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Hans Engstrom

B/W 16mm low budget musicvideo

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Shot a musicvideo this weekend on s16 using my own camera and lenses (Aaton LTR with CP-ultra and Zeiss HS lenses). I operated 40% of the video and the director operated the rest as I don´t have a video tap and also wasn´t feeling well. There is allready a animated video for the song so we just shot the band playing.


We where only 3ppl in the crew. Me the director and a electrician. I was told there where 1 x 380v 32A and some 220v 10A in the location but when I arrived I discovered that we only had 1 x 380v 16A and some 220v 10A. When one of the guys in the band plugged in an amplifier without asking he blew the fuse on the 16A.


I shot the video on shortends (7201, 7205 and 7218)


The negative is at the lab so all I have so far is stills from a DSLR.


A little contrast is added, thats all. The drummer is not supposed to be standing in the background laughing. It´s only a reference pic for the lighting on the leadsinger.


Will post more pics when I get the footage. This is the first musicvideo I´ve ever shot so it was a new experience. I belive the budget for this shoot was 2000 USD (including salary for everyone) so it´s dirt cheap.




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Got these lowres caps from the editor today, he applied some contrast and color to the footage (to match the animated parts of the video). The compression make these pics look grainy.


have seen some of the hires footage and I´m satisfied with the results considering the limitations we had.



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Finished result.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TINEvQiQYIE Watch in HD as the standard quality sucks.

Don´t agree on the use of some of the shots in the video. But what can one do when someone else is doing the editing.



the link brings me to a general youtube page. can you give a more specific link. Love to see what it looks like.

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I don´t know why the recordlabel made it a private clip. I can´t watch it anymore myself. Will post a new link as soon as I have one.

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