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Chris Keth

Showreel V2.0 for crit

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The worst feedback is none at all.


Very true.


Hi Chris,


I think there's some pretty good stuff in there, some of it excelent and daring.


Infact you've been so daring that you open up on a very unusual shot, including a strange jerk in the middle, I wonder if this is perhaps a little to daring to open up on. Could you not start on the shot of the girl (the second shot).


The showreel for me really gets going about 1/3 of the way in.


The shots I have reservations of are, the DV footage of the girl shouting in the car, the following shot of the guy talking to camera and the long shot of people running over grass at night - these I feel let it down and have the misfortune of being early on. If you don't want to take them out can you not put them in latter.


Also its worth noting that you are the second person here to use that piece of music, I doubt that will be a problem for potential clients but its worth being aware off.



Showreels, as i've recently found out, are a tricky business.


Best of Luck,


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Interesting. The jerk is supposed to be in the first shot. I take it that, without sound, it doesn't come across why?

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