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  1. I was hoping someone could explain to me how the drive system on a platter works, pertaining to the film speed. Obviously, as the film empties off of one platter, it has to turn slower. What adjusts the motor to keep it turning at the appropriate speed so the film doesn't unravel onto the floor?
  2. Hello guys, I have a very stupid question, haha. I will have a interview shoot next week, and it will be my first time working with projector. So I have some question regarding working with projector, fist of all, would I be able to use projector as my KEY light? Second of all, what should I be aware of working with projector? (I am worry about the flicker) Third of all, I do not know if I could use projector as my FILL light and have my own lighting unit play as KEY light? Guys please share with me some of your experience working with projector!! Thank you so much for taking time read m
  3. Can anyone please help me identify a two (round) pin (plus earth 'flange') connector on an RCA Holywood cine projector. The plug (though the plug contains copper pin sockets) has Nettle T80120 written on it. The plug is 120/240v and there is one socket on the projector (with copper pins) as well as earth 'blocks'. There is also a transformer with a plug (bakelite-falling apart) and I also need another plug (to standard three pin uk plug) to plug into the transformer to provide 240v. For images of the socket and the plug, please see: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XC-CEt4hgsNr
  4. WTB Lens test projector. One that can accepts both PL and EF mounts. Please email pricing and details to sales@broadcastsolutions.com.
  5. The goal is to recreate the classic/cheesy effect of driving in a stationary car but projecting a moving background environment behind the car so it looks like he's driving. http://pics.imcdb.org/784/electionprojectionmercedes.jpg I'm going to shine a projector on a white cyc wall behind the car and do mainly frontal shots. Any reccomendations on specifically which projector I should rent for this? Model name? If not, approx. how many lumens should the projector be to match the brightness of the background in the photo above? I'm sure rear projection through some type of glass is what
  6. Hello, I have a commercial shoot coming up where our actor will be next to a projector pointing at charts and graphs. I have questions about shooting the projector. Here they are... Is their a specific type of projector that would be better to shoot? DLP? LCD LED? Should I get the brightest option? What would that be? If I'm exposing for the projector would that require more output from our production lights? We are in a high rise office building with an open floor plan and fluorescent overheads. We are limited to house power. We will mostly use Kinos and maybe small HMI's?
  7. there's a typo in the title i don't seem to be able to fix. "screws" not "screens." this is for a bell and howell 346a projector. it seems that lots of people have this problem for a few different bell and howell models, and it looks like kits including news spindles used to be sold. but now only the replacement screws are available anywhere that i can find. so these nylon screws are broken off in the spindle. if i can get them out i'm good. anyone have a trick for getting them out? thanks!
  8. Hey everyone, I was hoping I might find someone here who has experience with a Bell & Howell 2585 projector. A few months ago, I took my K-3 for a spin, shot a roll of film and had it printed. Long story short, I had a different Bell and Howell projector at the time that I put a lot of effort into fixing so that I could watch my test roll, but eventually discovered what was really wrong with it; a cracked worm gear. So some time passed and I still wasn't able to watch my film, which was very frustrating. Eventually I ordered a Bell and Howell 2585 projector off of Ebay that was I
  9. New member here. I have been given an old Hanimex Super 8 Zoom projector, but cannot understand how the film is actually supposed to be projected, the spools are not in the right place for the film to pass between the light and the lens... Please see the photos below... Also, if anyone spots anything else I've done wrong, please let me know! (I know the film is loose in most of the shots, I just put it there for show)
  10. This is a Very Nice Eumig Mark S 810D High Quality Sound Super 8 and Regular 8 Projector wich includes the Rear Projection Adapter. These projectors are getting harder and harder to find especially in this good condition. I'm selling them together for $275. Plus Shipping. The Projector is by itself is $225 and you can buy the Rear Projection Adapter by itself for $125 if you want it. Everything is in Excellent Condition. Both Super 8 and Regular 8 Gates and Sprocket Gear Sets are included. Working Bulb. This is one of the Best Super 8 Projectors made. If you're looking for a project
  11. Ok, I'm new to super 8, but I'm learning something new everyday. You guys have been a tremendous help. I do not own a projector, but I'm in the process of getting one. I currently own 2 cameras. I own the Nizo 561 Macro and a Kodak Brownie model 2. Both are in near mint condition. I have yet to use either camera. I foresee using the Nizo much more than the Kodak, though. Still, I've been looking into getting a projector that will play both super 8 and standard 8mm film. I want something small and inexpensive, but still good quality. A part of me, however, wants to get a projector that only pla
  12. For sale is a CHRISTIE CP2000X DLP Cinema HD-2K Projector and Christie 7 KW Ballast. The machine is in good working condition and free of technical defects. We can also service your projector. Contact for more details, picture is reference only. Price $13,000.
  13. Hello all, I'm brand new here. This seems to be the premier place on the 'Net to ask for help from people in the know, so I'm coming to you guys with a problem to see if anyone can help :) The problem. All films I successfully project have a horizontal 'split screen' effect that makes it impossible to capture them digitally. (excuse the poor photo - hopefully it shows the problem well enough) The background. I have a bag of mostly Super-8 films inherited from both grandfathers, and am in the process of trying to digitise them. I'm trying to do it myself as a] I'd l
  14. Hi, Can someone help please, I'm looking for parts for a Hanimex Cine Film Projector. Model is a Dual Matic IQ 1000 however any make or model would good to start with. Thank you
  15. For sale: Technicolor super 8 projector. This projector is compact in size and very simple to use. I have tested the projector and everything is working on this unit. It has very minor wear and engravings on the top of the projector and the side of the lens. The projector uses special cartridges allowing the projector to continuously loop the film (holds up to 4 mins. of film). Perfect for films you want to loop in a display set up, without having to rewind the film. I have 2 cartridges I will be including with the projector. Projector weighs about 12 lbs. (5.4 kg). Asking $35.00 US plus s
  16. Asking 55k Cinema Lens, 1.45-1.8:1 Anamorphic Lens 1.25x w/motorized mount Lamp 3kW, short arc Light output 12,000 cinema lumens Digital MicroMirror Device™ 3 x 1.2” dark metal type Advanced DLP Cinema™ signal processing: CineCanvas™ image management; CinePallette™ color management, CineBlack™ contrast management and CineLink™ security management Native resolution 2048 x 1080 Housing Hermetically sealed DMD™ and optical assembly Screen Width Screen width (screen gain 1:8) @ 14ftL: 17m - 55ft adjustable l
  17. FOR SALE Bollex S221 Sound Projector 16 mm OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Cover closed: 20 1/2" x 11" x 17"; Cover removed, with reels: 25 1/2" x 17" x 31" WEIGHT: Approximately 55 lbs. CONSTRUCTION: Cast aluminum; Two-tone grey finish; Carrying handle; Detachable cover lid with built-in 8" speaker; Illuminated controls. REEL CAPACITY: Accommodates up to 2000 ft reels. Top reel arm folds downward for storage. THREADING: Simple manual threading with pushbutton sprockets; Engraved diagrams illustrate the path for threading sound or silent film. POWER: 110 V, 50/60 Hz LAMP: 110 V 750 or 1000 Watt
  18. I'm shooting a person with images being projected on them by a Epson 8350 Digital Projector. I want to shoot at a high frames per second (120fps) or a high as I can get a way with... The problem is the viewfinder and monitors show an unwatchable bad amount of pulsing light flicker. Does any one have any advice on how to do slow motion with a projector light in the shot and on a subject to mitigate or preferably all together stop flicker/pulsing light look?
  19. Hi everyone, I am about to film a hitchcock style film this week which involves a rear projection in a studio. I am currently using a Panasonic PT-D3500E projector and the Arri D21 with a shutter angle of 180 degrees. I have noticed in tests that there is a severe flickering/phasing issue that I would like to fix. Does anyone know how to get around this, do I need to experiment with different shutter angles or perhaps a different projector, ours is a 1 chip DLP projector, I wonder if LCD or 3 chip DLP would help? Thank you James P.s. if you would like to see an example of what
  20. Hey guys! Quick question (which i'm sure won't have any concrete answer).... I've edited together a short super-8 loop which i'll be projecting at an Art exhibition. The exhibition will be running from Wednesday till Saturday. So the projector will technically have to be running for at least, on average, 4 hours a day, non-stop. The projector itself is a Eumig Mark 502D. Does this sound possible? What sort of issues would one predict I might encounter? Bulb blowing? Film getting too hot and melting? I DIY telecined the loop - so I do have a digital back up which I could project if all fail
  21. Hello there, I am a novice to the world of Super 8 film and have recently purchased two projectors. I have some questions relating to these projectors and hope someone out there might be interested in helping me out with a few things. Bell & Howell Autoload 461a Super 8 Projector While film appears to load and run through the projector as intended, the projected image is scattered and jittery to the point of not being able to make out what is being shown in the film. When the lever is switched to Still, the image is clear and clean and in focus. However, once switched back to F
  22. I am shooting in a studio with some soft HMI lighting, using only a 1.2K and a 2.5K, both with diffusion or bounced for a gently-lit daylight look. Shooting against a 35' white cyc, with the subject 15' away from the cyc. We want to light the cyc and subject separately with projected color fx images. Any idea on how much lumens we should be looking for in a projector?
  23. Never heard of that brand. Anybody knows about them? Are they any good? Thanks!
  24. Thought you guys might like this Super 8mm music video from Northern Ireland singer-songwriter Robyn G Shiels
  25. Hi, I am about to shoot a short movie with the Red Scarlet. Prior to that, we will shoot some 8mm footage. During one scene, a character is going to start a super 8mm projector and then go in front of it (in the projected image) and interact with the character from the super 8mm footage. I am aware of the "scanning line" problem due to the rolling shutter of the Scarlet. My solution was to film the super 8mm footage with a non-rolling shutter camera. (I believe it is the cheap alternative to a scan) And then cheat the projection with a digital projector, pretending it comes from
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