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Ashley Barron

Commercial Cinematographers

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Hey everyone,

The Topic Title is pretty explanatory. Who do you consider to be the best commercial Cinematographer and what commercial specifically do you have in mind that stands to you?

Thanks in advance,


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As Christopher says, Daniel Pearl, ASC is one of the best. I've included a link to his website, his resume is incredible. I would recommend watching his general reel (especially the first Gatorade spot) and his beauty reel (my favorite being the Shania Twain "Feel Like A Woman" video).



Though not as legendary as Pearl, Claudio Miranda is quite accomplished and does fantastic work. I would recommend the Heinecken "Beer Run" spot he did with Fincher, and the "Grey Goose Oyster" spot.



Also I love Paul Cameron, ASC. There was a previous version of his reel that had some old spots I thought were great, there was this Bacardi ad with tons of sweet overexposure... anyways, this what he's currently got online, there's a "Harley Earl" Buick spot towards the end of his commercial reel that's great.


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There are some great commercial DP's, many unknown to the long form community.


Here's just a few:


Jess Hall http://www.jesshalldop.com/

Crille Forsberg http://www.crilleforsberg.com/index.htm

Omer Ganai http://www.omerganai.com/

Stoeps Langensteiner http://www.stoeps.com/stoeps/index.htm

Carl Nilsson http://www.carlnilsson.com/

Jonathan Sela

Mattias Montero http://www.mattiasmontero.com/commercials/

Jo Molitoris http://www.jomolitoris.com/

Paul Laufer

David Ungaro http://www.david-ungaro.com/V2/Default.aspx

Brad Rushing http://www.bradrushing.com/

Ross Richardson http://www.rossrichardson.com/

Simon Chaudoir http://www.simonchaudoir.com/

Karsten "Crash" Gopinath http://www.crashdp.com/index2.html

Patrick Duroux http://www.jacobandkole.com/artists/41_patrick/index.html

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... thanks for the links Adam... interesting to see more of Jess Hall's work as I liked the way Hot Fuzz was shot...


Claudio Miranda's site is worth a look at too!..

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Geoff Boyle is pretty slick - but then anyone who shot Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible" music video then got to shoot a reprise as a Pepsi commercial is high on my envy list.


Pepsi Commerical



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I did a commercial w/ Crille Forsberg, and I was really impressed by the feel of his framing, totally natural - like the camera just fell where it did, but totally slick and commercial at the same time.

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Let me rephrase..any good Table-Top DPs that anyone can think of??


David Deahl... www.bigdeahl.com the guy works non-stop.

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