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Zack Spiger


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I'm looking at buying an LTR X. I wasn't aware that this camera existed and need to know if it's a lemon or something special. It was purchased directly from Aaton in Grenoble several years ago, and they had apparently used it for "testing." The serial number is 878.


Can anyone let me know where the LTR X sits in Aaton's LTR lineup?


Any video tap on this model?


And is this a good deal for 2,500 euros (body with PL mount, 2 mags, 2 batteries, wood grip and charger)?


thanks in advance,



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Hi Zack,


I am certainly not the Aaton expert on Cinematography.com though I did own an LTR a few years ago. The serial number on the camera C878, would make it an LTR 7 with a 32 fps motor. The cameras were kind of evolving up until the serial number C1000 or so when they settled into the LTR54 models.


Someone might be calling it an LTR X because somewhere along the line the PL mount was added, which was not a standard item on the cameras.




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I own an LTR-X and I can tell you that they're very rare.


Tim is right based on the serial number the camera you're looking at is an LTR 7.

Which if that is the case would not be that desirable.


The LTR -X is a hybrid that lays between the LTR-54 with and XTR

It is usually an LTR-54 with an XTR motor and other XTR features

But usually not the XTR mag drive or LCD display.

They usually started with serial numbers around 1180 to 1290.

So there are only a little more than 100 LTR-X available.


Like Tim mention the LTR-7 is an inferior camera.

They were mainly prototype models with no standard production model,

The camera's mechanics were often changed throughout the production run

That cameras differ drasticly from each other--so you'll find parts rare

and adding accesories like a video-tap impossible or extremely expensive.

And if you're looking to do repairs be prepare to pay (if you can even get them done.)

So you can see why most people are hesistant in buying an LTR7


However for $3200US you wont find that many Aatons at that price.

Youll have to spend closer to $4000US (€3100)for a LTR-54

(& one is good shape will cost you even more like $5000US/(€3900.)

Right now I've been trying to sell mine LTR-X around $8000US...

so that's what you should expect for a good Aaton camera package.


If you're on a budget and camera does everything you need--and you need it --well get it.

But you should be aware the S16 format is dying and cameras are getting harder to sell.

And if youre not a prolific cinematographer who shoots S16 regularly...

You might be stuck with an expensive relic that you'll rarely use.


I recommend you seriously analyze your need for a S16 camera

And then if you realize you need a S16 camera--carefully research Aaton cameras.

Spend time to find the best camera for you and the most reasonable price.

Usually most people find they're better off renting than buying.


Whatever you decide to do--Good Luck.

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I wouldn't really say Super16mm is dying.... Granted I'm biased as an SR owner.. but I must say honestly that while my main rental camera has been an XDCam of late... the SR hs been seeing more use every year I've had it. Again, your milage may vary, and Rik makes an important point that one must really analyize their choices to buy a camera before hand-- it's quite expensive afterall-- I just wanted to counterpoint that in my own experience S16mm is alive and well.

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