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Matt Workman

Black Light

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Hey Guys,


I have a music video coming up pretty soon where the director was interested in a black light scene.


Where is a good place to rent movie quality black lights in NYC. I think theater companies stock smaller ones.


What kind of flourescent paint should production design use?


Anyone with first hand experience with this I'd love to hear your input.






PS: I'm going to google search for a few hours

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I semi-feel like a jackass for responding to my own question but here is what I've found:


- Altman makes a 400w Blacklight Fresnel and a 400w Blacklight Floodlight.

- There are also 48" Blacklight flourescent tubes


I've never worked with black light and we don't really have the budget/time to test. I'm trying to get:


1x Altman Blacklight Fresnel

2x Altman Blacklight Floodlights

8x 48" Blacklight Flourescent tubes


I'll have a regular tungsten kit to boost this up if I'm not getting the exposure I need.


I'm still searching for a bigger theater/event or movie rental house in NYC who rents these types of lights and price quote. I have a feeling they might be two to three times as expensive as their tungsten counterparts.


Still very interested to hear other's opinions and experiences.





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I strongly suggest they find the time & money to test. Its the professional thing to do to avoid a reshoot

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How does blacklight show up on a light meter anyways? I suppose you really have to take spot readings of the bright "dayglo" colors you'll be using.


For some reason it just seems the fluorescents & floods would work best. You'll want a pretty even spread of the black light that'll effect a larger area. And the fresnels might give a more spotty look to things.


My FAVORITE use of blacklight, at about 1:55 in:

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It has been like ten years since I used them but I seem to recall a company called Wildfire or a light called Wildfire that was a large Black light light fixture.


You can get them at a theatrical house. I forget what the name of the company is called now but Production Arts bought Bash and I think they merged with another company. They are in Moonachie NJ just outside of the city.





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