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ricardo de gracia

compatibilities buying an EX1 USA-Europe

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If I am using an EX1 camera in 1080 HD mode (not in PAL or NTSC SDTV) is there any problem buying the camera in USA and carrying it to Europe?


1080 is a very different thing from Pal or NTSC... is that right?



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Some US models of HD cameras lack 25fps modes, and vice versa - the XLH1s is an example, and canon will actually charge you for the firmware fix to enable the other set of modes. You will want to make downconversions of your HD material to local SD standards, so this can become important, and of course you may eventually want to use the camera in SD modes.


Double check frame rate capabilities before you buy. Otherwise, no problem.



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but... if I decide to shoot 1080... it can be both pal or ntsc?


I thought that 1080 was a universal format itself...


I can't understand how 1080 can be at the same time PAL 575 lines (or NTSC)


so confused

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1080 HDTV broadcast can be at 50i (Europe) or 60i (USA).


Or you can shoot 24P, sometimes recorded by consumer HD camcorders to 60i with a 3:2 pulldown. In Europe, you'd shoot 25P instead, sometimes recorded to 50i.


1080 describes the number of lines, not the frame or field rate. Basically USA and Europe HDTV are both 1080 lines, but have different field rates that match PAL (50i) or NTSC (60i). That doesn't mean that 1080/50i in Europe is PAL though.

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