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Talk to me about Super8

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Wouldnt the framerate and and other characteristics of the film be compromised if i did that?

Yes, the Frame Rate would be affected a little bit. If this is for personal use, it hardly matters. If your production is for selling to a TV station, then let the TV people undertake an expensive Telecine. If you're working for someone else, then let them decide if they want to undertake the expense of Telecine.

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A Digital Video Camera for NTSC, SECAM, or PAL can be used to record a Projection of the Film. Whichever of those 3 Digital Video Formats your Computer Software uses, your Video Camera must be the same. If you don't want to own an expensive DV Camera, and can't find one to rent, a local Photographer would have one, and can produce a DV copy for you on DVD.



Ughh. Please don't.


The quality of shooting video off the film projection screen is HORRIBLE and nowhere near what you can get from even a cheap telecine transfer. (By the way, this technique is known as an "off-the-wall" transfer, because most people who try this don't even bother to use a good projection screen.)


You can get a pristine transfer to any video format in the world, including high definition, by going to a professional transfer house (like Flying Spot Film Transfer FSFT). Of course, you will pay big bucks for the privelidge.


There are very good transfers available for much less. For a Rank transfer, look to someplace like CineLab (CineLab) who even do transfers direct-to-hard drive, and have loaner hard drives that they ship out.


You may also have very good transfer options available locally. In Toronto, two local businesses that transfer Super 8 (reversal AND neg) for very reasonable prices are Frame Discreet (FRAME DISCREET) and PhotoPlays (PhotoPlays). There are others too, but this should give you an idea of price ranges.


Check out other resources for Super 8 too -- there is a very active community in the forums at Film Shooting.)

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