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Kinor Digital 4K

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Is this real? Have I missed something here?






Interesting, isn't it? Several people over at the Konvas/Kinor group circulated that url a year or two ago. It seems legit, they even have the Elite lenses posted up there, but I have never heard any chatter about it actually being used, or whether they do in fact exist. Perhaps Olex could enlighten us here. It does seem like it could be a great thing. They even offer a "trade-up" discount if send them a Kinor film camera in exchange!


Bruce Taylor


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Is this real? Have I missed something here?






Yes, It's real.


The guys from russian forum discuss with chief designer ( Alexander Kitaev) of Kinor and we have many interested information.






Max 4600x3400

DC 4040x2300


0,01-200 FPS /DC mode full frame


DUAL 3G HDSDI output


Direct 4K RAW/RGB uncompressed recording on Kinor Flash DCR Recorder


High resolution DLP LED viewfinder


Optional High Speed onboard recorder up to 1,2 TB


Full HD High speed option with 2/3 inch lenses 600fps


(for broadcast market)


100-600 ISO


12 Tstop in RGB mode


PL mount & SLR lenses (Canon, Nikon, Pentax Adapter available)


Strong Alloy CNC mill case


power 12V 20W (without recorder)


2,3KG weight without Lens




As for me, Kinor have very good system of recording informatino from sensor at RAW format without compressing.

The warkflow can be two versions, the first version - HD 1080/25/i with outoput color YUV with pre-color correction,

the second -RAW output, Y channel at HDSDI. The recording on computer by Decklink AVI, AVI RAW .




The camera can have different configuration from simply version up to super Hi Power.


The sensor Dc2K 2380х1720 , HD 1920х1080 and 2K 2048х1152, size 22мм,

DC4K camera have sensor with resolution 4820х3400 size 25,4 мм.


The price of basic configuration of DC2K 9900 Euros, DC4K 17000 euros.


Alexander told about super high speed versions with speed 700fps.


If you will have questions, can ask of Alexander directly.

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A some news from Kinor digial :

( free translation of letter of manufacturer :

http://cinemac.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=1484&st=25 )


- Kinor digital cameras receive a new, high sensitivity sensors, less digital noise.

- dual link HD1,5 recorder, full compatibility with D21, Viper, F35,

- 7"LCD LED, 7"OLED, и 9"LCDLED,



- new, DCX camera systems.

4K, 8K, 16K, digital camera with 50000 fps



To begin of product of digital cinema projectors with LED light 20000LUM.


New LED lighters PL124 и RL24.


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