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Daniel Stepp

How do I find a cinematographer

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Maybe someone on here can help me out. I've been making movies for a while now on video, one of which has played film festivals. But now I want to make a film on film (probably 16mm).


My question is where and how do go about finding a cinematographer? Also, should I rent a camera myself and hire a cinematographer, or find a cinematographer with his own camera?





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I'm sure there are some cinematographers in Orlanda, plus some rental houses. So it isn't necessarily a requirement to find a DP with their own camera, but it doesn't hurt either. When I was shooting in Austin, TX there were a number of people there who owned Super-16 packages and I'm sure the same is true of Florida. Maybe there's a production guide for the state that lists cinematographers? You could contact the state film comission and find out.

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I'm originally from Orlando and I've worked with plenty of great DP's in FL. Here's a couple links to get you started:

FL film commission

Orlando film commission

Go to the filmbook section of the Orlando site and you'll find some good names. Stephen Campbell, Bob Beverlin, and Neal Norton would be a few great choices. Bob owns more gear than I could ever list and I'm not sure whether Steve or Neal own cameras. I don't know what your budget is and that will probably make a difference in your choice, but I'm sure you'll be able to find someone pretty easily.

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hey, I'm in Florida, and a Cinematographer! I'm even one that owns a few film cameras (mostly Super8, but a few low-end 16mm rigs as well).

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Tony Foresta at FTC Orlando is a great DP and Steadicam Op and can handle the camera needs as well. He's also a nice guy. :)


web site is www.ftcorlando.com


503 W. Robinson St.

Orlando, FL


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Guest Daniel J. Ashley-Smith
though I dont know if they have a us version of shootingpeople.

There is but it's only available to New York I believe.

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I gather that you want a local cinematographer, to keep your costes low, an I correct?

If not then you should solict reels from DP reps, DP's and even talk to your local ad agencies, as well as the resource guides in FL. (use the last two options for locals)

But I warn you and all people in your situation NEVER choose your DP based on rates alone.....your vision must be their vision, you cannot envisiona scene in a closet sized dungeon like office and your DP envisions the office in a Penthouse over looking Madison ave.

Best of luck with your project


hope my little blurb was helpful.




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How do I Find a cinematographer?


Just Look. :)


Try the Mandy.com thingie

Or Craig's list

Or Shooting People's (but I think that's an Eng. and a NYC thing only)

And secondly go to your local area colleges particularly ones with film programs

If you have money you can bring someone in from outta town


But it's best to develope a relationship with someone you've got easy access to

Remember DP and Dir have to have great repertiore

It's a relationship

Like all relationships trust, comfort, and communication are key

So find someone you're comfortable with, you trust, and can talk to


And pay them so attention when they feel down

And try to call them when you'll be coming late

And never let another DP pick up your phone when your DP calls

They tend to get very jealous (DVDs and chocalate helps) :)



KARMA bums

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