 150 mm wide combo 4"x4" / 4"x5,65" horizontal #0410-0002 · 1pc. Filter holder 150 mm wide combo 5,65"x5,65" / 4"x5,65" Vertical #0410-0003 · 1pc. mask (16:9) 1pc. hinged top flag #0430-0002 · Side flag kit (barndoors) · Rubber donut set New everything was just over $4K. This is in excellent condition and has only been used a few times. Asking $2200 obo Please email my assistant Deb at bigdreamsdeb@gmail.com with any questions or offers. Thanks Scott Snare
  23. Can one put a matte box on: a K3, Kinor 16mm and/or Scoopic MS? Do I need to know a particular thread size. Forgive me if this is a dumb question Also can one load short ends that are under 400ft into a 400ft magazine, so say for example a 290ft short end into a 400ft magazine?
  24. All film tested and fully functioning with crystal clear lenses: Braun Nizo 6080 Matte Box Cased Kit £250 GB Pounds Bolex 5122 £150 GB Pounds Elmo 1012 S-XL £150 GB Pounds Payment by PayPal plus actual shipping cost will be added (please ask for quote).
  25. 4x5.65 BIRNS & SAWYER Studio MB-130 Matte Box Good condition, each filter stage rotates. Used with 15mm mini rods, though attachment is bolted on and could be modified to work with studio 15mm or 19mm rods. All items included sold retail for $2600. Includes the following: • Case • MB-130 matte box • Reduction rings - 80, 85, 86, 95, 105 • Metal shade $1150 + shipping PICTURES AND MORE INFO: http://www.16mmdirectory.org/marketplace_items/96 Contact a@alainletourneau.com
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