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Which 2/3 inch lenses breathes least?

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Hey there friends,


We should really have our own section for lenses. Don't you think?


Anyhow, I've been searching for the tv zoom lenses that breathes the least. So far I think Fujinon exceeds Canon on this subject. But there are several other brands out there. Do you have any thouhgts on this and which brand do you prefer?

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Both Fujinon & Canon made an ENG & Cine-style HD zoom that breathes less than their others, but I can never remember the name, something in the 7.5-150mm-ish range, like the others. It's confusing -- I always have to ask either a Fujinon or Canon rep which lens it is, or the rental house, or check myself. Not every rental house has that zoom.


I think the Canon one is the newer 21x/7.5. Like I said, both make lenses in a similar range which breathe horribly, hence why you have to find out if the rental house has the one that doesn't.


The 5.5-50mm-ish zooms from either tend not to breathe much though.


The larger "E-Series" Fujinon's and the Ang. Optimo HD zoom doesn't breathe, or hardly does, same as the Panavision Digital Primo zooms.

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I have the cannon HD 21X lens (HJ21x7.5B) and out of all the video zoom lenses i have come across i am the happiest with this particular lens, the front element is large (I think 127mm) and it will make a video camera very front heavy, but the breathing is much better than other video lenes I've had. Another thing I will do is when I need to rack my focus I'll try and use the macro this way I have no breathing, of coarse it can't always work. From my own experiences I've never been happy with Fujinon lenses, Ive always felt them to be a little flat or mushy, but hey maybe I never got my hands on really good Fuji glass. Good luck and I'd love to hear other opinions.




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I matched my Panasonic SDX900 with a Fujinon HA18x7.6 lens. For my needs and budget, its a good fit. I am sure that there are lenses that breathe less, but I am happy with the pictures that I make with this combo.

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