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Rafael Rivera

Kowa Prominar 8-Z size

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Bengt, I think that your picture is squeezed. The kettle that should be more rounder is, to my opinion, a little bit too "oval".


Hi Damien,


Yes, the image IS squeezed - that´s the whole point! You have to use Photoshop in the way I described above, to be able to see it in the right proportions. If you convert it to 'Anamorphic 2:1' Pixel Aspect Ratio (or 1,8 custom setting), you will see what I mean. You will have a photo that is around 3:1 in aspect ratio - that is MORE than Cinemascope/ Panavision or 'two-four-oh' . . .


And yes, the double focusing is a bit time-consuming but it has to be done to perfection, if you want a sharp image.


I will try it later this spring on one of the Beaulieus and project it with the SAME Kowa Prominar 8-Z 2X 75mm lens on the ELMO ST-1200 or Beaulieu 708 EL projector (turned 90° to 'lying down' or horizontal oval, if watched from the front). This way, I am bound to get exactly the right proportions. For lining the camera and lens up, I am going to use double bubble spirit levels - one for the camera top and one mounted on top of the lens (when the lens has a 'standing' oval shape from the front).


Best regards,

Bengt ;)

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Have you had any success with the Kowa 16H? I've just got one and have the correct stepping ring


I have several other anamorphics including the iscorama 36, which has a useful rotating clutch.


I'm trying to find the widest possible c-mount lens with about a 52mm thread (or near enough using rings) to use the kowa/iscorama with a beaulieu 4008zm2 /R16


at the moment the best angle before unacceptable vignetting seems to be around 18mm -20mm which isn't very wide in super 8.


does anyone know whether the cinegon 10mm fits the beaulieu 4008/r16? or is it an RX lens, I've heard these don't work on beaulieus, not sure.


Also i have a nikon d200 too, do you know of the widest nikon lens with a 52mm thread, which doesn't vignette too much?


Many thanks, I'd appreciate any more experiences you've had with the kowa lens.




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Hey, sorry to dig up an old thread. And sorry again for being a bit thick, but I can't get a clear grasp on this business with stepdown-rings and whatnot. I'd like to shoot some anamorphic with my 5D Mark II, is this the lens you guys have been experimenting with?




And what step-up/down rings would I need to fit them onto Canon EF 35mm f/1,4 and EF 50mm f/1,2 and lastly EF 85mm f/1,2


I believe all these lenes have a filter size of 72



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