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Conor Byron

Lighting for a Mental Hospital

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We are using the RED One camera and are filming a scene that is set in a mental hospital. The room we are using is roughly 10X20 with no windows but 6 fluorescent lights. It is supposed to have a horror feel to it and we were wondering if anyone had any suggestions on lighting techniques? What's the best way to compensate for fluorescent lights? Does taping minus green over the lights help?


Much Appreciated



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Let a lot of the scene fall off into darkness. Try to skirt the light off of the walls to isolate the characters in a small section so it appears that there is something ominousness all around them. Just my suggestion.

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a bit of a flicker might be nice too


I'm in a similar situation, and I want that intense flickering effect of an old dying

fluorescent bulb.


What are some ways of doing this?


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I shot an HBO World Premier called ASYLUM (Malcolm McDowell & Robert Patrick)... semi horror/ thriller.. in an asylum. I ended up (at that time) replacing all the globes in the hallways with kino tubes and then bringing 4ft 4bankers just out of frame overhead and to the side of Talent. I also used a lot of Tungsten units to carve out any dark contrasty interiors. There is plenty of footage towards the end of my Feature Reel on the demo reel page of my website. If you see something you like and want to talk about it feel free to give me a call.


Best of luck and have fun!

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