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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! This is the trailer. Will be glad any reviews. https://vimeo.com/193785050
  2. Hey guys, So as most of these post start out, my budget is slim to none. Now that that aspect is out there. Im DPing a short that takes place in a car at night. the two characters in the car are being followed because of something they have and they are trying to get away from whoever is following them. Thats where the "chase" aspect comes into play. Its no James Bond chase scene but need to feel like they are trying to ditch the car following them. The short is only 5 mins long and will take place half in urban/city area but they head to a more deserted beach area. The picture attcahed is the tunnels location we will shoot EXT shots of the cars driving out of the city. So for all the shots of the two actors in the hero car we would have to mimic the lighting to match what our location offers, multiple sodium vapor lights overhead. My biggest question is how I could go about shooting this section of the film to achieve the following... 1. See the actual tunnel when we have shots looking out windows (rear window, side windows, and front windows) 2. Match the lighting of the tunnel as they pass through. Theres the green screen option where we could shoot the scene. Then take those camera setting (lens, focal length, height etc) and then shoot plates. I feel there is alot of room for error with this option We rent a car trailer from uhaul and rig everything and shoot it practically that way. (cant afford a process trailer) Only issue here is the budget is so small i dont think they could get the permits for such a thing, feel like they could get in trouble having actors in a car on a trailer without proper permission, permits, police escorts, etc Lastly we have the actors actually drive the car through this area rig cameras to the car and have them drive safe and we sell the chase part in the edit. Sounds the easiest but biggest worry is safety. There are alot of factors with shooting car stuff. I appreciate you guys taking the time to read this and help out!! Cheers!!
  3. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I hope that this will be a good place to get constructive feedback on different projects that I work on, as well as being able to learn and improve. I recently shot a short film (I'm also the director and the editor) it was a one day shoot, pretty much no budget. So far feedback on the film itself has been very positive. I've put together a little trailer to represent it online but I'm not sure if the trailer is hitting the mark, here it is: http://vimeo.com/86390189 The feedback on the film so far is that no one can tell or predict what the story is about until the end of the film, everyone who's seen it says they are surprised by the ending, which I believe is good, but it would be hard for you to get that if you haven't seen it. The lead actress said to me that people who she's shown the trailer to say it's nice but that they don't understand the story, I say that's a good thing, because if you understand what the film is all about just from the trailer then there's no point in seeing it, if the trailer makes you ask "What is this about?" then you will probably want to sit and watch it, but if you say "Oh I get it, this is just like X movie or Y movie" then maybe it's not as intreguing to see it, if you understand my point... Maybe I'm getting to long winded. In any case all I really want to ask is, does this trailer make you want to see the film?
  4. A modern adaptation of the classic three little pigs tale. Three estranged brothers are reunited by the tragic passing of their uncle and inheritance of his countryside home, becoming the target of a shady pack of wolves willing to take it at any cost. Shot an ultra low budget during the weekends of Feb and March. I'm just hoping for some feedback from peers. Please let me know good or bad your thoughts. Thanks Bob Dodd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TxkTWtFWdY
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