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Chris Graham

question regarding Blu-Ray and HD-DVD publishing

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More towards the indie filmmaker willing to spend on good quality... Well this past year I've been focusing on sound scores and audio tracks. I want to jump into HD audio. I've been mainly recording with Marantz units at 48khz. Ok, easy to publish on DVD. So I've learned that Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs can simply hold much more, moreso uncompressed data which gives off more quality and basically higher resolutions for both video and audio. So, if I now record at 192khz (High Def) audio racks such as Pro Tools, Apogee, or MOTU I can simply leave it at that frequency during the final publish instead of converting or recording the audio back to 48khz-96khz (standard DVD players). The new Blu-Ray or HD-DVD have 192khz output. So to conclude, in order for me to use 192khz at final disc publish I need to burn (finalize) the disc for Blu-Ray or HD-DVD right? Or is there not a market for those type of high def discs?


Can someone please explain High Def solutions for me because I want to conserve all my audio at High Definitions instead of converting downward. thanks

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boy I feel dumb. Ok, so the lingo is "BD-R" looks like the single discs go for $25 a pop, and it looks like I'd be spending at least $850 for a burner. Seems like Pioneer is the leading one too. hmm

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