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Dave Plake


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what I am trying to do is film someone in 35mm against a black cyc. I want this person to fall completely off to black on the sides and behind him etc. So that he is lit somewhat dramatically in and sourrounded by back...he falls off into the black void. Any suggestions on lighting this? Ie. which lights...how to light it?


The other thing I want to do is emulate poeple snapping his picture with strobes...however real still camera stobes are so quick that you can't really get illumination for a long enough duration to see the subject. I want the image to be completely black...and then you see the person..bam! because of the blast of light that illuminates him...then it falls off to complete blackness again. I like the idea of doing this with tungsten lights because they seem to fall off slower due to the fixtures still being hot and fading to black however I know a product like "lightning strike" customarily uses HMI.


I want to shoot this at 64 fps 45 mm 180 degree shutter.


In summation for the strobes part....I need it to be all black...the viewer sees nothing, then a flash of light long enough in duration so that the viewer can tell who the subject is, but short enough so that it looks like a camera has snapped his photo.


Any suggestions as to which tools to use how... wattage I will need to be able to support...links to articles...anything would be great.




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