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I need help calibrating the Panasonic DVX100.


I do not have the option of using a monitor so I just need to make sure that it's calibrated correctly IN CAMERA. So how do I do that? I found the color bars but I don't know where to go from there. Is that even possible?


My idea was that I should connect it into the computer I will be using and calibrate both the camera and the computer monitor - that way, the colors match when editing.


Any ideas?



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The simple way is to make sure contrast is set to default and then turn down the brightness level just until the black bar doesn't go any blacker, but don't go any further.


Standard way of setting up a 570 viewfinder anyway.



But I'd still run some tests before hand. See how it looks on the LCD and then on a broadcast monitor.

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If you have a laptop, or know someone on the shoot that has one, you might consider buying a copy of DVRACK. It is a software program that gives you a vectorscope and waveform monitor among other tools and a video monitor that you can calibrate. You run it with your camera plugged into the computer via firewire cable. It think it is about 200 bucks, but then you will never be without your tools. If you are a student, I believe they have good discounts. If you are not a student, then nevermind,

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