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John Pytlak was a man among men, to stand up against such a terrible illness with such courage. He has been an absolute inspiration to me.


There is a new star in the sky tonight.

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This is Anne, John's daughter. I am so sorry to give you the news that my dad passed away last night at 11:40pm EST after a year-long battle with cancer.....................He gave me his username and password a few weeks ago and wanted me to inform you of the news when needed. He loved participating on film tech, cinematography.com, and various film boards and he had such admiration and respect for you. He -- and my family -- appreciated all your kind words and prayers. My dad may not have met many of you face to face but he considered you all his dear friends.

You dad was an incredibly generous man - one can probably count thousands of people in the film industries with whom he shared his knowledge and experience. He was still thinking of us at the end by asking you to announce the sad news of his passing to his friends.


I suspect as I write this God Almighty has John cornered somewhere in Heaven and is asking him "John, I keep having this reticulation problem with my home reversal processing, what am I doing wrong?" And your father is very gently explaining to Him that although He is the Lord and Master of the Universe, He too has to keep the developer at the correct temperature.


Rest in Peace John Pytlak, we're going to miss you.

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Thank you for sending us that difficult update, Anne.


Your father was much admired and his loss will be felt among this community and many others.

Please accept my sympathy at your loss.



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Hello Anne,


I'm so sorry to hear of John's passing. You and your family are in our prayers. He was a good man and he will be missed.


At this time words can't really say what needs to be said, but here is something that has always helped me. It's a poem that was written by Mary Elizabeth Frye.


It was read at John Wayne's funeral, which is how I came to know it.




Do not stand at my grave and weep,

I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am in a thousand winds that blow,

I am the softly falling snow.

I am the gentle showers of rain,

I am the fields of ripening grain.

I am in the morning hush,

I am in the graceful rush

Of beautiful birds in circling flight,

I am the starshine of the night.

I am in the flowers that bloom,

I am in a quiet room.

I am in the birds that sing,

I am in each lovely thing.

Do not stand at my grave and cry,

I am not there. I did not die.




God rest your soul, John.





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My deepest condolences to you and your family. John Pytlak was a man of great passion and insight, and his death has left a hole here on this board, as I am sure it has in your home.


Anne, are there any plans yet made as to funeral arrangements? I would like to stop by and pay my respects, if you plan to have a public service.


There is a famous saying, that those who love their work will never really work a day in their lives. John was certainly one who lived by this motto, a man passionate about not only the technology of cinematography and film emulsion, but passionate about the potential that it has to touch hearts, change lives, enlighten, reveal, and shake our perceptions of what is real and what is not. Film is the middleground between reality and fantasy, the medium by which we bring fantasies to life and the medium by which reality is made unreal. I believe, as I am sure John did, that film has the most powerful expressive power of any modern artform yet devised. His passion for this craft was evident across the chasm of cyberspace, so I regret not having had the opportunity to actually meet the man on the other end of the phone line. When I remember the passion by which John described great films, like "The Natural" (I think one of his Uncles was an extra in this film), "Ben Hur" and many other greats, I cannot help but share the passion that he had.


I am no John Pytlak. I do not work for Kodak, and I will not pretend to have the same level of expertise that this bastion of knowledge had, but I will do my personal best to enlighten and entertain here as John did with those who came here seeking his advice. We cannot replace him, but perhaps he is not really truly gone as long as we remember him.


God rest ye John.

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John was a very good guy. I'm so sad to hear the news of his death. At least his suffering is now over. My condolences to his family. I'm sure they know how widely loved & respected he was. He will be missed. I will expose some film today & I will think of John as I do so.

Thank you John Pytlak for all the help and guidance you have given.

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What Jason said. Your dad went out of his way to help so many of us. He was a great and gentle man.


Godspeed John.




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That was very moving, Karl.


His memory will live on here on Earth through his inventions and contribution to the film industry. Meanwhile he has been taken to a better place than here.

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Iam really shocked to hear this news today morning :o , my condolences to John's family. We all miss you a lot JOHN, iam still having your LAD test film and the Letter which you have send it to me.


May your Soul rest in peace,



L.K.Keerthi Basu :(

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