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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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This is by far, my favorite of the Harry Potter films. Alfonso Curon did a fantastic job as did Michael Seresin in this chapter as the kids grow up. The look of the film is very unique from the first two films and I was wondering if Seresin might have used the bleach bypass process during most of the film, especially in the beginning. The film seems to be very silver-looking and desaturated. I loved the first film, it was very magical. The films seems to be maturing nicely.

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They used somthing, but I imagine a lot of the "Look" was acheived in Lighting and set design.


Here is a snippet from an interview with alfonso:


We did'nt really a lot on post production process to give us a certain look. We acheived most of the look while filming.


But im sure they tweaked it in post a bit. And no, it dont really look bleach bypassed, thats the "Sleepy hollow" look, where everything is almost black and white.


they did seem to make it look more dirty than the first films though.


Just my opinion!

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