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Sony EX3 or Scarlet

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Hi everyone! This is my first post as part of Cinematography.com


I am having a hard time deciding whether or not I should buy the Sony EX3 w/ a Red Rock Micro Encore 35mm adapter or wait for Reds Scarlet to be released, hopefully Aug. or Sept.


Is the Sony EX3 a dead end product once the Scarlet surfaces? If I do purchase the Sony and the Scarlet comes out with I even be able to sell it? Should I buy a used Panasonic HVX while I wait, even though P2 cards are more expensive then Sony's tape-less media?


I would very much appreciate it if you guys can give me some advice.




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Tricky question, & just my opinion, but I would not invest in the HVX.


Now for the comments that I will probably get murdered for saying, I personally prefer the EX3 over the RED. I don't know about the Scarlet because it's not out yet so I have not used it. The RED however has become the most popular camera that I work with & I have discovered that I much prefer the EX3 over it, stock or with an adaptor, preferable the CineMek, hate the Red Rock.


I don't think that if you purchase an EX3 it would become a dead end product once the Scarlet comes out. Just my 2¢

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They really are designed for different reasons in my opinion. The Sony/Panasonic cameras behave much more like their broadcast big brothers in terms of run time and inputs /outputs etc, which is great for producing ENG type stuff. The Scarlet/RED is primarily something which I understand is aimed squarely at filmmaking.

SO in terms of your question; the HVX/EX is out now, the scarlet is not. If you need a camera now, then buy a camera. If you do not, then you wait.

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I'd probably buy the EX3. It strikes me that the mini-Red is likely to be quite severely cut-down, and you'll get more features on an EX3. The Sony product is also likely to have somewhat better software, frankly, in terms of both feature set and reliability, and it takes lenses that are actually affordable and available.


Also, if you want to do higher end stuff with an EX3, you have the option of recording it uncompressed to a disk array, an option you presumably won't have with a scarlet.



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When you don't know what to buy -- and I sure don't -- rent. Let somebody else roll the dice on obsolescence and eat the depreciation. Get some experience with a variety of gear and learn what works best for you.





-- J.S.

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