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Scott Phillips

K-3 Questions

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Ok, I just shot my first roll with my K-3. The lab where I sent the film said that it looks like the camera is loosing the film loop on occasion, and there is something in the gate. What is the best way to clean the gate in the K-3, and how do I keep the camera from loosing the loop? And yes, I am new to film.


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I have only shot one roll of film with my K-3 but the footage was double exposed and had general bad registration. When I loaded the film I had problems with take-up of film and with loosing the loops. I used the autoload but had to correct the loading afterwards manually. But unexperienced as I am I didn't check if the perforations were aligned to the cogs of the sprocket wheel and the claw mechanism. I believe this was the reason for loosing the loops and the double exposure.


Olex suggested doing a manual loading of the developed film and checking of the perforations, that everyting was aligned alright. I did a run through with the wole roll of developed film, with opened lid, and now the loops performed as they should, i.e. I didn't loose them.


So my recommendation, based on this experience, is to do a careful manual loading, checking that the cogs (or teeth) of the sprocket wheel and the pull down claw are aligned through the perforation. If they are, everything should work alright.


What I am saying is: loosing the loops are a sign of bad loading.

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Yeap, that's a common problem with film cameras, which is usually from the nut behind the wheel being screwed up.


Try again. Like they say on the shampoo directions: "Wash, rinse, repeat"

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Another thing, make sure you DON'T USE the plastic take up reels that come with the camera. Use the metal ones from Kodak & Fuji. The plastic ones can bend inward slightly with time and cause all sorts of issues.

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The best way to clean the gate is to use an orange stick, thats what i use at least. You dont want to use canned air because it can make dust go everywhere and you've accomplished nothing. Get a magnifying glass and stick a flashlight on the gate, and then use an orange stick to get all the hairs and dust off.


Good luck man.


PS- Though its not that important, a lot of dust can get on the ground glass too so you might want to use a piece of DRY lens cloth placed at the end of an orange stick and GENTLY get the dust and hairs off.

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