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Arriflex 60 Cycle Motor

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Alright, I have an Arri-S with a model # in the 7000's (not that that matters to the question really...)


I just located a motor that a guy has, and he *thinks* it might be for an Arri-M. As far as I can remember, Arri-M motors are interchangable with the Arri-S; is that right?


The guy selling it says it is a 60 Cycle motor, 42v (I think he said? But that's a lot of voltage for one little motor...). The serial number is something like 2390. It has a cable coming off of it, he said it is a 6-Pin cable (see the picture).


So really, what I'm asking, is what is the purpose of this motor looking the way it does, will it work with an Arri-S, and how much are they generally worth?


Thanks a lot!


EDIT: I attached a picture of the motor


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That looks like it may be an early ARRI Synchronous Motor like the one pictured below.




From the ARRI catalog, "The Synchronous Motor operates on 110-120 Volt, 60 cycle, single phase AC. Its speed is absolutely constant, regulated by the frequency of the alternating current, and unaffected by variations in the line voltage. Because of its speed accuracy, the Synchronous Motor is essential for lip-synchronized sound shooting. The power supply unit of the Synchronous Motor includes a step-down transformer-rectifier, which delivers 8 volts DC to the Torque Motor of the FIlm Magazine."


You need the power supply to make it work. And yes, it was for the Arriflex 16S camera.


You can read more about available motors for the Arriflex 16S at the web address below:


Arriflex 16S Motors




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It will work with the 16S.


It is indeed the synchronous motor, I have exactly the same, but for 50 Hz.

The motor can be used to shoot 24 fps sync. It is a three-phase motor for 42 Volts and draws about 20 Watts.

The power supply doesn't really do much, it is just a transformer 120/230V to 42V and a capacitor for generating the third phase. You could build this yourself, but it's probably easier to just look for a used original supply. But you need mains to run it.


Now if someone built a small device (can be built about the size of a walkman) that generated quartz-precise 50/60Hz three phase 42V from 12V you could use that motor for sync-sound filming on the road... In case you have such a synchronous motor anyway, this would be is an economic alternative to the 24fps quartz motors.

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