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Tim Carroll

XL2 Finally Released!

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I guess I've really been falling behind. I just attended an IFP seminar on the XL-2 last night and that was my first exposure to this camera.


My questions are:


1) Has anyone played with the Noise Reduction option yet? I wonder if this lowers resolution or if it actually reduces the appearance of gain...or both.


2) I don't know if this is true any longer, I seem to recall from a product demo of the original XL-1 (about 5 years ago) that 1 chip was larger than the other two. Is this still the case and does it bias the image to a particular color?


The reason I ask is because I've always found what Mitch observed at the DV Expo in NYC about flesh tones mushing into pink or orange fields true with the XL-1/XL-1s.


...the color space seemed very poor, with faces mushing into flat pink or orange fields.


I can't explain why, but I've always felt the Sony products, from the old VX-1000 to the newer PD-150 favored a blue bias. Could be just me.



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I've always felt that Sony cameras - from PD-150 to DVW-790 - rendered particularly rich and pleasing blues, but I don't know that I'd call it a bias. In the pits of corporate you end up in a lot of venues that are lit with intelligent lighting using very deep blue dichroic filters and it renders those very nicely.



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Well, I got to play with it and I like it. I didn't really notice anything bad about the skin tones except one of the clips they showed shot in 60i was mushy looking. It was coming from a DVD though. I didn't mess with the coring feature because we didn't have the type of setup that would benefit from that. I did like it's low light performance, very clean looking.


Overall I thought the image looked a bit cool to me in the straight factory pre-set. I'm sure that can be remedied because the camera has extensive image control and I like the fact you can download scene files an share them camera to camera via 1394. IMO this camera has a little better feature set than the DVX and I think would outsell it, espescially if Canon implemented a buyback toward XL-1's.

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For anyone who's in NYC (and a member of the IFP) - they're holding an XL2 "training session" on Nov. 4th. (Next Thursday) There will be at least one Canon rep there, and judging by the last one of these things I went to, the atmosphere should be much more relaxed than at a convention booth.


After slogging my way through this thread, and being utterly overwhelmed by the technical arguments, I think it would be great of some of the larger heads out there were to stop by, and take the opportunity to answer some of the unresolved questions. (And report back here, of course!)


For info, go here: http://rsvp.ifp.org and click on New York.



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