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Guest Aaron Martin (TX)

Spare parts for Devry Standard A?

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No, I’m not, just adding the information that it was presented earlier. We don’t know when the first examples have actually been delivered. Would have been somewhen in 1925-26. These stories are well known and never do end, see Kodak’s long announced new Super-8 camera. I think in older times delays were commonly shorter.

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The DeVry Standard Automatic camera was available, or put on the market, July 1926.

This short article was published in the July issue of a popular Moving Picture magazine..




It seems DeVry was aiming for the 'Amateur' moving picture photographer at that time.

This is the cover of one of DeVry's sales brochure from 1926. You'll notice the moving picture photographer in the picture is using the DeVry Standard Automatic

camera to photograph what appears to be his family at home.




On the back side of this cover, DeVry prints a 'Forward'




In December 1926, DeVry runs an ad for another sales booklet aimed at the amateur ....




In this booklet is a wonderful picture of a Mom taking moving pictures with a DeVry Standard Automatic camera of what appears to be her baby, at their home...

(Home Movies?)




Also in this booklet is a page describing what went into the process of designing this camera for amateurs...




"World Famous Experts"!


Included in these 2 sales booklets is dialogue trying to convince the perspective Amateur Motion Picture Photographer the merits of Standard film over Sub-Standard film. They are humorous, well, to me that is.


As you know Simon, B&H had announced the Eyemo Automatic Standard Professional Portable camera in October of 1925. Then in January 1926, they announced the availability of the Eyemo in 2 publications. In both cases they stated the Eyemo as built to 'professional' standards', 'especially designed for field and stunt use'. 'At Last the need for a compact, light of weight professional camera of dependable quality has been supplied!' Nothing about a motion picture camera for the Amateur.


So, B&H beat DeVry to the market by 6 - 7 months with a Standard Automatic Camera that takes 100ft daylight load rolls of film.








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It seems that the DeVry and the Eyemo had appeared almost simultaneously.




That same year the Debrie Interview also went abroad and the Institute Standard came about. You had Goerz raw stock besides Eastman’s, Agfa, Gevaert, Ilford, the earliest Du Pont. What a time it must have been, the roaring twenties! No portable telephone, no television, no solid-state electronic computer, no Technicolor kitsch.

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